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Located in the heart of New York City, Keris Dermatology offers a wide array of cosmetic and medical dermatology procedures. Founded by New York University School of Medicine graduate Sumayah Jamal, MD, Keris Dermatology dedicates itself to working closely with patients to implement treatment options that meet their special needs. To help its patients look and feel their best, Keris Dermatology provides a number of cosmetic dermatological procedures that enhance the appearance of the skin. For patients with unwanted hair on their bodies, Keris Dermatology offers hair-removal services via laser therapy. By specifically targeting hair follicles with a concentrated beam of laser light, Keris Dermatology can impair the ability of the follicles to further produce hair. Thanks to the extensive background in ethnic skin types of Chief Dermatologist Sumayah Jamal, MD, Keris Dermatology uses only lasers considered safe and effective for all skin types, including darker skin tones. In addition to treating body-hair removal, laser therapy can be used to treat razor bumps and ingrown hairs. For patients who wish to reduce wrinkles, frown lines, or laugh lines, Keris Dermatology offers Botox injections to alleviate the wrinkling effects of repeated facial movement. In addition to relaxing the facial muscles to prevent the formation of dynamic wrinkles, Botox also helps smooth out wrinkles that have already become permanent. For patients with deeper permanent wrinkles or light-damaged skin, Keris Dermatology offers Sciton Profractional laser treatment. Acne outbreaks can often leave unsightly scars. As one of its comprehensive treatment options, Keris Dermatology offers acne-scar treatment using a number of different types of laser technology. In cases of hyperpigmentation, where pimples leave dark brown spots after they have healed, Keris Dermatology provides topical treatment, chemical peels, microdermabrasion sessions, and laser treatment to reduce discoloration of the skin. For patients experiencing red marks of atrophic/cicatrical acne scars, Keris Dermatology offers treatment with Broad Band Light, Micropulsed NdYAG, and Sciton Profractional lasers.

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