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General Information 


  •  My name is Sultan Ahmed Al-Azzawi. The complexity of my life  defines me. Coming from Dubai with an Iraqi citizenship has been a crazy journey. A crazy journey that consists of assimilating to American culture. A crazy journey that has proven that anything is possible - thus I maintain the key aspect of determination. The very fact that I have lived in the U.A.E for 15 years, attending British Schools has made me unique and lucky in a way. Speaking English and Arabic very fluently makes it very easy for me to communicate with people of different cultures. I am looking for a job where my excellent analytical and communication skills can be applied. 



Oxford School Dubai, El Cajon Valley High School, Valhalla High School, Grossmont College

Graduated from Valhalla High School (2015-2016)  with honors (GPA: 3.692)

Grossmont College (2016-2017): 15 Units - Psychology 120, Math 176, English 120, Communication 124

High School GPA: 3.692

High School Rank: 64

SAT SCORE: 1440 


  • Baby Sitting: I have had much experience with baby sitting in Dubai.
  • Book Trading: I am also associated with "" where I have made money shipping in about a total of 15 books. I still am associated with this business. 
  • I volunteered at the El Cajon Branch Library for 50 hours.

Extra-Curricular Activities



The U.A.E is known as a desert transformed into a city. Temperatures once reached 47 degrees Celsius, so swimming was a very satisfactory activity for many. I learned how to swim at the age of 7 at the Grand Hotel, which hired certified swimming instructors.  Ever since that time my parents would become hotel pool members every summer. I attempted to join the water polo team; however, transportation was a major issue until proceeding later on in the year. 

Jul 2014Present

Playing Tennis

I live close to a public tennis court that belongs to El Cajon Valley High-School, so I decided to buy tennis rackets and play on July 2014. I love tennis and ever since that time I have been playing it every weekend.  I wanted to join Valhalla's tennis team; however, I also earned the part of Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast.

Apr 2015Apr 2015

Playing Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast

Coming across an Beauty and the Beast auditioning flyer at school, I asked myself why not? I always thought I was a good singer, but not on a professional scale; however, my Theater teacher thought otherwise.  Rehearsing for endless hours, playing Lumiere in the Beauty and the Beast exhorted me in tapping into my ability to sing as a bass. Thus, I am taking Advanced Choir next year.


¨Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.¨

— Sir Winston Churchill


Accomplishments and Awards