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Personal data

Nationality : Thai

Height : 174.0 Cm.

Weight : 56.0 Kg.

Birth Date : May 8, 1993

Own car : Yes

Work experience

Jan 2015Mar 2015


Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Nonthaburi , Thailand

Company's Industry: Trading/Import/Export, Legal/Business Consulting
Latest Position: Trainee
Position : International Trade : Trainee

Jan 2014Jan 2015

Marketing and Strategy

Gold Lotus Trading Co.,Ltd.

Setting the market goals into one comprehensive plan and Drawing from market research and focus on the right product mix in order to achieve the maximum profit potential and sustain the business. The marketing strategy is the foundation of a marketing plan.


Jun 2011Mar 2015

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 

Suansunandha University

Bachelor of Arts Program in Business English


Computer Skills
Language Skill in Thai


Language Skill in English


1. Good Looking
Good-looking It does not mean that you have to look good, just your face only. But there's one thing that is important is having a good personality. In order to create the image of our enterprise, and including ourselves.
2. Enthusiastic / Self-motivated
We have a responsibility to work and to function. If work with lack of enthusiasm will make a job done slowly.
3. Expert in my job field
Expertise in own fields Is an accumulating experience that we had to bring the development and improvement of a person suitable for the job.
4. Contemporary
How important is technology in Business. Nowadays, technology is very important in our life day. it is included as a part of work So we have to develop and adapt to suit the work we do.
5. Organized / Systematic
Work systematically. It is necessary that we're doing for who, where, how, and find out the solution to fix the problem. And a review of the outcome was successful.

Other competencies :
Love to explore, Rational and unemotional, Willing to take on new challenges, Helpful, Sociable / Extroverted, Patient , Fair

Target Job

Full Time and Internship

Expected Salary

Min salary: 18000