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I am a digital publishing consultant who has worked with a variety of clients, from small business owners, NGOs, and NFPs, to writers who are serious about negotiating the minefield that is the digital world of publishing and social media marketing. I am also a prolific writer myself, with around 19 published books/magazines under my belt. Today my writing is largely connected to my passion projects, on topics that interest me on a wide variety of subjects.

As a professional writer, social media trainer/public speaker, niche market publisher & bookseller, (with a high interest in digital publishing and video marketing), online course writing and writing for small business, my experience is especially useful for clients who want to get their messages out there and be noticed. I specialise in strategy - the most important element missing in many organisations, who tend to adopt a 'hit & miss' approach that rarely ever works.

My clients typically have creative publishing projects, (both on and offline) and need some expert assistance and mentoring. My strengths include  applying creative strategies that don't cost an arm and a leg, to get my clients' messages/products/services out there in the ether, as well as measuring the results for effective planning.

I am passionate about whatever work I undertake and today, I have the luxury of selecting the projects I'd like to take on, and this includes projects that make the most difference to the most people, and those which I have personally instigated on behalf of my clients, as well as my own projects.

I have a very high work ethic, (but this is because I don't consider my activities as work, as such), and I am also fortunate to have continually worked on interesting, creative projects in the digital environment, and continue to do so.

Currently my work includes:

Freelance Writing for a wide variety of publications, including the small business sector and the arts to help them to tell their stories. I have written for B2B magazine in Canberra, PS News, Crikey, Canberra Weekly, The Riot Act, TedX and other publications online. I have blogged on business and writing at various locations and I even ran online writing courses  for those who wished to improve their own writing skills, through the

Marketing Services I have contributed marketing services to emerging (and established) professional writers in Australia, through my site:, and I have helped to expose those writers in the Not-For-Profit site I established at - another passion project of mine. 

I coordinate events which expose talented writers, through Aussie Writers. I organise regular events at the National Library, and through Tales After Dark which is storytelling for grownup,s and an annual festival at Flash Fiction Fun Festival

In particular, I'm interested in the arts, eLearning, powerful storytelling (online) and creative publishing, as well vodcasting/podcasting and creating amazing book trailers. I have spent the past five years developing my skills and knowledge in these specialised digital spheres. From Book Trailers, Podcasting, and Mini-Videos for a variety of government organisations and business owners, I love to help to create awesome storytelling that engages audiences.

Another bonus for my clients is that I have owned a number of businesses myself, including a publishing business, a web design business, as well as a "bricks and mortar" bookshop, along with online niche bookshops over the past fifteen years.

My career experience to date spans the education sector, the government sector, the corporate sector, the arts and NFP sector, and within educational institutions as a teacher/trainer. My last position as an employee was with a digital PR company in Canberra, where I was employed to establish an RTO arm of their business from scratch, running social media training courses for government, and writing online social media courses for the firm for their public sector market. Prior to that, I taught adults at the Canberra Institute of Technology for six years at night, teaching Psychology, and Communications, where I developed my skills for online course delivery

I have twenty years of teaching/training experience behind me. I am still training commercially in social media related courses as and when  required, but nowadays I am more involved in storytelling as a consultant to organisations.


Of course, I spend an average of ten to twelve hours online, pursuing all of my project related interests, (excluding computer games), but I also do love books and reading (which is not unusual for a writer) as well as communicating through social media. 

i am  a very social person and love the company of others, particularly meeting new people.

Work History



I have been working as a digital publishing consultant and social media trainer for the past few years after leaving the PR company.

Mar 2011Jun 2012

Manager, Digital Education & Training

contentgroup pty ltd

I was employed as Manager, Digital Education & Training for this Digital PR Company in Canberra city. My brief was to design and deliver training courses to the firm's clients (mostly government, NGOs and NFPs), with a view to enabling them to operate their own social media, once they had been set up properly.

The social media courses I delivered there were for an eclectic range of clients. At the very highest end, it included: Attorney General's (who were setting up their National Emergency Response Centre in the event of a national disaster), Air Services (also interested in developing disaster management); the local ACT government (disaster response strategy); an international delegation of the UN Women interested in social media for promoting their causes and connecting globally; as well as executives who were risk averse and needed to understand the issues facing their organisations in the new media and how to handle them.

In the middle I had many other government departments (federal and local) who sent their communications and policy staff for training in social media for government. With an election looming at that time, I had many local government ministers and their staff through the course, in learning how to effectively run social media campaigns. I even trained a few prominent local politicians there and continue to watch their social media efforts with much interest, particularly in the lead-up to elections.

Added to this, I have had a number of commercial organisations as clients, such as NGOs, NFPs and small retailers, as well as festival organisations, (such as the National Folk Festival) and peak bodies (such as the Pipeline Authority, and for IPPAYPN, where my presentation was beamed out across all departments through the DEEWR Theatre media centre. I even had the Sports Commission, leading up to the Olympics come in for media training.

Following the delivery of many, many social media training courses in the training room at the company, it was decided it was time to create an online learning portal and to create some online courses for clients who were time-poor and preferred accessing the social media training in an online context.

Shortly after this, I left the company in June, at a time of great change, and because I felt that I  had fulfilled my brief there, and others could continue the work that I had begun, which I believe they are still doing today.

I decided it was time to look for a new challenge at that time, preferably involving creative publishing projects online and offline;  projects that I could be passionate about and which would benefit the most people. was finally keen to go freelancing for a few years.


Teacher - Bruce Campus

Canberra Institute of Technology

I was employed as a teacher with the Vocational College at the Bruce campus for six years, mostly at night, except for 2010, when I completed a twelve-month contract as a full-time employee.

My subjects were English, psychology, communications, as well as being the AST Coordinator for the students enrolled in the Yr 12 program. I thoroughly enjoyed this position, especially in terms of learning how to operate Moodle, for the blended learning that is so vital in education today, and where I could offer my students such a rich learning experience.

Unfortunately, due to the competition with Universities offering similar courses at the time, the enrolments in the academic end of the cohort were declining and I could see the writing on the wall for per-tertiary studies, so I accepted a position with the PR company when I was head-hunted and recommended by my boss at the time, without having applied. The offer was very interesting and came at an opportune time.

I still keep in touch with some of my ex-students, many of whom are really blossoming and following their own passions. I really enjoyed her time at CIT.



Creative Knowhow

I ran this web design business jointly with my ex-husband), for a period of six years from the beginning of 2001, mostly part-time, next to my paid employment.

Using a number of contractors, (both front-end and back-end), we built web sites for small businesses who were just discovering the benefits of having an online presence.

Of course this was in Web 1.0 terms, and the web sites were mostly static, as online brochures. 

But the work was most interesting and cutting edge at the time, allowed us to create some good websites and my creativity combined with my husband's IT skills, led us to win a Golden Globe World Webbie award, which we were very proud of in those early days online.

The business changed dramatically when my partner left, however, and I turned it into a publishing company, going back to the written word and the milieu I was most competent in, with a view to taking on digital book publishing projects in a big way in the future.




Cert IV Workplace & Assessment Training

Positive Outcomes RTO

This certification is important and nowadays mandatory, if one is to teach in the VET sector.

I did this course in 2005 and upgraded my qualification in 2012, in line with current developments in the VET Education sector.

Mar 2008Nov 2009

Master of Creative Writing

University of Canberra

This was a very interesting course delivered online. It really peaked my interest in online learning, as I could see that it was a matter of the tutors understanding this mode of delivery in terms of whether the experience was a rich experience, or one that did not ignite the enthusiasm of the students.

It was through this course that I acquired invaluable knowledge about online learning experiences, and how best practice operates in other parts of the world.

Some units were focused on online writing as well, and this was highly enjoyable for me, as it combined two of her biggest passions: writing and the internet.


BA Arts (Languages)

University of Sydney

I commenced this Arts degree at Sydney University and later transferred to the Australian National University, as the family moved to Canberra at that time.

I enjoyed studying foreign languages and for a time (early in my career) I taught foreign languages in high schools. Bahasa Indonesia was my first teaching language of choice, then German and a little French. Finally English as a Foreign Language.

The study of foreign languages teaches you more about your own language and I felt that these studies helped me to understand English, and later, with my teaching of English and  and studying the teaching of English As A Second Language, through my Grad Dip TESOL..


Grad Dip TESOL

University of South Australia

I studied this TESOL course whilst I was teaching on Christmas Island as a remote course offered by the the University of South Australia in the days before the internet.

The course was interesting and served to help me in teaching the students in my classes on Christmas Island, the majority of whom were all Chinese, Malay or Indian, and for whom English was a second language.


Diploma of Teaching

University of Canberra

This was my first educational qualification at the beginning of my working career.

I was initially a primary school teacher for the first three years of my teaching career, progressing to high school, college and then later, teaching at a tertiary level.



I was a teacher/trainer and presenter for many, many years and I believe it's a calling, which one is born to.   I love developing courses, or projects, delivering them, and then monitoring the results with all of the stakeholders/students/clients.

I enjoy creating learning experiences that really make a difference with my students.   As an educator, not only do you get to make a difference to others that matters, but you also stay fresh and learn from your students.

It's not only rewarding, but highly satisfying. I still love it, even after many years of practice.   My teaching career has taken me from K-12 in schools, as well as tertiary institutions, and commercial training for adults in private enterprise. My experience is both broad and deep. And I believe, it also enhances my leadership skills.

Online Course Writing

I have created several online courses to date. Three writing courses presented through the Canberra Writing School (see portfolio) and four for contentgroup on social media (see portfolio).  I really enjoy the challenge of bringing my  knowledge of pedagogy,  online content writing and storytelling, as well as Learning Management Systems.  My skills are constantly evolving in this field, as does the field itself!  

Whilst it is not possible for anyone to be totally 'au fait' with all of the developments in technology and eLearning, I do like to think that I am at the top end of keeping abreast of developments as they occur.


I am a prolific publisher, of both traditional and digital works and I have worked on many, many projects including books, web sites, magazines, book trailers and films, as well as a variety of commercial advertising products. and not-for-profit publishing activities.

My creative thinking is an asset in the publishing industry and my intense interest in online publishing makes me continue to develop these skills and knowledge to help me to become a more sophisticated publisher. I have learnt much over the years (both from my own mistakes, as well as from my successes, of which there were a few), and I have realised, that it's a case of the more you know, the more you realise you still have to learn.

So I try to keep up-to-date and fresh, as much as is possible in this busy digital world we live in..


I have edited fiction, education and creative writing projects and publications. I would consider myself to be very proficient in this skill.   I have edited (and project managed) the four Litlinks books produced by the ACT Association of English Teachers from 2008 - 2011 and can be seen at (See portfolio)  

Along with these, she has edited (and published) several books now, including Nightmare in Alice Springs, which was her first project (see portfolio).   She also edited Light in Dark Corners by Gary Hampton (see portfolio).   When she worked for contentgroup pty ltd, she edited a number of government documents, including press releases and content for government and commercial websites, including writing website analysis reports, including SWOT reports.

Nowadays, working with writers, my editing skills come in very, very handy and I have edited numerous books for a number of her clients.


I am  a prolific and proficient writer. I have  been published by well known publishers, such as Cambridge University Press, as well as through my own publishing company, Kirrily King Publishing.   I have to date published some 19 resources for the education market, mostly in language acquisition, and my most recent writing contract was in 2011, where I co-wrote a textbook for high school English students, in response to the new Australian National Curriculum, for Cambridge Press. This book can be purchased through the Cambridge University Press website, is popular and selling very well at present.    It was a most stressful project (because of deadlines), but an enjoyable collaborative publishing project at the same time.

My last book was for the small business sector, called Canberra Businesss Success Stories,  and released in August 2016. It can be purchased through the book's website at Canberra Business Success Stories


To date I have become (of necessity) a highly proficient results-oriented marketer/strategist for both my own services, and for those of my clients/employers.

Social media is a specialty and I am proficient on a number of platforms. But my main attribute in terms of social media marketing (and traditional marketing for that matter), is strategy.

Many marketers are proficient with the tools, but gaining results is what counts the most. At the end of the day, social media can be a real quagmire and often, a time waster of mammoth proportions, as many organisations have found.

All social media efforts in marketing are measured through analytics and my creative thinking skills allow me to think laterally for gaining the best results. There is never a "one size fits all" in my view.

Having been online since 1997, (when I also sold her first book) and followed the digital revolution as an avid participant, though no expert (is there even such a thing?), I do know more than many about the online world.

Practical strategies that are measurable through ROI are my main focus here, and I am not afraid to abandon a strategy that isn't working, to try something completely different until  the mark is hit - the goal they are seeking, for whatever project I may be working on, for myself, or for my clients or employers.