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After completing his education in Venezuela, the freshly graduated engineer Pedro Ocana Muller decided to put his skills and know-how to good use by joining Sunset Homes in 2008. With a long experience, designing houses for well over a decade, and a strong analytical mind, Pedro had the perfect profile to thrive in this new challenge. And sure enough, he quickly demonstrated his potential and special talent for placing winning bets as Director of Development.

Pedro's main strengths lie in his project management abilities and right-to-the-pointedness that he brings to each and every deal he is part of. Working in close relationship with all the parties involved, he establishes the link between in-home architects, designers, and the final clients to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that the latter end up fully satisfied with the home they have always dreamed about. In short, Pedro is the captain at the helm who makes sure – by any means necessary – that every project reaches a positive outcome.

Sunset Homes Custom Home Builders
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Tel: (403) 607-6166