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Work experience


Junior Research Associate

ITC R&D Centre
Junior Research Associate, Bangalore. Consumer Insight & Product Quality Enhancement: As a team developed protocol for the consumer insight evaluation, that delivers methodologically sound actionable results to improve the product quality based on customer expectation and helps to know the trends on competitor strategic. u Designed, developed, and executed protocol for consumer insight evaluation which was helpful to identify consumer requirement that addressed and answered to Business. Consumer research studies includes: Customer satisfaction research, product evaluation and development, new concept testing. u Every month worked with a cross-functional team for product research and development of existing product. Individual product quality reports circulated to factory & Business. u To understand the strategic of own and competitor: Evaluated product portfolio to locate underserved gaps and drivers of customer satisfaction and those gaps highlighted in‘ Quarterly report' with trends on competitor strategic. u Every Quarter comparative analysis report prepared for the entire products in ITC. Ex: Foods, Cigarette, Personal care Products, Stationary products, Agarbatti, Safety match. u


Bangalore. u Microbial Analysis of Pharmaceutical, Neutraceutical, Cosmeceutical raw Materials, in process materials and finished products. u Microbiology skills: plating methods(streak, spread, pour, and replica), aseptic and sterile techniques, enumeration and identification of bacteria, use of biological safety cabinets, media preparation, use of selective media and maintain documentation in laboratory. TRAINING UNDERGONE & ACTIVITIES u




Vel's College of science


Pachaiyappa's College