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Full name :                                                Thieu Quang Cuong

Identification number :                        205540608

Date of birth :                                           May 24th, 1992

Gender :                                                     Male

Marital status :                                        Single

Mobile Phone :                                        01635222646

Address :                                                    69ABCD Chau Thi Vinh Te, Danang, Vietnam

Email :                                               

Career Objective 

  • Short-term
  1. To become a hard-working staff and do my best in order to complete my tasks and contribute to company.
  2. Try to share and learn alot of newthings from works and members at company.
  • Long-term
  1. To become an expert on programming languages and technologies.
  2. Gain as much as possible practically experience.
  3. Work in other countries to learn new knowledges and work styles .




FPT University
  • Degree Classification: Good
  • Achievement
  1. 2 semesters good student.
  2. Gain 9.5/10 for capstone project.


Tran Cao Van high school, Quangnam, VietNam

Working History

Dec 2014Present

Software Developer

FPT Software Danang Branch
  • Work as a developer in the biggest project in BU5 (business unit 5) of FPT software company.
  • Have 6 months experience as an official staff before finished the program of school.
Mar 2016Present

Software Developer


Touch me at:

Feb 2014May 2014


FPT Software Danang Branch
  • Get two certifications (OJT and Fresher).
  • Gain 2/3 months as excellent trainee.
  • Served as team leader of mock-up project.
  • Get invited for full-time job after the intern semester

Project Experience

Pavaso Project:

- Project Time: 1/2015 - Now

- Project Size: 23 members

- Type: Company

 - One of the biggest projects in BSI of FPT software company. This project is a series of individual                 applications. The main project store a list of applications used for real estate transactions in particular and title industry in general, including the application to manage, analyze and present.  Each application perform a different operation.
Based on MVC pattern with C# and SOAP API, included Javascrip, Jquery, Ajax, SignalR and MS-SQL Server. The project was started 3 years ago and now it is in the final stage.
- Technologies: C#, MVC, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, SignalR, MS-SQL, SOAP/REST API .

Signing Table Application Project (available on windows store): 

 - Project Time: 5/2015 - Now

- Project Size: 3 members

- Type: Company

 - From the cumbersome procedures and complex in buying and selling real estate. This app was born to provides the quicker solutions and carry out the process of signing and transfer of assets in real estate transactions. User can chose between web platform or app-based platform to complete process.
- Project is based on the MVVM pattern,  This application communicate with a SOAP API. Designed on XAML and use MS-SQL Server as database server. 
- Technologies: C#, MVVM, XAML, SOAP API, MS-SQL.

IDMAXX Mobile Project (available on TestFlight): 

- Project Time: 11/2015 - 3/2016

- Project Size: 4 members

- Type: Company

- It's a big move from web-based to mobile of Pavaso Project. Perform the valuation profession of assets and determine possible loan amount in the real estate transactions. I am the only one who convert this website to iOS platform. I was spent 3 months and working over time everyday. Now, it is in the final stage.
- By Xamarin, I use  C# as the main language in this project, MVP pattern. At the server side, a RESTful API has been builded to communicate with the application by Json object.
- Technologies: C#, MVP, Xamarin iOS, RESTful API.

Attendence Tracking Project:

- Project Time:      1/2014 - 5/2014

- Project Size:        10 members

- Type: Company

- A project in training-semester at FPT software company for tracking  the presence of people in the office. There have a service always run on the server, it will push the message on time and ask people to confirm by click exactly on the position that it point to.
- We store the information of people to MS-SQL Database Server and use TCP\IP socket to connect all the computer system, then tracking them and calculate the time they are working.
- Technologies: C#, TCP\IP Socket, MS-SQL, Client-Server.

Sharing Knowledge Social Network (my capstone project):

- Project Time:       1/2015 - 5/2015

- Project Size:         5 members

- Type: Freelance

- It is a social network, where people can setup their own classes and teach everything. In addition, it is also a social network where people can share their information.
- We used C# as the main language on the back-end, and MongoDB is our database. In addition, we also use Javascrip, Jquery, Ajax to working at the front-end. At some complicate modules like Video Conferencing, Audio Sharing , we use NodeJS to develop.
- Technologies: C#, MVC, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, NodeJS, Video Conferencing, No-SQL (MongoDB).

Computer Vision Project:

- Project Time:       2/2013 - 11/2013

- Project Size:         2 members

- Type: Freelance

- A desktop program develop base on C++ and  OpenCV.  
- The purpose of the project is to help people with disabilities can use computers in a fundamental method by using their eyes. With this application, they can surf the internet, read magazine or event play some small game. 
- Technologies: C++, OpenCV, Computer Vision.


Common Skills
  • Competent in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Project...)
  • Object-Oriented Programming(OOP) : Java, C#
  • Development Tool/IDE : Netbean, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio, XCode , Notepad++, Dream Weaver
  • Framework : MVC, MVP, MVVM
  • Software environment: JDK, .Net Framework,  iOS SDK, Xamarin SDK, Apache Tomcat, Glass Fish, XAMPP, LAMP
  • SQL database (mySQL, SQL server,...) and NoSQL (mongoDB)
  • Program analysis and design
Special Skills
  • 3 years experiences with C# and SQL Server
  • 2 years experiences with Swift iOS/ iOS SDK
  • 1 year experience with Xamarin iOS 
  • 1 year experiences with windows8/windows phone (XAML) application development
  • Proficiency with Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, SignalR 
  • Good at HTML5, CSS3
  • Others: NoSQL, AngularJS, NodeJS, WebRTC

Operation Systems 
  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Ubuntu 
Soft Skills
  • Work dependently
  • Work in group
  • Communication
  • Presentation
  • Business English
  • Japanse Basic
  • Use English to learn at FPT University
  • 638 CASEC points (equivalent to IELTS 5.0)
  • Basic


  • Books : Self help books, magazines and programing books.
  • Travel : Love travel and I was traveled to more than  7 provinces in Vietnam.
  • Sports: Love football and can play well in back position.
  • Musics: I can play guitar and sing quite good. I enjoy engaged to social activities and music.