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Sulaiman Omoniyi Tidjani


Work experience

May 2011Sep 2013

Regional Network Security


Duties: Ensured users and subscribers account were kept safe and interface updated. enlightened users about prevention of spoofing, phishing, social engineering et.c. Corporate information of basic spamming awareness and graphical user interface security.

Jun 2008Dec 2008

Ethical Penetrator


Duties: Database security and frequent spamming defense. Launch firewalls and IP changing detection. Ensuring user accounts werent vulnerable to spamming attacks which was mostly carried out by unauthorized intruders using googledocs and various worms, harmful tools to destroy systems or steal data. IP scanning and spam detection.



Information Technology (Bsc)

University Of Ibadan

Passed major with second class lower division. Class rep. for two years in a row and basketball captain. Excellent IT knowledge including communication skills were essential within my role as class councilor. My confidence in conveying information effectively was increased through communicating with a variety of people including colleagues, students and parents on a regular basis. Written communication  skills have been enhanced through writing articles.


Positive Psychology

University Of North Carolina

Positive Psychology Course taken through Coursera endorsed by the University Of North Carolina. Passed with distinction (93.6%) in overall grading, and verifiable. Conversant in leading-edge theory and evidence straight from the Positive Emotions and Psycho-physiology Laboratory (PEP Lab), including work that measures the benefits of positive emotions of the heart and immune system.


Professional Overview

Hardworking professional looking to offer a world class service in information technology, my skills are but not limited to network security, vulnerability assessment , security exploits, cryptography and network defense. Implementing customized solutions to support global lifestyle mostly in business strategies, concerns and needs.

Penetration Testing

Expert at analyzing computer/server security weaknesses, revewing available informations by footprinting and undertake various means to attain a solid security defense.

Network Enumeration

Ability to discover the hosts/devices connected to a specific network. Thorough scanning of varous ports on remote hosts looking for a specific devices in an attempt to further identify the fuction of the remote host. A step after proper footprinting has been carried out. As a careful analyser, my reviews and works are done diligently and with maximum monitoring.

Network Security Exploits.

High level skill at preventing and monitor unauthorized misuse, modification , access or DOS attacks of a computer and network accessible resources. Wide knowledge in controlling network administrators/users by assigning more secured passwords and proper working interface and environments.


-Ability to work methodically and very detail oriented
-Eagerness to dig into technical questions and examine them from all sides
-Enthusiastic and highly adaptable
-Strong analytical and diagnostic skills
-Demonstrated skills in innovation and collaboration
-Keep current understanding of vulnerabilities from the Internet
-Maintaining awareness and knowledge of contemporary standards, practices, procedures and methods
-Ability to get the job done


Available Upon Request.