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My objective is to graduate from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary College with a bachlors degree in culinary and apply at some restaurant or open up my own.


I am interested in cooking, games, and technology, but I am interested in cooking more because I been cooking since I was a kid.

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Table of Contents


I been drumming since 6 month and my instructor is amazed how I accomplished alot just in 6 month.
I know how to fix computer. I can take a computer and take it apart and put it back together without a haste. I know how to deal with every computers.
I been cooking since 10 years old and I am still cooking for my family. I have learned lots of skills from my mom and I know how to cook every Korean food if I try.


Sep 2008Present


Heritage High School

I am in engineering magnet program and I am going for advanced diploma. I will be graduating in June, 9, 2012.

Work experience

FDN Corporation

I am a supervisor for my dad and my dad is the owner.