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About Me

A tech savvy individual, with good fundamental knowledge of front-end engineering techniques and ability to learn new tools/frameworks quickly.

specialise in front-end work for internet products, but am comfortable being involved in other aspects of building a technology platform.

Key Highlights:

  • Been building websites since 2003.
  • Understanding of browser internals and the HTTP protocol.
  • Proponent of performant front-end optimisation techniques.
  • Code isomorphic web-platforms with responsive and elegant user experiences.
  • Security is a prime fundamental built into apps I work on.
  • Believe in thinking as the end user and building products which everyone would love to use.
  • Passion to write on technical topics including Front-end, UX, Management and Software.

Recognitions & Certifications:

Projects I've worked on have previously been recognised by Apple when they featured our website to demonstrate on the iPad Pro during their keynote events and on their website.

Featured on TechInAsia talks twice now.

One of the top 10% users on Stackoverflow by contribution.

Occasionally blog about new technology and team management.

Work History

Feb 2017Present

Sr. Manager - Frontend & App Specialist

Reliance Jio - Financial Innovation Group

Day to day - Building high performance frontend frameworks and libraries which will power the next generation of financial services, including a UI framework from scratch & an analytics SDK - custom built for KaiOS. which runs on the JioPhone.

Results - Faster iteration cycle for many apps built using my framework for the JioPhone.

Also take up internal training sessions across offices in Bengaluru and Mumbai.

Feb 2015June 2016

Lead Web Engineer

Built the complete eCommerce enabled platform from scratch on the web and mobile-web consumer facing front.

Employed performant practices to load pages quickly over various network conditions.

Implemented in-house dashboards to streamline internal processes and give clear visibility over key metrics affecting the business, fashion and marketing teams.

Built a configurable CMS in-house, to enable editors and content writers to create, schedule and publish content with ease.

Link - (consumer facing web-portal)

There are other internal dashboards and email templates which are proprietary.

May 2014Feb 2015

Senior Software Engineer - Frontend/UX

True Sparrow Systems -

Core development member for the website

Built the website from scratch including a in-browser 3D-Configurator to easily customise and create furniture in real time with dynamic pricing.

The overall architecture of the website was lean, involving utilisation of jQuery, Bootstrap and modifications as needed. The entire website was build with a user-centric design.

Proudly for us, Hem's user experience has been featured twice in Apple keynotes separately.

Link -

May 2014Jan 2015

Senior Software Engineer

True Sparrow Systems -

Worked on the interface of (featured at Apple Keynote Event.)

I was also a part of the on-boarding team for new recruits and lateral hires(front-end).


Nov 2013May 2014

Sr. Software Developer

ContentSphere Technologies

As part of the core product research and development team, I trained the frontend developers in Javascript best practices and code-review techniques.

We improved the overall employee happiness quotient as they understood the platform better.

Jul 2012Nov 2013

Software Developer

Tavisca Solutions Pvt Ltd

Developed the entire travel platform from scratch using the latest technologies and adding more value to the company offering in the process.

Resulted in a direct impact on client conversions. A feature rich application which performed faster INCREASED the REVENUE generated for the company.



Jun 2007Jun 2012

Bachelors Degree in Engineering

University of Pune

Graduated with First Class in Electronics and Telecommunications.

Open Source Development



A simple JS Logger with support to override and disable default javascript logging.

Conceived, developed and released the jQuery plugin which allows you to override the default JS console log.

Used in production environments on &




An extended modal for BootStrap 3, with support for callback hooks.

This plugin was created due to the common need for a javascript library to create, invoke and control bootstrap modals.

It is completely extend-able and allows the programmer to capture various hooks.