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Work History

Nov 2017till date

Senior Analyst, Research, Community Relations

Transport Accident Commission

Analysis and reporting of quantitative road safety data to provide insight into fatality and serious injury statistics, produce reports and track performance against relevant key performance indicators.

Advanced statistical analysis using various quantitative road safety data – fatalities, serious injury and research data.

Analysis, statistical information and evidence-based advice (translation and communication expertise) in a non-technical manner, based on internal TAC analysis and external academic research.

Evidence-based position by simplifying and translating complex or theoretical ideas and research findings to address practical road safety challenges.

Building strong relationships with business and research stakeholders across the TAC and with the TAC’s road safety partners, research suppliers, national and international road safety organisations, authorities and research bodies, and members of the general public

Representing TAC on internal and external committees of relevance to road safety, data management

Contributing to the development of computer based systems, programs and associated governance for the appropriate management of road safety data

Presented Topline report on “Give the Space” campaign at Community relations team meeting.

Aug 2015Jun 2017

Senior Epidemiologist

Centre for Epidemiology and Evidence, NSW Ministry of Health

Completed epidemiological and statistical analyses to support priority projects such as Population Health Survey and Secondary School Health behaviours survey.

Applied epidemiological methods with a reference to national and international concepts and standards to ensure that reported data provides reliable information for purposes of surveillance, evaluation and policy

Developed key population health indicators for their inclusion into Health Statistics NSW including preparation of data, compared and tested data in ETL before publishing.

Prepared and disseminated results of projects using epidemiological methods through publications and reports such as assisted in the analysis  and preparation of NSW Secondary School Health Behaviour Survey 2014 report in consultation with project team

Provided high-level technical advice on the suitability and feasibility of indicators and appropriate methods to evaluate policy and programs

Supported, as required, near real-time population health monitoring to highlight and report emergent trends at the population level

Undertook data releases to researchers for preventive research such as documentation for approval and release of information, confidentiality agreements, extraction and preparation of data

Provided expert and specialist advice in response to requests from the Director, Centre for Epidemiology and Evidence

Worked colloboratively with a project team on significant business transformation project to support efficient delivery of information for requests and research projects.

Jun 2015Aug 2015

Health Service Planner

Health Service Planner, Total Alliance Health Partners International, Sydney

Contributed to the capacity planning for a leading health provider and funder in Middle East (Health Authority of Abu Dhabi) by analysing facility survey data.

Created supply and demand profile to identify gaps in health service delivery including analysis of Human Resources survey information to estimate current supply, planned supply and gap analysis using demand reference file.

Internet search to quantify current supply of medical facilities and human resources (medical and allied health) in primary and secondary catchment area around Gold Coast area.

Apr 2015May 2015

Senior Data Analyst, Performance

Department of Health and Human Services Victoria

Performance Reporting and Accountability and managed data request.

Feb 2015Mar 2015


National Immunisation Programme
Contractor, Ministry of Health, New Zealand Responsibilities Provided analytical support to the National Immunisation Programme
Sep 2007Jan 2015

Senior Advisor

Epidemiology, National Immunisation Programme, Ministry of Health, New Zealand

Lead analyst supporting the National Immunisation Programme

Developed advice and reporting to inform the national immunisation strategy and performance improvement programme, advice for the Ministry, the Minister of Health, District Health Boards and Primary Health Organisations

Contributed to the annual District Health Boards' annual plans and the Maori Health Plans Managed World Health Organisation Reporting on Immunisation Coverage and Vaccine Preventable Diseases

Coordinated the update and maintenance of the immunisation database and data analysis tools Enhancement to existing HPV reports, wrote specification and worked with the data warehouse team to test and successfully implement in production for the users to access through business objects

Analysed and interpret the National Immunisation Register requirements and contributed to the enhancements, schedule changes Completed and review business requirement and report specification documents and tested the requirements

Developed new health performance measures and reports, e.g. Coverage for refugee children arriving in New Zealand.

Made significant contribution to the improvements in New Zealand immunisation coverage rates(Government Priority area)(25 percent improvement over 5 years for children at age 2 years and around 10 percent increase in coverage for children at eight months over 2½ year period

Represented the Ministry of at the National Influenza Strategy Group and presented the immunisation coverage at various conferences and meetings

Worked closely with the Online Help desk in the contact center and helped trouble shoot, identify process efficiencies and worked with applicable business units to improve Sector Services

Worked with the National Health Coordination Committee during the Christchurch earthquake

Provided epidemiological and technical support to the NZ Burden of Disease study and descriptive analysis of Body Mass Index measurements.

Dec 2005Sep 2007

Senior Analyst

Accident Compensation Corporation, New Zealand

Lead analyst supporting specialised services(Public Health Acute Services, Elective Surgery, Acute and Non-acute Rehabilitation, serious injury, Psychiatric and Psychological services)

Led the financial and non-financial performance monitoring and reporting function of specialised services.

Prepared service levels annual budget estimates and forecast for specialised services and prepared an elective surgery annual budget and forecasts for contracted providers $500M

Provided bench marking to support service planning, development and evaluation of elective surgery and non-acute rehabilitation services programmes

Organised vendor forums and consulted with public and private hospitals to further refine Relative Value Unit pricing model developed by Deloitte.

Jul 2007Jul 2007

Health Data Analyst, Strategic Planning

Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar

Lead analyst supporting clinical service planning undertaken by Tribal Group, UK

Designed and conducted point prevalence census study of identifying patients, long-term and community care in acute care tertiary hospital.

Oct 2003Dec 2005

Service Analyst/Business Information Analyst

Capital & Coast District Health Board, New Zealand

Lead analyst supporting secondary and tertiary care services, supporting Maori and Pacific teams with analysis and reports for planning purposes

Conducted contract monitoring and reporting and took corrective measures to improve compliance against the contract Provided financial and non-financial reporting, including waiting lists, contract monitoring reports, calculating revenue recognition and comparing actual performance to targets and variance

Prepared admitted and non-admitted data for submission to the Ministry of Updated the quarterly Balanced Scorecard template and supported business units by providing data and analysis reports.

Led the analysis and preparation of the service review document for the service planning of medical and surgical services Supported funding and pricing framework development, service development and change management

Contributed to the preparation of the annual Price Volume Schedule

Lead analyst and report writer for the Cancer Funding report

Scoped discussion document to develop flight database to satisfy service, business and Ministry requirements

Prepared base template and data collection tool to provide tables and graphs and contributed to the development of a new Hospital Advisory Committee monthly report.

Nov 1992Jul 2003

Statistical Officer (Health Information Officer)

Directorate General of Planning Affairs, Ministry of Health, Oman

Led the development of the district health information system and maintained the database containing the health information of all the health institutions

Conducted performance monitoring and reporting on service utilisation, maternal and child health services, public health activities and school health programmes including development of performance and service monitoring measures

Provided statistical and epidemiological analysis of information related to health, demographic structure, socioeconomic status and environmental factors, including morbidity and mortality to programmes, surveys and studies.

Managed functional and technical supervision of Wilayat Information Officers(Statistical Officers)

Contributed to the health service planning, policy and program development, including the evaluation for planning of services and to improve health outcomes.

Scoped, planned and completed Bahla Wilayat Annual Statistical Report(2007) and contributed to the Annual Health Report produced by the Ministry of Health.

Prepared and presented the health situation review to the Director General Health Services, Dakhliya Region. Various roles in Manufacturing Industries



Post graduate Diploma in Public Health

Wellington school of Medicine, University of Otago

Epidemiology and Biostatistics; Society, Health, and Public Policy; Health Systems and Health Economics.


Writing for Business (WRIT 202)

Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand

Epidemiology and Biostatistics; Society, Health, and Public Policy; Health Systems and Health Economics


Postgraduate Diploma in TQM and ISO 9000

National Council of Labour Management (India)

Papers included all major functional areas of the Quality Management


Post graduate Diploma in Management Studies

University of Bombay

Papers included all major functional areas of the Management


Degree in Mathematics and Statistics

University of Bombay

Graduate in Mathematics and Statistics


Management/Leadership Epidemiology & Biostatistics Analysis, Performance Monitoring and Reporting Technical Skills Project Management Relationship Management Financial Budgeting and Forecasting Communication Problem Solving

Technical supervision of four District Statistical Officers, Quality Control Assistant and other support staff

Managed Quality Circle Team as deputy leader Mentoring colleagues to develop capability in analysis, technical support to projects and studies.

Epidemiology and Statistical analysis e. g. immunisation coverage, vaccine preventable diseases, service reviews, NZ Burden of Disease Study and descriptive analysis of obesity Analysed large datasets in SAS and Excel. Organised and developed statistical designs for studies

Performed analyses such a descriptive statistics, forecasting, standardisation, linear regression, multivariate, categorical analysis, survey analysis, time series analysis, control charts and funnel plots.  Provided statistical analysis, interpretation, and presentation of results.

Worked with a large data sets in SAS, EXCEL Microsoft® Access, Business objects, SPSS. Performed data organisation and documentation.

Led the analysis, performance monitoring and reporting of the National Immunisation Programme, Specialised Services, Secondary and Tertiary care services.

Annual reporting for the WHO and OECD Developed reports and worked with the sector to improve immunisation rates to 93 percent

Analysis to prepare service review documents and support clinical service planning Financial and non-financial reporting, contract monitoring, scoping and developing data repository reports and performance measures.

Introduction to advance SAS Macro concepts, Base SAS(SAS 9.3), SAS EG5.1, SAS for Microsoft Office, SAS Forecast Studio and Predictive modelling ArcGIS for ArcView and Arc Info(I), Business Objects, I-lign, Crystal Reporting v9, HL7 specifications Advanced MS Excel/Word 2012, Access 2010, PowerPoint, Project, EPI INFO 2000, MINITAB, DISMODII, and SPSS.

Contributed and participated in various projects, e.g. Immunisation Schedule changes

Led and participated in multidisciplinary internal and external projects and system review

Organisational skills that balance work, team support and ad-hoc responsibilities in a timely and professional manner.

Effective ongoing relationship management across all working groups and projects

Demonstrated ability to manage a diverse range of tasks and meet tight deadlines e.g. quarterly reporting, review of the annual DHB and Maori Health plans.

Contract monitoring and budget forecasting (ACC: $500M, MOH: $79M)

Financial analysis and reporting, annual business planning.

Co-author for number of studies and papers, presented posters and PowerPoint presentations on immunisation coverage at number of conferences and workshops

Excellent interpersonal skills in communicating across all levels of the organisation

High-level written and oral communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills.

 Resolving problems through creative ‘out of the box’ thinking that aim to achieve efficiencies and improve quality.