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My name is Stephanie Vierra I am a recent graduate from California State University Chico.  I have a Bachelor of Arts in Child Development, as well as a minor in Psychology.  I am passionate and dedicated to helping children and their families succeed in life.  I consider myself an advocate and voice for young children.  I have a strong foundation in the child development field; which enables me to act intentionally while working with children, families, and staff members.  I am personable, open-minded, and genuine which allows me to build healthy relationships quickly.  My ability to complete objective observation notes is advantageous during the implementation of assessments and child reports.  My coursework in psychology and education compliment my child development degree.  Psychology is similar to child development in which I have learned the function and capacity of children's cognition at a given age. Courses in education have taught me the importance of altering my teaching strategies and curriculum to individual children.  My internships and work experience have provided opportunities to apply and practice my acquired knowledge and understanding in the field.  I believe I possess the skills and characteristics of an effective leader and team member.  

Video Responses

Foundations in Child Development

Developmental Contexts

The Importance of Assessment

Work experience


California State University, Chico

            Bachelor of Arts in Child Development                                                                                                  May 2014

            Minor in Psychology                                                                                                                                    GPA: 3.8


Student Staff

AS Child Development Lab, CSU, Chico                                                                                  January 2014 to present

·        Facilitated children’s social, emotional, physical, and language development through activities and                     interactions that were relative to the curriculum

·        Collected daily observation notes focused on the Desired Results Developmental Profile measures

·        Developed relationships with the children’s families through  

·        Organized, cleaned, and helped maintain a safe classroom environment

Supervised Internship          

Loma Vista, Chico, CA under School Psychologist Sharon Bolden-Schleh                   February 2014 to present 

·        Observed and participated in formal and informal assessments of children ages three to five

·        Acquired an understanding of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

·        Demonstrated knowledge of an IEP by performing tasks aimed to assist a child in meeting their              objectives     

·        Constructed a fifteen minute series of gross motor movements designed to improve a child’s health 

·        Analyzed the environment, curriculum, children, and teaching styles of two classrooms using empirical             data 

Supervised Practicum

AS Child Development Lab, CSU, Chico                                                                       August 2013-December 2013

·        Built healthy relationships with each child

·        Assessed children’s development using the Desired Results Development Profile 

·        Implemented an inquiry investigation project focused on increasing the overall level of cooperative play

·        Devised behavior guidance strategies using Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence (ABC) charts

·        Tailored the curriculum and personal teaching strategies to satisfy the children’s individual needs 

·        Identified each child’s strengths and areas of growth in order to promote personal improvement

·        Participated in a Parent Teacher Conference

Supervised Fieldwork

Oak Street Preschool, Chico, CA                                                                          September 2011 to November 2011

·        Applied knowledge to support appropriate and purposeful play for preschool aged children 

·        Displayed flexibility, patience, and determination by completing unfamiliar tasks daily 

·        Aided at least five children during snack time

·        Designed and implemented a developmentally appropriate activity             


Magna Cum Laude

Member, Golden Key International Honor Society

Red Cross Certificates, CPR/AED and First Aid