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14+ years of project management and software development experience in cloud based IT Security services, enterprise security systems and services, archiving and data loss prevention, web filtering, email filtering and network penetration testing.

Specialties: C/C++, VC++ (MFC, Win32), VC.NET, Boost, PL/SQL, ASP, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Perl/CGI, COM, SQL_DMO, ISA 2004, Microsoft TMG, Client/Server Architecture, Network Management Systems, Enterprise Security Systems.

PRINCE2 Practioner Certified
PRINCE2 Foundation Certified

Work History


Surfwall Remote (Web Filtering)

Project Leader - Omniquad

Surfwall remote is a Managed Service which protects your entire network against all types of web threats without the need for any software, hardware, updates or maintenance. The Service offers web protection against viruses, malicious web sites, web spyware and offensive content using one managed service.


  • Designed and developed ISA web filter to filter web traffic.
  • Implemented Active Directory user/group/Organizational unit based, time-based real time filtering. 
  • Redesigned the caching logic to improve filtering speed by 500% using CMaps.
  • Adapted synchronization objects such as Critical section and mutex to make it multi-threaded safe. 
  • Implemented cleanup process thread to unload objects which were least used by filteration engine.
  • Designed in such a way so that the service is stable with max load for months without any memory leaks or crashes. 
  • Designed a web interface to create/modify policies for managed service and see reports.
Environment: VC++, C#.NET, Microsoft ISA ISA2000/2004/2006, SQL Server 2005, Rational Purify, Numega BoundsChecker, Windows Debugging tools (WinDbg)


Email Archiving and Disaster Recovery

Project Leader - Omniquad

Omniquad Exchange Archiving Service offers secure off-site archiving of external as well as internal e-mail received within your organization on your Exchange Server.


  • Designed and developed the server component to decode and store mails into SQL server.
  • Designed and developed the POP3 mail component to download mails from client mail servers for archivng.
  • Adapted Microsoft Sink/Dll to be registered with Exchange Server to make a copy of mail being received or sent and then developed a service to encrypt those mails using Rijndael Encryption and upload those mails.
  • Redesigned the database to support foreign characters and also made databases more efficient by normalization.
Environment: VC++, C#.NET, Exchange Server 2000/2003, SQL Server 2005, Rational Purify, Numega BoundsChecker, Windows Debugging tools (WinDbg)


Mailwall (Email Filtering)

Sr. Software Engineer - Omniquad

Mailwall acts as a relay between your local mail server and the Internet. Mailwall intercepts all e-mail messages on your network, disassembles them and looks for undesired/illicit content and threats in your e-mail: SPAM exploits, macro viruses and malicious HTML code. All policies are rules based-you can automatically filter, delete or quarantine suspicious messages.


  • Redesigned Mailwall core processing engine to be multithreaded/Multiprocess service. 
  • Improved processing speed by 500% by replacing CArray with CMAP.
  • Fixed Memory leaks & bugs in the existing code. 
  • Upgraded Mailwall services/applications to use SQL server rather than Access. 
  • Configured Microsoft DNS Server as blacklist server which was used by mailwall to not accept mails from those domains/IPs. 
  • Created web interface for customers where they can add the relay IPs and SMTP domains which will be automatically replicated on all the servers in cloud within few minutes using IIS App and DNS App.
  • Modified the existing ASP pages of image categorization, so that multiple users can simultaneously categorize the images 
  • Implemented archiving and disaster recovery for the mails that pass through mailwall for future access.

Environment: VC++, VC.NET, C#.NET, SQL Server 2005, IIS, DNS Server, Active Directory Rational Purify, Numega BoundsChecker


Enterprise Manager

Sr. Software Engineer - Omniquad

Enterprise Manager(EM) is a modular network security software system designed to protect your Windows-based enterprise from both inside and outside threats. Features include a centrally managed system to implement state-of-the-art spyware protection, Internet filtering, user and workstation monitoring.


  • Responsible for redesigning and adding new features to the Antispy engine.
  • Responsible for planning and adding the new features. 
  • Coordinating between sales and the Development Team, Project planning and Job Assignment. 
  • Designing and implementing the framework for creating Virtual Directory in IIS, creating DSN automatically, creating database in SQL Server using SQL_ DMO.
  • Designed and implemented a framework for the communication system supporting Named Pipes, Mail Slots, TCP/IP, NetBIOS, all supporting secured/unsecured communication.
  • Designed and Implemented the NT-Service framework, supporting multiple services to be registered from one executable. 
  • Designed & implemented the framework for synchronization of local database with main database using direct connection, proxy or using browser settings to keep local database updated. 
  • Devised a deployer so that client components can be checked, installed or uninstalled on the network machines without physically visiting the machines. 
  • Implemented time range use of computers, remote rebooting & shutting down of computers. 

Environment: VC++, SQL Server, Access and ASP, Rational Purifier Plus, Numega BoundsChecker 


Antispy SDK

Software Engineer - Omniquad

Antispy SDK is a full fledged software development kit for developers. SDK has functionality to find and remove spying and unwanted advert displaying programs from your computer on simple method calls.


  • Redesigned the older scan engine to be stable and robust. 
  • Improved scanning speed and fixed memory leaks. 
  • Optimize search algorithm and deletion process of the spywares found. 
  • Add quarantine feature of the spywares found .
  • Implemented daily Incremental spyware signature updates to save bandwidth.
Environment: VC++, COM, Rational Purify, Numega BoundsChecker


Active Directory Synchronizer

Software Engineer - Omniquad

Active Directory Synchronizer is a component working on client/server architecture which does incremental synchronizations of your AD with the remote servers.


  • Designed and developed the client component to use LDAP to enumerate Active Directory.
  • Established a procedure to save clients network bandwidth by implementing incremental updates by client component. 
  • Implemented encryption using Rijndael for uploading sensitive Client AD data. 
Environment: VC++, SQL Server 2005, Rational Purify, Numega BoundsChecker


IIS SMTP Server Manager

Software Engineer - Omniquad

IIS SMTP Server Manager is a set of components written using COM which lets you to add/remove/modify domains, Relay allowed IP, denied IPs to the IIS SMTP Server on the fly i.e. there is no need to restart the server/service for the changes to be reflected.


  • Designed and developed a wrapper class for IIS COM interface.(System. DirectoryServices in C#) which can be used/called by other applications or services.
  • Automated the Manual procedure of adding/removing/ modifying domains/relay IPs which reduces human error. 
Environment: C#, Rational Purify, Numega BoundsChecker


DNS Manager

Software Engineer - Omniquad

DNS Manager is a set of components which lets you Query/Add/Remove/Modify records from the DNS Server. 


    • Designed and developed a wrapper class for the DNS API using COM which can be used/called from other applications or services for Querying, adding, modifying or removing DNS entries.
    • Implemented a service on client server architechture which acts as an interface between DNS server and the application requesting access using CUSTOM set of commands.
    • Implemented an application to use the above component for batch processing of DNS records.

Environment: VC++, Windows DNS Server, Rational Purify, Numega BoundsChecker


Anonymizer Website

Software Engineer - Omniquad

Anon Website is a website based anonymizer that allows one to browse anonymously without fear that any personal information about the person will be available to prying eyes.


  • Designed the whole design & architecture of the website.
  • Implemented Ad, Cookie, JavaScript and Referrer Blocking, URL Encryption.

Environment: CGI/Perl, Apache/IIS, Linux/Windows.


Dundas toolkit bug fix


Found and solved a potential bug in Dundas TCP/IP Toolkit ( which didn’t allowed services developed using Dundas service skeleton to run on computers having Exchange Server installed. The Bug fix was sent to DundasTM that they have incorporated in the newer releases. Many Organizations implementing Dundas derivative technologies benefited from this fix.


Web Filtering BHO

Software Engineer - Omniquad

Web Filtering BHO is a Browser Helper Object(BHO) which does web filtering from within Internet Explorer. It queries the remote server for the URL category being surfed and takes the action based on the policy set for that category.


  • Implemented 3 ways of querying the server for the website category(ASP, UDP, and TCP). 
  • Implemented other blocking methods like Time Range Blocking, Website Exclusion, blocking URLs contains specific words. Applying policies, monitoring/restricting users logged on to terminal services, reporting of Websites surfed to Reporting Server for later review by administrator. 

Environment: VC++, COM, Rational Purify, Numega BoundsChecker


Real-Time network Sniffer

Developed own real time packet sniffer & protocol analyzer using VC++ and Socket Programming on Windows (promiscous mode)


Penetration testing BorderSecure

Software Engineer - Omniquad
Was responsible for Penetration testing which involves combining a Security Architectural Review and a Vulnerability Assessment for major clients.


Instant Remote Control

Software Engineer - Omniquad

Instant Remote Control provides total control of computers running NT/2000/XP instantly without having to pre-install any software on remote PCs.


  • Developed the server component so that it runs as a service on the remote computer(so that the controller can control the machine even when no one is logged on). 
  • Implemented switching of desktop if no user is logged in or the computer is locked, Locked screen is a different desktop compared to when logged on.
  • Enumerating and population the list of all the computers in your network neighborhood for ease of click and controlling.
  • Involved in the preliminary setups and analysis of the technical aspects of the customization and chalked out the complete scenario of development, testing and deployment phases of the project. 

Environment: Windows, VC++, Win32 API, Rational Purify, Numega BoundsChecker


E-Medisol: (Defunct)

Programmer/Analyst - Design Dialogues
E-Medisol is an intranet based solution dedicated to the medical world with the objective of helping medical practitioners.

20002001 (Defunct)

Programmer/Analyst - Design Dialogues is an on-line total solution provider dedicated to buyers, sellers and users of industrial equipment and accessories.


Executive MBA (Operations) 

United Business Institutes, Brussels, Belgium


Symbiosis, Pune 


MakhanLal University, Bhopal


Prince2 - Foundation

APM Group, England
PRINCE2 is a project management methodology. The methodology encompasses quality management, control and organization of a project with consistency and review to align with the objectives. PRINCE2 emphasis is on dividing the project into manageable and controllable stages.

Prince2 - Practioner 

APM Group, England
PRINCE2 is a project management methodology. The methodology encompasses quality management, control and organization of a project with consistency and review to align with the objectives. PRINCE2 emphasis is on dividing the project into manageable and controllable stages.


Software Development
Project Management
ASP Classic
Security Systems- Analysis
Client/Server Architecture
Network Management Systems (NMS)
Microsoft TMG Server
Microsoft ISA 2004
SQL Server
Win32 API
VC++ ( MFC, Win32 )