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I am an Electronics Engineer with a Masters in Nanotechnology and a Ph.D. degree in Applied Physics. Highly motivated technical expert with in-depth knowledge and decade long work experience in solid state physics, nanotechnology, and beyond-CMOS technology. I bring with me 10 years of expertise in research and development of nano-electronic and spintronic devices, nanomaterials technology, and nanoscale materials characterization for Beyond CMOS technologies, energy, photonics, sensors development, magnetic storage, high-technology materials R&D, and ICT.

Exceptionally curious, keen to learn, hardworking, easy with interpersonal communication, team worker, detail – oriented, taking initiative, and have a positive and optimistic attitude towards work and life.



Dottore di Ricerca Scienza e tecnologia interdisciplinari

Universitá del Salento, Lecce, Italy

Emerging Technologies: Applied Physics and Device Development • Thesis: Design and optimization of hybrid spintronic devices


Master of Research in Nanoscience to Nanotechnology

Swansea University, Swansea, U.K

Nanoscale Surface Science - Quantum Information Processing • Thesis: Study of island formation of [email protected] Trimetallic Nitride Template Fullerenes on different substrates using UHV-STM


Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering

University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India

Electronics Circuit CAD and development • Wireless Communication • Optical Communication • Thesis: An Introduction to Nanotechnology for Engineers

Work History



Center for Material Science and Nanotechnology, University of Oslo, Norway
  • Topics covered: Perovskites, ceramic materials, single crystal growth, metallurgy (solid state diffusion), thin film (oxides and metals), solid state physics, nano-materials, materials characterization and semiconductor physics and device development
  •  Project Coordinator for
    • Transition metal dichalcogenide based materials for application in energy, superconductivity and electronics industry
    • Solid state refrigeration - Elastocalorics – refrigeration industry
  • Group in-charge for
    • semiconductor micro / nanofabrication technology
    • Structure – property assessment laboratory 

Postdoctoral Researcher

Institute for Molecular Sciences (ICMol), University of Valencia, Spain
  • Topics covered: nano-materials, solid state physics, nanoelectronics, opto-electronics, semiconductor physics and device development and materials characterization
  • Part of a team that successfully demonstrated ultra-high data storage technology using molecular nanoparticles
  • Group in-charge for
    • semiconductor micro / nanofabrication technology
    • Structure – property assessment laboratory – RF characterization included
  • EU and National R&D Project management experience

Postdoctoral Researcher

CNR-Institute of Nanoscience / University of Salento, Lecce, Italy
  • Topics covered: Solid state physics, semiconductor physics, semiconductor device development, nano-materials, nanoelectronics, thin film growth, opto-electronics, materials characterization and nanotechnology    
  • Project Coordinator for
    • Growth of high quality Graphene monolayers for beyond-CMOS electronics
  • EU and National R&D Project management experience
  • Part of a team that successfully demonstrated
    • Proof-of-concept tunnelling magnetoresistance (TMR) based biosensor
    • Proof-of-concept non-Boolean computer architecture based on Molecular Quantum Cellular Automata (M-QCA)
  • Group responsible for
    • development of next generation semiconductor – based devices:
      • nanoelectronics – IV / III – V
      • spintronics
      • optoelectronics (III – V)
      • thin film sensors
      • bio-detectors (including soft-MEMS)
    • physical property assessment laboratory – includes RF characterization


Semiconductor Processing and Device development (lab scale)

Optical and E-beam lithography device development wet/dry (RIE) etch thin film deposition (PVD/CVD)

Nanomaterials R&D

SEM XRD  XPS DSC  SIMS NPD • Magnetic, electronic, thermodynamic characterization of novel materials for energy, renewable technology, and ICT (PPMS, SQUID) • Electron Microscopies (SEM, TEM)

Cryogenic-temperature physics

He3 & He4 handling  sub-kelvin electronic characterization  low noise and RF characterization  Magnetic, electronic and thermodynamic characterization • Dilution refrigerator (6 months)

Device Development for various applications

Nanoelectronics  Spintronics • Optical  BioMEMS sensors • Thin film TMR sensors  Single Electron Transistors (SETs) • Quantum Cellular Automata (QCA)    

Thin film technology

Metals metal oxides Semiconductor III-V and IV  Graphene growth on metals (CVD)


Nanoelectronics and Spintronics  Nanoparticles for electronics and spintronics  UHV instrumentation handling  Solid state physics

R&D Soft Skills and General Experience

Handling of Scientific Equipment (acquisition, installation, commissioning)  R&D Project planning, writing and implementation  Setting up R&D processes  Semiconductor manufacturing (laboratory scale)  Providing Technical training and certification  High - technology Laboratory experience with direct supervision  Technical writing (SOP, process documentation)

I.T. and technical Software

Origin (v9.1)  Matlab  C/C++ programming  Electronics CAD OrCAD  Microsoft Office Productivity Suites (up till v2013)  Windows Family of Personal and Business Operating Systems (up till v10) • Simulink • Labview  SQL  VHDL

Language Skills

English: First language/Native speaker fluency

Hindi: First language/Native speaker fluency

Italian: Intermediate knowledge

Spanish: Intermediate knowledge

German: Basic knowledge

Norwegian: Basic knowledge