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Prince Hakim El Din Bey is a native of Philadelphia county Pennsylvania territory in North America(Northwest Africa) AMEXEM.A Moorish American Moslem, Prince Hakim has strived to uplift fallen humanity by teaching to love instead of hate and establishing the principles of love truth peace freedom and justice through actions and deeds.Prince Hakim is owner of DAY ONE AN ARTS AND ARTS MANAGEMENT CO. a private colection of original art from music scores to oil paintings.Prince Hakim also provides seed grants for artist in need of materials for projects.In 2007,Prince Hakim was giving the title of SULTAN by Grand Governor Umar Ibn Khattab El of Temple no.11 in Philadelphia County Pennsylvania Territory.

Work experience

SULTAN/Vice President


The Moorish Divine National Movement of North America is the oldest registered corporation in Pennsylvania its birth took place on june 6,1944. Founded by Noble Drew Ali,its purpose is to uplift fallen humanity through the principles of love truth peace freedom and justice.

Executive Marketing Officer

Young Broadcasters of America

Executive Marketing Officer will establish key relationships with various public and private institutions,individuals,and organizations.To present YBA proposals to various markets for sponsorship and/or fiscal funding.


Hannan Seleh

Hannan is one of the best photographers in the world.She is the only photographer i use for my photos.

Mahdi El

Mahdi El is Founder/Owner of Young Broadcasters of America ( teaching children from the ages of 9-19 the basic principles of broadcasting.