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Academic study 

Questioner survey for academic purpose

Eximbank Satarkul Branch, Dhaka  

An Organizational Behavior study Based on MBTI questioner method.

Academic purpose HR Forecasting

Brain Station 23 

Relating theory of HR planing and Forecasting with the IT sector of Bangladesh. Combining Job competencies and team collaboration of IT experts of Brain station 23 with theoretical concepts .

Jan 2013Aug 2015

Debater and organizer

Aiub oratory  Cub 


Feb 2015Apr 2015

Academic purpose Health and safety Audit

Convince Apparel Garments Mirpur ,Dhaka  

Heath and safety Audit report considering the workplace hazards in Ready made garments of Bangladesh. Identifying the hazards and giving alternative solution by the standard of International Labour organization or ILO .

May 2014May 2014


Dhaka University  environment Debate 

Debating in team


Jan 20132015


American International University-Bangladesh

Human Resources Management 

May 2010Feb 2012


Ispahani Girls school and college 


Team Building

Microsoft office , Prezi ,Minitab ,Spss and willing to learn new soft

Language proficiency

English as prime language


Runners up of Aiub Public speaking competition on the revolutionary  topic of Martin Luther '' I have a Dream ''