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Ke-Fan Lin /Davis

Sr. Developer at CATCHPLAY


  • Experienced developer focusing on front-end MVC, JavaScript plugin,
    and CSS framework implementing, and open source packages integration.
  • Proven ability to coordinate multiple teams and make projects deliverable.
  • Paying attention to not only programming, but also user experience and visual designing.
  • Mentored at least 10 art designers to upgrade page designing skills from traditional table layout to modern CSS layout.

Work experience

Mar 2016 - Now

Sr. Developer


In charge of the infra content management system based on Node.JS/React.js.

[client side]

  • Reusable, configurable React components such as auto-complete searching, message box, and field validation components.
  • Handle AJAX request/response with RESTful service.
  • Flexible UI & function depends on user role/authorization setting.
  • Keep implementing funcitons on demand
    • Parse CSV for creating new meta
    • UI for qureying/choosing items, generating Excel reports
    • Movie meta data searching, editing
    • Create requests for sending push notifications
    • Configure web/app.  promotion via step by step wizard mode or standard form UI.

[server side]

  • Authorization(roles/permissions) managing system with cache invalidation mechanism.
  • Handle session and API authorization with Redis.
  • Generate Excel reports on the fly
  • HTTP request proxy service
  • Provide RESTful API service with ORM library.
  • Write test case with unit testing libraries and E2E testing tools.
  • Implemented the POC site of chat bot gateway (Line & FB) on Heroku.


    • User interface, workflow, and visual designing for all functionalities.
    • Handle user requirements and generate S.R.S documents(system requirement specification), which includes below elements:
      • Flow charts of business flow.
      • Use case diagrams.
      • Sequence diagrams of system flow.
      • UI wireframes and design mockups.
      • E.R. diagrams of database.
Oct 2014Dec 2015

Software Developer

Audatex Taiwan /
  • Was responsible for front-end development.
  • Designed JavaScript UI widget and plug-in.
  • To deliver websites serving APAC customers, followed the designing convention of AudaNet Business Rules Engine (BRE) and configured related rules(XML).
  • Mentored new comers to get basic knowledge of BRE, and BRE rules designing skill.
  • Debugged and provided suggestion or code to fix front-end issues produced by our core system team (Audatex Switzerland) or related outsourcing.
  • Designed XSLT which could parse XML then generate PDFs as output.
Jan 2012Sep 2014

UI Team Manger

  • Lead a team focusing on PSD2HTML, JS plugin, and UI prototyping.
  • Coordinated multiple teams (IT / non-IT) to make project deliverable.
Jan 2009Feb 2011

Front-End Engineer

  • Directly involved with ongoing projects, took the responsibility of front-end engineering.
  • Designed a new framework as part of infrastructure, which migrated style sheets with 960GS and YUI, and also new markup standard which could be modularized and were easy working with back-end engineers and visual designers.
Aug 2005Jan 2009

Website Designer

  • Composed visual designs and website commercial campaigns.
  • Involved with IT team projects, delivered CSS based layouts to achieve WEB 2.0 concept.
May 2001Mar 2005

Web Designer

Fullerton Technology /
  • Planned doable proposals for website implementing.
    (site-maps, flow charts, page wire frames, and so on.)
  • Coordinated with engineers and sales to deliver EC websites on time.
Aug 2000Mar 2001

Visual Designer

Rariton Info. /
  • Design flash e-cards.
  • Designed website prototypes. (PSD, HTML)


Client Side

JavaScript, React, Node.JS, Backbone,
jQuery and plug-in designing,
CSS3, Bootstrap, 960.GS, CSS framework designing,

Server Side

Web service based on Node.JS / Express.

MYSQL, ORM with Sequelize.js

Restful API service .

Chat bot service which integrates FB & LINE messaging services.


AXURE RP and Microsoft Visio / for prototype planning
Microsoft Office / for project management

Visual Designing

Photoshop, Illustrator


git, JIRA, Scrum



Bachelor of Engineering

National Chiao Tung University

Major: Civil Engineering

Activities and Societies:
Kan-Fu Club (a service-oriented club)

  • Served for young students during winter/summer vacations.
  • Took responsibility for recruiting new members and drawing POP posters.


  • Road cycling: have finished 200km race, trying to ride more.
  • Jogging: have finished half marathon, trying to run more.


Available upon request