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·Finished BS degree in Communication Engineering at Lebanese international university (LIU) in Lebanon and willing to continue master degree in engineering.

·Seeking for a job in a professional company to gain more knowledge and use all my strength for the betterment of the company.

·Certified from Cisco in CCNA and preparing for CCNP.

Main courses

EENG457 Communication Systems

Introduction: Communication Systems Today, Fundamentals of Communication Systems, Communication System Models and Performance, Fourier series and Transforms Fourier Transform Review, Energy/Power Spectral Density and Autocorrelation etc..

EENG385 Signals and Systems

Classification of signals and systems. Impulse response and convolution. Properties of LTI systems. Laplace transform, the z-transform. Fourier representation of signals and fourier applications in circuit analysis.

CENG415 Communication Networks 

The Application Layer. The Transport Layer: UDP, TCP, TCP. The Network Layer: Addressing, Services, the Internet Protocol (IP). MAC Layer Bridging and Spanning Tree  Protocol. The Media Access Control Protocols. The Data Link Layer, The Sliding Window Flow Control Mechanism, Performance Considerations, Bit-oriented Data Link Control Protocols (HDLC). The Physical Layer: Theoretical Basis for Data Communications, Signaling and Modulation, Multiplexing, Transmission Media, Physical Interfacesand Protocols

Introduction to database CENG360

Database design and use of database management systems for applications. The relational model, relational algebra, SQL, the standard language for creating, querying, and modifying relational and object-relational databases. Advanced topics from data warehousing, data mining, web data management, Datalog, data stream processing, temporal databases, middleware, or peer-to-peer system


Seeking for a position in a professional company where its general principles are motivation, job enrichment and commitment to continuous improvement for its projects and employees. I want to join a dynamic organization and be a part of the success of the company, gain more professional knowledge by working in a professional environment and use all my strengths for the betterment of the company.

Working skills

  1.   Ability to work under pressure, flexible, self motivated.
  2.   Ability to deal with confidential information.
  3.   Excellent team player.
  4.   Strong interpersonal skills at all levels and robust team building skills.
  5.   Persistent and Oriented.
  6.   Excellent at coordinating and leasing with others.

Senior project

Weather station with LCD display is a system that consists of sensors that sense all the weather components as temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, and display them on LCD. This system consists of five sensors which are temperature sensor, humidity sensor, wind speed and direction, and light intensity sensor. These sensors are connected to a control unit; microcontroller; that converts the analog data given by the sensors into digital data to be displayed on the LCD. Moreover, a specific program is designed and installed inside the microcontroller in order to perform this task. Weather station with LCD display system is efficient which make it very applicable in determining any weather variability.


Available upon request.



Writing: Excellent      |       Reading: Excellent      |      Speaking: Native


Writing: Excellent      |       Reading: Excellent      |      Speaking: Excellent


  • Sports (volleyball, riding, swimming, karting)
  • music
  • travelling
  • surfing on internet.

Work experience

Jul 2010Sep 2010

saudi oger

Trained in the Telecommunication department as well as the Law Current department and learned how to maintain the good working condition of the following:

·        Computer Network System.

·        Troubleshooting and Repair.

·        Office equipments ( Computer, Fax, Photocopy, Printer )

IT staff

· Take responsibilities of maintained user security accounts for window 2000 including Desktop                

  configuration, network connectivity, network access issues and printer connectivity.

· Load new or update software and systems on existing equipment.

· Done installation and configuration of windows XP professional and applications.

· Responsible for troubleshooting, installation, configuration and repairing computer systems.

· Responsible for performing hardware and software performance regularly. 


OS Linux Ubuntu " BASH language "
Data Structure
Data Base " SQL Server "
Cisco " Packet Tracer "
Java Language
C++ Language
C language
MS 2003 - Ms 2007


Jan 2010Apr 2010

Cisco Certified Network Associate