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Global Brand Leader

Successfully integrated new brands from acquired companies. Developed and implemented a brand strategy that resulted in $50M of synergistic growth opportunities. Headed a global marketing team to develop a corporate identity and execute implementation of our Corporate Identity Standards. Implemented a global brand awareness campaign that involved publicity, advertising, tradeshows and conferences.

Business Solutions Innovator

Initiated an "unfunded" project to redesign the notebook charger to capture share in the growing mobile phone market. The result was a new business unit with over $50M in sales.

Strategic Planning & Business Development Driver

Discovered new growth opportunities through extensive market research that facilitated business unit growth and acquisitions amounting to $700M

Excellent Project Manager

Effectively led outsourcing operations of new products through effective collaboration with all levels of the organization including suppliers and customers. 

Marketing Communications Expert

Aggressively headed PR campaigns to improve technical brand image and brand awareness. Written several articles, commentaries, announcements and press releases that appeared in several major publications, both online and print.