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I am a self-motivated person who has developed matured and responsible approach to any task that I take and have curiosity to learn, experiment and explore. The same motivation has helped me to find and solve a problem with different angle of perspective. I published my first article when I was in class 12. I have developed many cryptographic encryption schemes mostly public key encryption and Lightweight encryption schemes. Moreover, the said mindset has helped me provide a motivated mindset towards research. Till date I have procured 2 Indian Patents, 3 Granted Copyright Software Licences, 6 High Quality Published Papers, 4 Course Certifications, a Research Internship at D.R.D.O and 2 Achiever award under prestigious category by Vellore Institute of Technology

Work experience



Defence Research and Development Organization (D.R.D.O), Government of India

I did my research internship where I Developed a secure key exchange protocol which works on multiple bases thus giving the two entities freedom of selecting their own primitive roots and prevent logjam attack (see fourth article in published paper section). I also worked on random number generators and its application on image stream encryption. The said outcome of the internship is used for generating random numbers in my granted Indian patent application number 201821020584. Click Here to read the entire text.


1. "Building Web Applications in PHP by University of Michigan". With Final Grade of 100%. Verifiable Link.
2. "Information Security: Context and Introduction". With Final Grade 98.3%. Verifiable Link.
3. "IT Project Management". With Final Grade: 92.5%. Verifiable Link.

4. "Image and Video Processing: From Mars to Hollywood with a Stop at the Hospital". With Final Grade: 94.9%. Verifiable Link.



B.Tech Information Technology

Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore

Currently in 4th year of Course of Study. Current C.G.P.A is 8.86.

Indian Patents

1. Published patent on "Symmetric Key Encryption using Private Modulo Operations". Indian Patent Application Number: 201641034920. Date of Filing: 13 October 2016. Type of Examination Request: Regular Examination.

2. Granted  patent on "Virtual Smart Card for Banking and Payments" . Indian Patent Application Number: 201821020584. Date of Filing: 01 June 2018. Type of Examination Request: Expedited Examination. Date of Patent Grant: 22 February 2019.

Indian Copyrights

1.Copyright  on "Random Key Expansion Algorithm(R.K.E.A)". Diary number: 2042/2017-CO/SW. Current Status: GRANTED.

2. "Dynamic Stream and S-Box Generation Protocol". Diary number: 6409/2018-CO/SW. Current Status: GRANTED.

3. "Key Exchange Protocol with Public Modulo and Hidden Primitive Roots". Diary number: 6654/2018-CO/SW. Current Status: GRANTED

Search "Swapnil Paliwal" by clicking on the link or search on Copyright India Website.

University Awards

1. Achiever Award (Prestigious Award) - Awarded  by Vellore Institute of Technology for Procuring 3 Granted Copyright Software Licences.

2. Achiever Award (Prestigious Award) - Awarded by Vellore Institue of Technology for a Patent.

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Research Papers