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Work experience

May 2012Aug 2012

Wave Loading at Breakwater- integrated Oscillating Water Column—Physical Model Studies

MSc project

The experiment conducted under university flume and data obtained from a laptop.

Skills gained:

  • Extensive literature research ability on technical knowledge
  • Using electronics as pressure transducers and wave gauges
  • The ability to analyse large amount of data by Excel
  • Proven capability in independently carrying out experiments for given projects
  • Synthesis finding into a 10,000 words final report
Oct 2011Nov 2011

Energy Advisor (Volunteer)

Transition Edinburgh South

TES is a local community to help residents reduce utility bills so as to lower carbon footprint. I was systematically trained for 20 hours in a group of 15 volunteers as an energy advisor, and visited 3 homes conducting Home Energy Checks.

Skills gained:

  • Technical knowledge of variety methods to improve energy efficiency 
  • Effective interpersonal skills through communicating with and advising households
  • Improved team-working ability by jointly completing tasks with other volunteers


Sep 2011Sep 2012

Master of Science

University of Edinburgh

Related courses: Technology for Sustainable Energy, Operational Research Modeling in Energy (70%) , Power System Engineering and Economics, Energy Efficiency Resource and Environment, Principle of Wind Energy, Marine Energy(83%)

Dissertation: Wave loading at breakwater-integrated OWCs-physical model study

One year intense course spurred me to become more self-motivated, and strengthened my independent study ability. Team working skills had been achieved from group works. Written skills had been trained from technical reports and course assignment.

Sep 2007Jul 2011

BEng (hons)

East China University of Science and Technology

Core courses: Engineering Thermodynamics (91%), Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics (84%), Energy Conversion, Industrial Thermal Equipment and Measurement, Graphing of Engineering

Final year project: Humic Acid Biodegradable Composite Membrane Materials

Four years of study laid a solid basis in mathematics: Advanced Mathematics and Linear Algebra.

Lab-based major experiments, graduate practice and manufacturing skills training.

A variety of disciplines taught to resolve practical engineering issues.


A highly motivated graduate with an MSc Sustainable Energy Systems engineering degree at the University of Edinburgh, keen to work in sustainable energy sector.

Technical skills include Xpress-MP modelling in energy industry, PowerWorld simulator for power flow analysis and optimisation, and adept in AutoCAD and Excel. A solid engineering background obtained through 4 year undergraduate studies with manufacturing skill training and graduate practice. Able to work under multiple deadlines with high quality through thorough research, effective communication and cooperation, and successful implementation.

Additional Experience

Industry placement                                          July 2010

National Centre of Quality Supervision and Testing for Solar Heating Systems, Beijing, China

The main work is testing the utilisation rate of solar heaters so as to appraise the solar heating system. The combination of heat transfer knowledge with practical operations offered a perfect opportunity to deepen my understanding of solar energy

Shanghai 2010 EXPO                Volunteer                  May 2010

Acted as one of Chinese Pavilion general volunteers, directed visitors to the right way, and solved their problems through collaboration. Maintained the highest level of customer service

Key Skills

Technical skills

  • Chemistry lab and fundamental physics theories operation
  • Using Xpress-MP for operational modelling in energy industry
  • Lab experience in PowerWorld simulator for power system analysis and optimisation
  • Auto CAD in 2D structure building
  • Excel for data analysis
  • Microsoft office—major software, Word, PowerPoint

Personal Skills

  • Logical thinking and clear organisation through course studies
  • Leadership and quick decision-making obtained four years Youth League Secretary

Languages skill

  • Mandarin as mother tongue
  • Excellent English verbal and written skills 


Tom Bruce