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i) To promote research

ii) To encourage value based education


Interest in the following fields:-

Fatigue and fracture

Functionally graded systems

Laminated composites

Smart materials


A researcher and a teacher, research as forte with penchant for teaching. Worked as Defence Scientist for fifteen years in Defence Research and Development Organization, India and as Professor for four years at VIT University, Vellore, India.

An individual with a decent academic record. Fifth rank holder in 10+2 state examination, recipient of national scholarship up to graduation and merit holder in all the academic courses. Was awarded fellowship of one year by DRDO in 1990. Qualified GATE 1994 and GATE 2003 of India with percentiles of 96.29 and 96.08 for admission to post-graduate and doctoral programmes. Recipient of N.K. Iyengar Memorial Prize for the year 2008 from the Institution of Engineers, India.

About myself-Spade a spade

Motto: To work with honesty and integrity.View Point: Everyone has the right to live with dignity and to progress provided one serves the mankind with honesty and devotion and does not trouble anyone. Concern: Different rules for different people, Fun and frolic prevailing over sense, Facing irresponsible  propaganda that stems without weighing both the sides of the coin, Passing the buck, Hasty and opportunistic opinions not based on facts that are later on defended by hook or by crook. Anathema: Rabble-rousers and mischief-mongers, Nuisance emanating from spicy and entertaining rumors, Modern day monsters adept in clandestinely pitting two parties against each other to promote their interests, Demonstrating power over innocents. Dilemma: Making friends without creating enemies, Taking stands, To do exactly what others think I should be doing especially when they also have divergent opinions, Tackling Hobson's choices, Getting one and losing two in the process, To somehow look happy and smart amidst immorality to prevent ridicule and to get deserving benefits. Mistake: Posting  CV on line when it was too late - My fate was by then already decided by cosmetic considerations. I am still paying for mistakes and even suspicions of others. Whose business is it anyway! Risk: Proving well placed persons wrong even inadvertently. Lamentation: First fighting odds and then unreasonableness if physique and looks don't support capabilities and performance contradicts judgements. Challenge: Wooing detractors after I am wronged by deceit and deprived of chance to justify myself. Dream: A systemwhere empathy replaces sympathy and which is free from intolerance, superstition, selfishness, ill-will, jealousy and exploitation. Promise: Compunction towards those who I unintentionally hurt and forgiveness to those who intentionally hurt me. Wish: Peace, progress and prosperity for one and all. Submission: I need to be unambiguously told where I was or I am wrong so that I can also help myself. Otherwise I invoke my fundamental rights including nil interference from others in all my matters. Finally: I too have good intentions. May Almighty bless everyone! My heartfelt regrets if it is also taken with a pinch of salt. 

Work experience

Break in service from Jan 2007 to Aug 2008 to complete the Ph.D. programme

Feb 2009May 2013


VIT University
Oct 1991Dec 2006


Armament Research and Development Establishment, DRDO
Jul 1989Jun 1990

Design Engineer (Trainee)

Electrosteel Castings


Academic Performance

i)  CPI of 8.63 out of 10 in course work of Ph.D.

ii) 77% marks (Distinction) in M.E.; Exam type - Descriptive; Class rank -1st iii) 'A' grade in Advanced Weapon Technology Course; Exam type - Descriptive; Class rank - 2nd iv) 78% marks in Fellowship; Exam type - Descriptive; Class rank -2nd v) 74.9% marks in B.E. ; Exam type - Descriptive; Class rank -6th vi) 87.4% marks (Distinction) in 10+2 ; Exam type - Descriptive and non-objective; State rank -5th vii) 77.1% marks (Distinction) in 10+1; Exam type - Descriptive and non-objective; State rank -16th
Jul 2003Aug 2008


Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Jul 1995Dec 1996


University of Pune
Jul 1995Dec 1996

Advanced Weapon Technology Course

Defence Institute of Advanced Technology
Sep 1990Oct 1991


Defence Institute of Advanced Technology
Jul 1984Dec 1988


Regional Engineering College
Mar 1983Mar 1984


Gandhi Memorial College
Mar 1982Mar 1983

Gandhi Memorial College


Published fifty research papers and chapters in journals, conferences and books of repute. Presented research papers in conferences held in India and abroad. Also published several technical and non-technical articles in magazines, periodicals and news papers. Listed in Marquis Who's Who of the World since 2013. Life fellow of the International Biographical Centre.  
Taught subjects namely Fracture mechanics and fatigue, Advanced stress analysis, Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery, Design and Hardware Projects 
Conversant with research methodologies, project conceptualization and work procedures. Well-versed with mechanical design, product modeling and analysis