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As a Nurse and Midwife professional,I am highly qualified to maintain a high standard of patient care,implement and monitor established procedures,ensure accurate and proper reporting,and respect patient confidentiality.My experience also enables me to supervise and guide Staff Nurses,Student Nurses,Medical Orderlies as to ensure safe care,adequate custody and proper use of equipment and supplies.

Work experience

St. Martha's Hospital Bangalore, India Oct 1993 - Dec 1996 Staff Nurse 

As a Staff Nurse at the Intensive Therapy Unit my duties and responsibilities Included :

Comprehensive care of critically ill patients.

Monitor vital signs on regular basis and inform on call physicians.

Maintain intake output chart.

Monitor patients with monitors and ventilators.

Nasogastric Tube Feeding.

Assisting Doctor in Intubations,Insertion of ICD,Supra Pubic Catheters.

Comprehensive care of unconscious patients

Mar 2005Present

Staff Nurse 

As a Senior Staff Nurse I maintain professional duties and administrative responsibilities which include:

Professional Duties:

As an Emergency Room Nurse,living life on the edge.Alert and ready for anything any time.Manage and handle all emergency cases that comes through the door,from major trauma to psychiatric crisis to overdoses,to arrests to monitor fractures,stab and gun shot wounds,spinal cord injuries and poly traumas.As a Triage Nurse,able to prioritize and to assess the patients.Not easily discouraged,can deal with tragedy,and still able to care.Assist doctors in Supra Pubic Catheter insertion,ICD,and Intubation.Maintain

Advanced airway.Implement expert nursing skills in the management of PolyTraumas and Head Injuries. Interpret basic ECG and deliver shock as per doctors order, perform CPR.Perform application of Casts, Slabs,Skin Traction,and Insertion of Urinary Catheter(Females)and IV Canulations.Administer Narcotic and

Psychotropic Drugs.

Administrative Responsibilities :

Shift In charge of the Unit assign responsibilities to Junior Staff Nurses,Interns and Medical Orderlies.

Organise and reorganise as per Units feasibility co ordinate crisis/emergencies with nursing Supervisors

Preceptor for Junior Staff.Maintain monthly statistics.

Mar 2003Mar 2005

Staff Nurse


As a Staff Nurse my duties and responsibilities include :

Shift In charge of the Unit (Female/Male Surgical Unit)

Render expert nursing care to pre operative and post operative patients.

Care of patients with drains,Nasogastric tube ,Urinary Catheters, Intercostal Drainage and Colostomy care

Continuos monitoring and management of patients with Bladder Irrigation,Tracheostomy,Supra Pubic Catheters and Nephrostomy Tube.

Monitor Vital signs on regular basis and inform on call Surgeon/Physicians.

Insert IV Canula,observe and monitor patients with blood transfusions .

Diabetic Foot bath and wound care.

Care of patients with TPN,Insulin,Heparin,Pethidine,and Morphine infusions 

Nursing documentation and reporting to Nursing Supervisors

Jan 1997Mar 2003

Staff Nurse

 Rural Health Services Having previous experience in Labour Unit and Intensive Therapy Unit,I was able to render my best service to the rural communities.Manage the ARI's of under '5' years old children.Vaccinate the infants and children under five years of age as per the Ministries policy.Manage injuries ,minor and major.Transport the major injuries like Road Traffic Accidents,Falls,with fractures and Gun shot wounds ,cardiac arrests,Acute Excerbations of Bronchial Asthmas,Severe ARI's,Pneumonia cases to the district hospital,either alone or accompanied by the doctor depending on the severity of the cases.worked as school health nurse,physical examination of the school students,eye check up,vaccination of the students as per the schedule.Took active part in national polio eradication programme.Conduct and demonstrate CNE on a regular basis.

Conduct normal deliveries.Initial assessment of the New Born and their care.Suture the episiotomy under local anaesthesia.Care of the post natal mother.Render health education as and when in need.Care of children with mild to moderate Diarrohea's with or without dehydration.Give Health Education on Birth Spacing to post natal mothers and all child bearing women in the community.Administer Narcotic and Psychotropic drugs for pain management (trauma's,cardiac arrest,)and other medical cases.


Karnataka Nursing Council
Bangalore, India Life Member, Professional Registration Number 14222 - 12135 Edit | Remove     Trained Nurses Association of India New Delhi, India Membership , Professional Body
Jul 1989Oct 1993


St.Martha's Hospital
Jun 1987Mar 1989

Higher Secondary School Certificate

Vivek Vidayalaya Junior College


Sultan Qaboos Hospital
  Workshops and Seminars :   Diabetes Mellitus Birth Spacing Eye,Ear Health Care Annual Mental Health Care CPR - Lecture and Demonstration Fire Safety  - Lecture and Audio Visual Aids IV Therapy Course BLS ACLS International Conference : Medicine and child health Morbidity and Mortality Edit | Remove