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Best Work

Character Trait: Service

The character trait that I identify with most is service, I have been giving my service to the Foothill Dragon Press since August of 2013. Through my service with the press I have learned many new skills that won't only help me during my future work with the press but also in life. It has taught me how to truly work as a team, each article takes a minimum of three people. You may be the writer of an article, but it doesn't end with you.  Once you've written your article you have to send it to your editor, and from there it gets sent to another editor who gives it one last look, to make sure it's good enough to go on the site. It also needs art so either a photo, video, or drawing needs to be added, which means multimedia needs to be involved. If there is art, and it gone past two editors it can finally be uploaded on to the site. Another skill that I have improved on is communication, you need to communicate with everyone on the team so they know exactly what it is they need to do, to help you get your article up. If you don't tell multimedia that you need art for an article it will delay the whole process and make things harder for everyone. With all these people editing your article your writing begins to improve. You learn to go more in depth on things and how to make better word choices. Teamwork is a form of service and it helps you become better all around. 


Covering News Stories: There have been times where everyone in the news section have not been able to cover an event, and that's when I've gotten the chance to do it. Everyone in the news section, and in the Arts and Entertainment section were either going to prom, or they were buys. I took initiative and took on the event. A similar situation occurred on the night of the annual Festival of Talent, I didn't plan on going but I knew it had to be covered. I took on two articles that weren't for my section because I knew, that it was needed to help maintain the level of efficiency we work with.    

Food Trucks: I was told to write a restaurant review for my first article, when I was thinking about new restaurants in town, I had remembered seeing a food truck. I thought that this would make for a much more interesting article than the usual restaurant review.  This article took a bit more work than a typical restaurant review, unlike most restaurants, this one is mobile. I had to track down where the truck would be at what time, the first day I went out to find the truck I was too late. I ended up having to wait until the next day when I knew exactly where and when the food truck was at the location. This article took some out of the box thinking, and required more work than usual, but in the end it was all worth it to have the article published. 


SADD (1 year) 

Straight Up (1 year)

Best Day Foundation (2 years)


I am a staff member on the Foothill Dragon Press. I have been working with them as an Arts and Entertainment writer since August of 2013. Although I am an A&E writer I have also written for the News Section, and I have taken photos for articles. 


Like any other publication the Foothill Dragon Press works as a team to get things done. Without this skill you would not be able to work on the press easily. 
Communication is key when working with any organization, and it's an essential skill for life. 
Ability to interview
I've had to interview complete strangers multiple times more articles. It was difficult at first, but now it second nature.  
Arts and Entertainment Writing
I have been using this skill since August of 2013