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To utilize my passion for marketing to increase customer engagement and experience.


I am a social media/marketing fanatic who loves to engage with industry leaders to learn everything I can about new trends and best practices.  I participate in Marketing-related Twitter Chats several times per week, (@LongacreSuzanne) and am proud to have been recognized for my “creativity” by Forbes author @DaviaTamin, and “quoted in my 1-7-14 #GetRealChat 2014 Forecasts” by @PamMktgNut. 

I also love to write as evidenced by my blog:  Market Like It's Your Job (  I write about marketing because it truly is my passion.  I feel that my up-to-the-minute social media skill coupled with my extensive traditional marketing/branding experience provides me with the X factor--the ability to strategize, design and execute successful social media + marketing campaigns.

Career Summary:

A Digital Marketing Professional with a passion for branding, social media, marketing strategy and execution.Skilled at humanizing the brand by utilizing a strategic combination of traditional and social media marketing initiatives.Focused on creating a positive brand experience by creating engaging, conversational content.Able to develop a vision and implement it effectively through strategy and compelling digital writing skills to increase customer loyalty and frequency, resulting in increased revenue. Participates regularly in Twitter Chats (@LongacreSuzanne) with industry experts and loves writing about marketing through my blog:Market Like It’s Your Job.

  • Passionate About Brand Consistency, Reputation and Social Media Voice
  • Produces Quality Digital Content for Web, Media, Blogs, and All Outbound Communications
  • Develops, Implements and Manages Brand Strengthening Partnerships
  • Successfully Communicates/Collaborates With Other Departments/Vendors/Customers
  • Creates Fun, Creative, Unique, Memorable, Impactful and Successful Digital Content, Promotions and Campaigns
  • Actively/Frequently Engages With Social Media Experts To Master Current Digital Trends 
  • Able to Constantly Re-Prioritize Multiple Projects/Deadlines/Unplanned Events
  • Analytical, Persuasive, Creative Writer Within All Digital Platforms


Work experience

Mar 2002Present

Brand Strategist


Developed the corporate vision, all company branding, digital marketing, product positioning, content and public relations for B2B and B2C launch.

Strategized, developed and implemented all sales and marketing efforts, including promoting positive brand equity and increasing visibility and reach to different target audiences.

Achieved remarkable brand loyalty and frequency for products and company using social media and traditional marketing methods, as well as developed long term relationships with customers and other dotcom retail partners.

Instrumental in new product development, positioning, messaging and pricing.

Developed website, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, and Word Press Blog presence to maximize customer experience.

SEO:Single-handedly improved Google rank from page 34 to page 1 in six weeks in competitive “baby keepsake box” category with no ppc expenditure.

Daily monitoring of website traffic and reach with various web/ecommerce site metrics to measure goals.

Work with print, tv and radio media, including landing a 2+ minute interview on the local news and receiving an unsolicited call from the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Write all content for ads, blogs and press releases.


Brand Marketing Specialist


Completely re-branded and launched company B2B and B2C, including evaluating and changing prior business model to one which addresses the pitfalls of other companies in the crowded Daily Deal category.

Developed and executed creative new strategies to address the negative aspects of existing Daily Deal models, leading to a new model that is a win/win/win to consumers, businesses and hooditt.

Worked closely with local small businesses and restaurants to understand their unique marketing needs and developed digital content, campaigns and promotions from initiation through completion to increase traffic, brand loyalty and ultimately revenue to businesses and hooditt.

Increased brand awareness/sales by developing and executing social media campaigns targeted at developing virality via social sharing.

Assisted and mentored small businesses with their social media marketing to promote themselves and hooditt.

Developed College Model(hooditt U) and worked with college students and businesses on University of Delaware Campus.Created fun, unique campaigns(Battle of the Greeks and Rock‘em Sock‘em Robot Tournament) to engage with students.

Continually assessed and revised marketing strategy and content to reflect business/industry/consumer needs while remaining true to the brand, requiring frequent reprioritizing and development of backup plans to ensure goal was achieved in the end.

Strategized and wrote all content for website, marketing collateral, advertising and communication to consumers and businesses.

Worked closely with and directed graphic designers to create specific logo and image for brand.


Account/Product Manager

Development Solutions Global Inc

Dedicated customer-focused professional responsible for ensuring complete satisfaction from product sourcing to delivery.

Was the liaison between the customer and the Chinese factory and monitored projects from inception through completion  (delivery).

Worked with national retail chains  (Ross, Family Christian, TJX, CBD, Tuesday Morning); ensuring all product specifications were met.

Detail-oriented approach in overseeing the product fulfillment process.

Increased customer intimacy by improving customer relationships with company.

Monitored vendor production/delivery schedules to meet on time customer requirements.

Improved communication with Chinese manufacturers by establishing weekly conference calls.


Sales and Marketing Manager

Marsden, Inc

Strategic-thinking professional tripled sales by improving customer perception of brand.

Completely revamped company’s brand identity; including revising logo and developing key tag line which was incorporated into all newly-developed marketing collateral and website which resulted in tripled sales.

Developed domestic and international strategies, content and promotional campaigns to overcome customer’s resistance, resulting in new customers that became repeat, extremely loyal customers domestically and internationally.

Developed extremely technical product, application and presentation skills to become an expert on the manufacturing brand.

Worked with customers to understand their unique needs over year(s) long sales cycle.

Evaluated competitors, marketplace and customers to formulate strategies to exceed sales goals.

Collaborated with Founder to update company image while keeping true to his entrepreneurial vision; able to effectively develop, present and “sell” marketing plans and strategies internally to senior leaders.

Represented company at local, national and international technical conferences and trade shows.

Wrote technical articles published in industry magazines.

Designed trade show exhibits and event marketing strategies; prepared for, set up and manned booth.


Social Media Marketing University

Continuous social media marketing education through participation in webinars and engagement with other social media marketing experts.


Bachelor of Science

University of Delaware


Content Development/Execution
Marketing Strategy
Social Media