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Awards & Accolades

2007  CHA Golden Press Kit Award, First Place

          Craftrends Award of Creative Excellence Finalist, Polymer Clay Treasures

          Craftrends Award of Creative Excellence Finalist, The Journey Continues

2005  Craftrends Award of Creative Excellence Winner, An Altered Journey

1994  Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, Top Graduate Student Instructor

1984  Microrim Software, Ranked 2nd nationally in a software sales contest


  • Developed state-of-the-art instructional DVDs.  Solid video filming, production, and post production skills.  Crafted interactive features into our DVD library that raised the bar in the industry.  PageSage is the only award-winning brand and the top-selling brand in the industry.
  • Demonstrated ability to drive and motivate a cross-functional team (marketing, operations, finance, engineering, quality, and manufacturing) to success.
  • Designed graphics for all PageSage branding, packaging, and marketing projects. 
  • Delivered a wide variety of technological solutions to match business needs, from robust websites to custom software tools and applications.  Managed projects and budgets ranging in scope from $2K to $2.5M.
  • Won awards for communication and coaching abilities.
  • Inspired UC Berkeley MBA students to improve their public speaking and influencing skills.
  • Won a national sales contest for software sales.
  • Honed extensive software expertise ranging from mainframe applications (back in the technology dark ages) to participating in social network sites today.

About Me

I am passionate about technology, creativity, and communication.  My accomplishments in each of these disciplines has been distinguished with a variety of awards and accolades.

I crave both creative and analytical challenges. I founded PageSage, the premier video/DVD publisher in the hobby and craft industry. I wrote a column for a craft magazine. Previously, I spent 20 years in the software industry developing and delivering technology solutions in diverse environments. I have proven success in both small and large companies.   I have a BA from UCLA and an MBA from UC Berkeley.


Terry Pearce

Suzanne provides a strong and dynamic presence, and is extremely effective in assertive leadership.  She is a real model for anyone who doubts the power of their own ideas.

Diana Chervin

I found her services to be invaluable...with an in-depth knowledge of the software industry, she was able to provide unique selling strategies, management techniques, and a wealth of background information on top companies that I have yet to see paralleled.

Michael Moore

Suzanne is a dynamic speaker, but at the same time very sensitive to her audience's needs...She has single-handedly done a great deal to promote computer literacy at UCLA.

Richard Gillingham

I've known few people who match Suzanne's personal dynamics. She is by her own nature a person driven by positive thoughts and actions.

Sandra McCall

Suzanne Lamar has a bette head for advertising and marketing than anyone I know.



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DVD Authoring - DVD Studio Pro
Web Site Developer
Directing & Producting Video
Public Speaking
Graphic Design - Photoshop
Video Editing - Final Cut Pro

Work experience




PageSage produces and publishes the best (and only award-winning) instructional DVDs (or videos) available in the hobby and craft industry.  Our DVDs showcase the best (and most popular) artists and celebrities in the industry.  We inspire creativity, one DVD at a time.


Director Electronic Brokerage

Led the cross-functional deal team for strategic product development with software developers (e.g. Microsoft, Intuit). Responsibilities included negotiating contracts, defining deal milestones, and discussing strategic intent with senior management.


Program Manager, Education Solutions

Apple Computer, Inc.

Led the team that was responsible for the quality, engineering, project management, and operations issues behind all of the software Apple bundles with their computers for the education market. Solutions consist of third-party software applications, curriculum materials, and hardware peripherals. During my tenure at Apple, our product capacity increased by 500% and the revenue generated increased by 1200%. I also recruited, trained, and managed the team to support this growing business. Program grew to 30 different bundled solutions, over 160 third-party products, and thousands of piece parts.


Lecturer, Leadership Communications

Co-taught a public speaking course to first year MBA students with Terry Pearce. Responsible for delivering lectures, coaching students, and driving a team of talented GSIs (graduate student instructors).


Product Manager

GeoPoint, Inc.

Involved in all aspects of launching GeoPoint BaseMap, a personal mapmaking tool for the Macintosh. Responsibilities included developing marketing strategies, establishing distribution channels, managing beta sites, determining product features and pricing, writing product documentation, and creating sales collateral materials.


Entrepreneur, Technology Consulting

Suzanne Lamar & Associates

Positioned as the key liaison between senior management and technical experts for clients throughout the Bay Area. Effective leadership encompassed analyzing client needs, creating a vision, presenting solutions to senior executives, coaching consultants, and demonstrating technical prowess. Gained experience in strategic planning, change management, cultivating networks, empowerment, and bureaucracy busting within corporate clients. Designed extensive computer applications and training programs. Projects ranged in scope from $2K to $2.5M.