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I am a self-motivated person who has developed matured and responsible approach to any task that I take and have curiosity to learn, experiment and explore. The same motivation has helped me to find and solve a problem with different angle of perspective. I published my first article when I was in class 12. I have developed many cryptographic encryption schemes mostly public key encryption and Lightweight encryption schemes. Moreover, the said mindset has helped me provide a motivated mindset towards research. Till date I have procured 2 Indian Patents, 3 Granted Copyright Software Licences, 6 High Quality Published Papers, 4 Course Certifications, a Research Internship at D.R.D.O and 2 Achiever award under prestigious category by Vellore Institute of Technology

Work experience

Professional Service


1. "Building Web Applications in PHP by University of Michigan". With Final Grade of 100%. Verifiable Link.
2. "Information Security: Context and Introduction". With Final Grade 98.3%. Verifiable Link.
3. "IT Project Management". With Final Grade: 92.5%. Verifiable Link.

4. "Image and Video Processing: From Mars to Hollywood with a Stop at the Hospital". With Final Grade: 94.9%. Verifiable Link.



B.Tech Information Technology

Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore

 C.G.P.A: 8.97.

Indian Patents

1. Published patent on "Symmetric Key Encryption using Private Modulo Operations". Indian Patent Application Number: 201641034920. Date of Filing: 13 October 2016. Type of Examination Request: Regular Examination. Current Status: Awaiting Examination.

2. Granted  patent on "Virtual Smart Card for Banking and Payments" . Indian Patent Application Number: 201821020584. Date of Filing: 01 June 2018. Type of Examination Request: Expedited Examination. Date of Patent Grant: 22 February 2019.

Indian Copyrights

1.Copyright  on "Random Key Expansion Algorithm(R.K.E.A)". Diary number: 2042/2017-CO/SW. Current Status: GRANTED.

2. "Dynamic Stream and S-Box Generation Protocol". Diary number: 6409/2018-CO/SW. Current Status: GRANTED.

3. "Key Exchange Protocol with Public Modulo and Hidden Primitive Roots". Diary number: 6654/2018-CO/SW. Current Status: GRANTED

Search "Swapnil Paliwal" by clicking on the link or search on Copyright India Website.

University Awards and Recognition

1. Letter of Appreciation (By Dean and HOD) - Awarded for exemplary work done in my final year project.

2. Achiever Award (Prestigious Award) - Awarded  by Vellore Institute of Technology for Procuring 3 Granted Copyright Software Licences.

3. Achiever Award (Prestigious Award) - Awarded by Vellore Institue of Technology for a Patent.

4. Achiever Award (Publication Category) - Awarded by Vellore Institue of Technology for high quality research output as an undergraduate student.

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