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Suzan Hughes has always been interested in healthy nutrition and fitness. The founder of ROLLERMAX and the creator of “Take 10 to a Better You” began developing her own exercise routines at the age of 12, inspired by the work ethic of Jack LaLanne. In addition, Suzan Hughes has maintained a lifetime study of herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals, and yogi practices. A portion of the sales of Suzan’s fitness video, “Take 10 to a Better You,” (as well as a portion of Suzan’s ROLLERMAX revenues) go towards children’s causes and child advocacy groups. One organization that Suzan Hughes supports is Children Uniting Nations, where Suzan regularly volunteers as a mentor for orphaned youth. Suzan Hughes has always considered it her life’s mission to spread awareness on the importance of quality parenting skills. Suzan is a leading child advocate, a board member and honorary board member of numerous child advocacy, health, and family organizations, as well as an experienced educator. Suzan Hughes served seven years as a Community Circle leader for children in the Beverly Hills School District, teaching self-esteem and non-violent communication and conflict resolution. Suzan Hughes has widely been honored for her work with child advocacy and national health organizations, and has received such awards as D.A.R.E.’s Future of America Award and Southern California Counseling Center’s Wallis Annenberg Founders Award. Suzan Hughes is a known political campaigner and fundraiser. She has held fundraisers for Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator Maria Cantwell, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, and has also fundraised for Jean-Michel Cousteau’s political initiative to create the single-largest act of ocean conservation in the history of the United States.