I have over 2.5 years of experience in architecting and developing mobile applications. I have deft knowledge of my domain and related areas, not only strong at the the tech. but also the business aspects of the product.

I am currently working as a Software developer at A-1 technology. I am working as an independent developer in many projects like Earsaye, CampFusion, Sunn and WellnessPlus and responsible for designing and coding of different modules of the project. I am also responsible for performance tweaking(high performance and low response time), and always interested in delivering smart, fast and quality applications for the company.

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2013 - Jan 2015

Software Developer

A-1 Technology

Key Responsibilities

  • Analysis of Business Requirement and information gathering.
  • Design, development and architecture of iPhone and iPad based application.
  • Follow latest industry standards, Apple guidelines, OOPS concepts and effective use of version control technologies.
  • Continuous R & D on mobile related technologies, data extraction, data mining and machine learning.
  • Brought in a bunch of innovative ideas, features to improve app performance and scalability.
  • Fixing memory leaks, errors, warning and code optimisation as a part of daily process.
  • Use of third party libraries, Cocoa-Pods and effective use of version control software to make programming faster and easier.
  • Consistently deliver high-quality, on-time delivery as a result of good planning.
  • Contributed on scoping, planning and estimation of projects. * Streamlined the development process, making process light weighted to increase productivity.
Apr 2013 - Oct 2013

Associate in Technology-iPhone

Magnon International

Key Responsibilities 

  • Analysis of business requirement.
  •  Design and development iPhone and iPad based application.
  • Follow SDLC as part of programming practice.
  • Adaptive to latest cocoa standards, iOS guidelines and IDE.
  • Follow latest coding ethics - OOP, Singleton, Sub-Classing and Category.
  • Integrating third party libraries and social media. - Submission of iPhone & iPad app to the Apple iTunes.
Jun 2012 - Apr 2013

Jr Iphone Apps Developer

Vinove Software and Services Pvt. Ltd.

Key Responsibilities

  • Working with the team to execute a particular code.
  • Learning and adapting Agile methodology in the development process.
  • Learning xCode IDE and coding syntax.
  • Focus on learning e-Learning.


Jan 2007 - Jan 2011

Bachelor of Technology

Shri Krishan Institute of Engineering and Technology
As a student at Shri Krishan Institute of Engineering and Technology, My aim was to create software that can make our daily process simple and faster.


Dec 2014 - Jan 2015

HIPAA Certified
Any organisation or person who works in or with the healthcare industry or who has access to protected health information.









Sanchit Paurush - Sr iPhone developer at Vinove Software and Services

Sumit is a rare combination of creativity and technical expertise which is finely balanced by an analytically thinking mind. I had had the opportunity to observe Sumit's professional growth and hope he achieves professional success in all his endeavours. I would recommend Sumit to be a valuable asset to any team which he is a part of and/or leads. Best of luck.

Himanshu Mahajan - Jr iPhone Developer at Vinove Software and Services

Sumit was one of the best performers in my team. His speed of work amazed me many a times. He is skilled at his work and has an eye for details. Whenever I had any issue, he solved it in minutes. Besides being a great co- worker, jayasim is also a friend and a mentor. He has a very realistic approach towards life and his work. A very dedicated employee and a hard worker, jayasim was practically indespensible at work.Whatever task he is assigned, he completes it before time and does it with great panache. He never gave me or the team a reason to disappoint. He has a sharp mind and is a skilled handling ever-changing requirements, even working on weekends to meet the deadlines speaks of his commitment and dedication. A great member to work with and have in any team. He will surely go miles in his career. Wish you all the luck for the future!!


When I am not working, I preferably like to turn my attention to... reading which includes planet! In addition to that : sport in moderation, enjoying a good meal and an equally good bottle of wine.