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Business Consultant

Mad Dog Wireless

Responsible for developing new business software including trademarks and patents; mergers and acquisitions of other radio companies; additional business opportunities; commercial real estate acquisitions.



Communicative Disorders

California State University Long Beach

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Hotel and Casino Executive with a distinguished record of achievement in strategic planning, marketing innovations, managing large and complex projects and adaptability in a dynamic marketplace.

Financial Accountability

Produced cash flow margins of 24% to 28% on $85 to $100 million gross annual revenues for 10 years in a consistently declining market. Final year over year operating results resulted in +18.5 in cash flow on +6.76% in revenues and +28.1% improvements in operating margins...

Proven Industry Leader

Outperformed better known competitors who had superior locations and better name recognition. Extensive experience managing operations in a down market requiring proficiency in expense control and innovative marketing campaigns producing increased annual profit results in a consistently declining market.

Managing Organizational Infrastructure

Seamlessly managed 1,500-room hotel and casino serving over 1 million guests and employing 1,200 people.Guided development and implementation of proprietary data base management system and the relationship marketing campaign to support it. Skilled at structuring large and complex projects.

Unique Marketing Programs

Designed successful long term strategy to increase local customer base through community involvement projects that built casino revenue, created consistent public relation opportunities and built enormous goodwill for company. Created hotel and casino niche for American Veterans producing an important and profitable loyalty program.Built and operated an information center on a major thoroughfare that successfully identified and captured competitors’ customers resulting in increased drive-in and walk-in customer base.


Recommendation from John Romero, Romero Marketing.

"Susan, you literally have all the requirements for success, without the sin of pride and the irritant of ego.  You seldom force yourself into corners.  You have the ability to listen, the charm to ask, the intelligence to consider all sides and the confidence to admit you don't know everything.  Such attributes are truly rare, especially when combined with the personality to lead and inspire."


Paul Rubeli

Retired Chairman of the Board and CEO of Aztar Corporation said this about Susan Murphy:

"Her greatest strengths were her personal integrity, tireless work ethic and uncompromising focus on maximizing cash flow. She was flexible in adapting to changing market and business conditions.  She was tenacious in seeking to improve upon her personal and organizational successes.  She was liked and respected by her peers and subordinates.  I would strongly recommend Susan for a senior general management position in the casino business."


Recommendation from Sean Hammond, Director of Player Development for Tropicana Express said this about Susan Murphy:

"Susan Murphy was a one of a kind leader and general manager. She handled the operational side of the business to drive and exceed performance goals and in addition motivated the personnel side so that the team stay focused and worked together. Susan kept her property at the top in a a very demanding market. Susan would be a very strong asset to any property or business.”