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A hands on and committed Quality Assurance manager who is able to drive and achieve the highest production standards through effective line management. Karen has experience of the day to day management of a QA team to support production in the factory and compliance of all quality policies. She has excellent attention to detail, can be diplomatic and supportive to team members and possesses superb communication skills. As a sociable person she is someone who can work well within a team but is also able to delegate firmly and copes well under pressure. She is on a mission to maintain high standards of excellence, and will always ensure that the expectations of customers and suppliers are met. Right now she is looking for an opportunity to join a growing and dynamic business that wants to recruit talented managers.

Work experience


Customer Service Representative

Saudi Cargo

Shipping and handling shipments.

Developing and driving continuous improvement initiatives.

Overseeing and coordinating the investigation of Customer Complaints and Non-conformities.

Investigating incidences of staff non-compliance of procedures.

Dealing with technical issues as they arise.Improving relationships with contractors and suppliers.

Improving relationships with shipping companies.



Industrial Gases & Equipment Company Abdullah Hashim

Selling equipment, welding machine and gases.

Overseeing and coordinating the investigation of Customer Complaints and Non-conformities.

Assisting with the training and development of staff.

Improving relationships with contractors and suppliers.



Bachelor of Quality Management and Operation System, Spring 2012

King Abdul-Aziz University, Business Administration , Saudi Arabia

Quality management, sometimes referred to as quality control or quality assurance, is a management style designed to assure quality in all organizational processes. Quality management programs teach students the basics of the field and can prepare them for positions where they will improve the quality of products or services through modifications in response to customer feedback.


Diploma in Electronics industry and operation, Spring 2008

College of Telecomm and Electronics, Electronics, Saudi Arabia

Electronics industry and operation field that implements and applies the principles of electrical engineering. Like electrical engineering, design, application, installation, manufacturing, operation and/or maintenance of electrical/electronic systems



5.5 in ILETS

Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office & Microsoft Project
Internet using Internet browsers
Extensive knowledge of research methods


Dec 2014

Black belt six segma


Cargo wise

Saudi Cargo

Dangerous goods handling and shipping

Saudi Cargo

IATA Live Animals Regulations 

Saudi Cargo

IATA rate price system 

Saudi Cargo

IATA International Air Cargo Law

Saudi Cargo

IATA code 

Saudi Cargo

Teamwork course