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Carrier Objective

"To contribute in the growth of the organisation by creating and implementing Innovative Solutions in the Environment that inspires and challenges Me."

Work experience

Feb 2014Present

Associate Engineer

Hikari Tsushin Groups

Working as the system engineer in epark system which is a group company of Hikari Tsushin groups  with the membership team for managing the details of the shop members. Creating and modifying new functionalities , checking security perspectives etc. 

Currently working with PHP , Javascript , Mysql and using symfony Framework for the same.

I am also engaged in creating cardbook emenu application . This is application which can be used by the users when the go to some restaurant etc i will help them in order their favorites meals without calling any waiter .


Jul 2009May 2013

Bachelor of Technology

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, UP

Marks - 6.4

Jul 2007May 2008

CBSE Class - 12th

Vanasthali Public School, Meerut

Marks - 84.6%

Jul 2005May 2006

CBSE Class - 10th

International Academy, Muzaffarnagar

Marks - 80%


  • Programmings Languages : C, Java, Android
  • Web Scripting: PHP, JavaScript, Jquery, Node.js, Angular, Ajax
  • PHP frameworks : Laravel and Symfony 
  • Node framework: Express.js
  • Databases: MySql, MongoDB, SqlLite
  • Operating Systems: Android, Unix, Windows, Macintox


    • Membership details Management.
      Organisation : Epark Systems
      Duration : November 2014 to Present
      Description : Creating new functionality and modifying the current functionalities in the membership sections of the epark reservation system. Epark has point and stamp management system which is used for  calculating the ranks and present status of the members of the system. Members ranks are  provided by the shops to their members. It is created in PHP and Javascript and database used is MySql. 

    • Balling Queuing System
      Organisation: Epark Systems
      Duration : 5 Months
      Description: This is the waiting time application for the customers who go to the balling 
                             Parlours. They can make reservation time on the epark app so that they dont 
                             have to wait when they reach the parlour. It provides a virtual queuing platform 
                             for them.
    • API testing tools.
      Organisation : Epark Systems
      Duration : 1 Month
      Description : Creating a GUI tool for testing the apis for external vendors to use in the epark 

    • Cardbook Android Application
      Organisation : Epark Systems
      Duration : Ongoing
      Description : An Emenu application for the restaurants .

College Projects

  • College Hospital Management System
    Organisation : Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology
    Duration : 8 months
    Description : A College hospital management system for the college so that students, staffs and could get relievent 
                              information and their work could be done in very less time. 

  • Movie Recommender
    Organisation : Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology
    Duration : 6 Months

    Description :  A movie database and recommender to the users  depending on the previous user activities  and 
                                location and events etc. This system will be movie database for the new or upcoming movies and 
                                store information about them. 

  • Vipani
    Organisation : Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology
    Duration : 3 Months
    Description : An Ecommerce site for the salers and buyers things online. Users can buy things here or sell their 
                              items. They can also use bidding system for selling their products.

Voluntary Projects

  • School Administration , teachers and Students Interaction App
    Organisation : Self Developing
    Duration : January 2015 to Present
    Description : I am creating a school management system for my school for a comfortable interaction between 
                               school administration , teachers and students. Till now i was working on web apps but i will create
                              android and ios apps for the same too. I am using PHP, Laravel Framework for it and MYsql for the
                              database. I will be using this app in the school from this August. 

Technical Achievements

  • Won 2nd prize in OPERAMANIA a quantitative testing and puzzling event at Avishkar-2011 , a national level technical fest in MNNIT , Allahabad
  • Won 3rd prize in SURVIVOR series event , a REVERSE ENGINEERING EVENT, at avishkar 2012 , a national level technical fest in MNNIT, Allahabad
  • Held the host for technical core commitee for online events in Avishkar 2012.
  • Best Employee of the month for the October-2014 in Epark Systems.
  • Leading the team of new recruiters of 2015 in Epark Systems.

Curricular Achievements

  • Cricket College Team Captain of MNNIT , Allahabad
  • Badminton Team Captain of MNNIT, Allahabad
  • Played cricket at district level for Ghaziabad
  • Secretry of Sports Club MNNIT, Allhabad.

Hobbies and Interests

  • New Technologies in development in the world of electronics
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Gadgets
  • Exercises (GYM and Yoga)

Contact Informations

  1. Contact Information for Japan
    Address: Room no - 301,
                      Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku,
                      Tokyo, Japan (171-0021)
    Mobile Number - +818034677003

  2. Permanent Address in India
    Address : House Number - 269, Street Number - 9
                       New Defence Colony, Muradnagar,
                       Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
                       India (201206)

  3. Email Address : [email protected]


I, Sumit Prasad,  here by  declare that the current information is correct to the best of my knowledge.

Sumit Prasad