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My name is Sang-Rae Park

I was student vice-president in high school.

I major in administration mangement in chun-ang university.

but, I'm interested in marketing and distribution too.

I took a trip vancouver canada, LA, Las vegas in 2004.

This summer vacation, I was visit Tokyo in Japan throug Chung-Ang university global frontier program.

The purpose of visit japan was learning about distribution process of japan and culture.

It was informative time for me.

I would like to engaged in trade filed.

Work experience






Chun-Ang university

I graduated from Hyo-Sung high school.

I got a experience student vice-president, through this experience, I learned about relationship between people and sociality. Maybe my persnality is based on this experience.

Toeic score is 720. This score is not high score, so I will try to improve english skill more than now.

Now, I join Posco eco campus program. This experiece helpful for me.