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Work experience

Sep 2001Present


Harpo Productions

Freelance field producer for "The Oprah Winfrey" Show. I produced stories on George Clooney,  Annie Leibovitz, Anna Deavere Smith, Usher, Peggy Noonan, Maureen Dowd and many others. I have also worked several times with Nate Berkus as he transformed someone's home and produced other features as well.

Jun 2011Present

Producer, Director, Writer

ABC News All Media

Worked on "Beyond Belief " for the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN); project consists of six one-hour shows focusing on people and events that are truly amazing and 'beyond belief!"

Aug 2012Jan 2013

Producer, Director, Writer

Dick Clark Productions

"Deadly Sins" - a crime series for A&E that uses re-creations along with the interviews of the main subjects related to the crime. Produced one of the highest rated episodes for the season. Responsibilities included casting, directing actors on location; interviewing, writing and overseeing the editing. 

Jan 2011Apr 2011

Producer, Writer, Director

ITV Productions

Producer for "After the First 48" that focused on two murders in Louisville Kentucky. The one hour show traces the events from its initial investigation, arrest, trial, verdict and then sentencing.  The series airs on the A&E channel.

Apr 2010Dec 2010

Producer, Director, Writer

NBC Peacock Productions

Produced, wrote and directed a one-hour show "Why Planes Crash: Human Error" for MSNBC. The show explained with the use of hi-tech animation why some of the flights crashed and how it could have been avoided. Five specific crashes were the focus of this show. 

Jun 2009Dec 2009


ITV/Granada Productions

Producer/Director/Writer for "After the First 48" series produced for A&E.

The show picks up where "The First 48" left off and follows what happens after the suspect is arrested for a murder. Coverage includes more in-depth interviews with police, lawyers, preparation for the trial and the outcome. Also, vital to the story is a personal look at the victim and their families. Also wrote side-bar storiesl for the website on this case. 

May 2008Jan 2009


ABC News "What Would You Do?"

A weekly limited prime-time series with John Quinones that focuses on social and ethical dilemmas using up to more than ten hidden cameras, actors create situations in front of unsuspecting people to test their reactions. This show required intense development of the scenarios, casting actors and scouting suitable locations. Also wrote story on the ABC website for the stories I produced. 

Feb 2007Mar 2008


NBC Peacock Productions

Producer for hour long shows for MSNBC, History Channel, A&E and other cable outlets. Some include "Who is Drew Peterson?", "A Killer on Campus" and "Caught on Tape".

Apr 2005Jun 2007


ABC News "Good Morning America"

Freelance Producer for the daily show as well as the weekend edition. Produced, wrote and directed breaking news, features and on-going series.


Adjunct Teacher

The New School - Media Studies Dept.

Taught a weekly class on news and documentary writing and producing. 

Jun 2006Dec 2006


ABC News Productions

Produced hour long news shows for cable channels such as "Tragedy in Amish Country" and "The Hunt  for Zarqawi."

Jul 2006Oct 2006

Supervising Producer

Lime TV
Oversaw all production for "Simply Green" a half hour show focusing on how to turn your life into "green living." In addition produced webisodes for Lime's website.
Jan 1999Dec 2005


Court TV

Produced, wrote and directed one hour crime shows tht aired under the titles of "After the Verdict," "Crime Stories," "The System" and "The Investigators." I was under an exclusive agreement to produce several documentaries over a specific time period. Many involved hiring actors to re-create scenarios.

May 2004Aug 2004


New York Times Television

Producer on reality show "Body Works" focusing on three Miami based cosmetic surgeons.


Producer/Director, Writer


Produced a variety of one-hour crime shows for cable channels. One series "Dead Reckoning" involved re-creating parts of the investigation with the original detectives, who showed us how they went about solving the cases. 



Hallmark Channel "Adoption Story"

Half-hour series that follows families as they go through the adoption process from beginning to when they can take their child home. I followed one Pittsburgh family to Guatemala as they experienced the red tape of adoption and then finally meeting their new daughter. 



KingWorld "Inside Edition"

Wrote, produced and directed same-day breaking news, features, celebrity and investigative stories for anchor Deborah Norville. Worked as a Special Coverage Producer in Brazil, Vietnam and London. 


Senior Producer

Globalvision "South Africa Now"

Worked as a Senior Producer on this nationally acclaimed PBS weekly newsmagazine covering South Africa. The show covered the country's political climate, culture and lifestyle. Oversaw extensive coverage in South Africa including the release of Nelson Mandela. Won the George Polk Journalism Award at the New York Festival. 


Award-winning producer/director/writer with more than 20 years experience with ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, MSNBC, COURT TV and production companies such as Harpo Productions, ITV/Granada, and KingWorld. My expertise lies in managing projects from their initial conception through to the on-air presentation and delivering the stories in a concise and understandable manner- on time and on budget-no matter how complicated the topic.

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Channels Magazine Excellence Awards | Gabriel Award, Massachusetts AP | New England Emmy Awards (2) | Freedom Foundation Award | National Clarion Award | Dartmouth’s Media Award for Economic Understanding | Sigma Delta Chi Award | Women in Communications Award | George Polk Journalism Award