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Writing, Designing, Vintage, Road Trips, Reading, Collecting Artifacts, Photography, Styling, Painting, Charity Work


A business owner and designer, Suzanne Ford Carafano operates her enterprises from Southern California. Having taken numerous coast-to-coast family road trips as a child, she developed an appreciation for American style and art. Today, as a Designer for American Gold, a vintage-inspired clothing line, she leverages her exposure to the American landscape and culture. Suzanne Ford Carafano describes the garments as reflecting the American spirit through an Old World glamour lens. American Gold also embodies influences from New Mexico, Old California, and the South, and highlights the romance of sleeping under foreign skies.In addition to her design work, Suzanne Ford Carafano co-owns Spanish Moss, an online boutique that features the American Gold collection as well as numerous unusual vintage pieces. To stock the boutique, she and her husband travel around the United States seeking distinctive items. During their travels, she uses a discerning eye to determine the garments that best suit the store’s aesthetic. She seeks timeless items that evoke her customers’ appreciation of archeology, history, travel, and literature.Since she and her husband established these businesses, numerous fashion publications have highlighted the enterprises. The magazines include Glamour, Refinery29, Harper’s Bazaar, French Elle, and Vogue UK.Outside of her professional life, Suzanne Ford Carafano enjoys playing music with her husband, reading classic literature, and penning her great American novel. She also paints, collects artifacts, explore vintage collections, and monitors style and design trends. She donates regularly to World Vision, the International Justice Mission, and the Gram Parsons Foundation, which assists artists working to overcome addictions to drugs and alcohol.Carafano earned a Bachelor’s degree from Azusa Pacific University in California.

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