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About Surbhit Dabriwala

An experienced business professional who has provided leadership for numerous enterprises based in India, Surbhit Dabriwala currently serves as director of International General Electric (IGE) India Ltd. in Mumbai. Surbhit Dabriwala as a IGE director oversaw the provision of a variety of administrative services by IGE India to GE-owned businesses, such as training in Six Sigma process improvement techniques, payroll processing, and temporary assignment of employees to posts outside of their regular organization. As a board member Surbhit Dabriwala was also directing the leasing of IGE India-owned commercial and retail spaces to GE and other multinationals seeking to establish operations inside India.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Surbhit Dabriwala served on the Alumni Committee for the University of Pennsylvania. In collaboration with the other members of the committee, he strived to sustain mutually beneficially relationships among the university’s alumni, helped raise financial donations to the university, and provided a body through which alumni can contribute to developing Penn’s academic programs for future students.

Surbhit Dabriwala also maintains membership in the U.S.-India Business Council (USIBC). As a business professional from India trained in the United States and closely involved with American enterprises, he works with members of 300 of the foremost U.S. and Indian companies that make up USIBC to cultivate robust trade and commercial connections between the two countries.