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  • High-performance, award winning, Enterprise ITSM Architect and Consultant with demonstrated capability in establishing; Service Oriented, Architecture driven, ITSM Transformation and Governance.
    • Effective and consistent success in using Enterprise Architecture principles, International standards, organisational transformation techniques to mentor, motivate and lead high performance Technology Development and Service Management teams to maximize effectiveness of IT services and their alignment to business.
  • Practical, Independent and wholly accountable in high-profile executive mentoring roles; advising Enterprise Executives, CIO and IT Service Provider organisations.
    • Overcome complex people and technology challenges; assist in making high-stake decisions in fast-paced, high-pressure environments; using experience backed judgment, innovation, strong work ethic & irreproachable integrity.
  • Visionary thinker with global perspective and entrepreneurial drive.
    • Key contributor to establishing and building business connected enterprise-level IT Centric, planning, creating, instantiating, operating and improving Enterprise Architecture Driven Service Management systems
    • Subject Matter expert in establishing Transformational Metrics based on the underlying Transactional Metrics to enable decision-making required for effectively opreratinolising business Strategies.
    • Build capabilities of in-house personnel to manage organisational change and provide original and innovative mechanisms and mentoring for achieving objectives.
  • Author of FlexMode (IP) SOA Framework for Enterprise Transformation used in  Marketing, Initiating and Driving iterative step-change using Action Research Methodology for hands on management of Transformation Initiatives.
    • Proven expertise in designing and delivering outcome based, integrated step-change interventions in People, Processes, Tools and Partnership domains of Service Management articulated in the FlexMode (IP) SOA framework for Enterprise Transformation.

Core Competencies

  • Practical  and Enterprise Transformation and Change Management - Identifying Transformational Objectives, Communication of benefits to Executive Management - Marketing Need for change to staff - Resistance Management - Building Collaboration.
  • People Development - Vision, Strategy & Execution, Personal Change Mentoring, Leadership & Coaching, Competency Development Management
  • Business Process Management- Mapping Business Processes and their End to End IT Infrastructure and Support Architecture, configuring the required data in automated Single Source of truth inventories (CMDB) for services provided using the Service Management System.
  • Operations Management- Building, operating and improving' Tailor Made, End To End SOA based, Service Management Systems
  • Creating Single Source of Truth - Specifying, Collecting, Data Capture and Quality Assurance of ERP Class Foundation Data along with relevant federation to Enterprise Data Stores.
  • Design and Deploy ICT tools,  standard products, work with providers and internal staff to provide flexibility in tailoring without sacrificing future Scalability, usability, reliability and sustainability in a vendor agnostic manner. 
  • Compliance and Certification-Talent nurturing & Team Building and compliance management
Noteworthy Milestones
  • Successive awards for Enterprise and Architecture Excellence from ICMG in the years 2010 for Tata Motors and 2011 for Tesco Store Initiatives.
  • Conceptualised, communicated and implemented IT transformation programs in large Retail, Banking and Manufacturing organisations using iterative methodology for organisational change and development techniques.
  • Build tailored and integrated, ERP Grade, Service Management System Tool Set Using BMC Suite and other BPM applications an a critical enabler for IT transformation in fully out-sourced, In-sourced, Off-Shored environments working as an independent consultant, facilitator and program manager.
  • Pivotal in establishing integrated IT Service Management Systems, Agile Methodologies, ITIL, ISO 20000, ISO 27000 Information Security Management System and COBIT in a unified IT Service Management Management system that enables CIO’s establish and improve alignment with business and achieve end to end control of IT services in a distributed and mostly outsourced environment.
  • Innovated methodologies to implement Service Oriented Architecture for establishing Business Service Management and program managed implementation initiatives in large multi-vendor outsourced environments.
  • Managed Software development and Quality systems for multiple disciplines and domains, Innovated project management methodologies, trained and motivated software development teams in Scrum and other Agile methodologies, developed onsite/offshore models for cost effective software services, designed, implemented, managed and assessed formal software development Quality management systems compliant to international standards.
  • Led Software Product Development organisations and pioneered business software applications for Apparel Industry and implemented the same in multiple countries, pioneered e-governance applications for State Governments and Defense.
  • Qualified Lead Assessor for ISO 9000,  and ISO 27000 standards and Certified Practioner for ISO 2000  with experience in full cycle of Design, Implementation and improvement of management systems in multiple domains (more than 50 Certification Assessments).

Work experience

Chief Executive

Wisdom Technologies
  • Pioneerd Software Applications for Apparel Manufacture and Export on DOS LANS.
  • Implemented product in more than 100 customers in India, Sri Lanka, FIji Islands, Netherlands, Canada
  • Pioneerd E Governance Software development for the Provident Fund Management of the State Government of Tamil Nadu
  • Created Software for the Management of Infantry Training for the Parachute Regiment of the Indian Army
  • Consltant for business solutions and ISO 9000 based Management Systems

External Assessor for ISO 9000 Certification

Indian Register of Quality Systems
  • Worked as an external assessor, completed more than 50 Assessments for Certification, Pre-Assessment and Survillance.
  • Covered multiple domains including; Wipro - Software Services and Infrastructure Monitoring, Precision Manufacture - Titan Watches, Fashion Jwellery - Tanisquh, Automobile Manufacture, Component Manufacture, Aeronautics, Agricultural Research, Electronic Manufacture, Service Industries, etc.
Jul 2007Present

Managing Consultant & Principal Action Researcher

Action Research Foundation
  • Improve Quality of Life by Improving Capability Maturity.
  • Conduct Action Research, discover and apply knowledge bases, achieve qualifications, articulate and continually improve the FlexMode Framework and required co-lateral for use by Enterprises
  • Establish and Manage the Action Research Foundation Learning Center and build it as an online resource available to all stakeholders both corporate and individuals. 
  • Use Enterprise Architecture Principles and other available, Internationally accepted, knowledge bases to build Operational Engines which enable business managers to effectively operate ICT enabled business services and manage strategies and continually improve meeting of business objectives.
  • Build Competencies in CIO organisations required for establishing end-to-end management control of Service Management Systems with DNA embedding of a Continual Improvement culture.
  • Provide Subject Matter Expertise to IT service providers and engage with them to build and deliver collaborative managed services which are aligned to customer service management system needs.
  • Provide Architectural Mentoring and expertise in operating Action Research Projects for Controlled step change in transformation initiatives.
  • Provide Expertise and practical solutions in the adoption, release and use of sustainable Service Management System Tools and software applications without limiting to specific vendors
  • Providing Independent Consulting / Coaching to CIOs to enable organisational transformation of Technology Orientation to a Service Orientation in Complex multi-technology, multi-vendor, multi-site IT Service Provisioning Model.
  • Practical Methods for Aligning IT to Business in a meaningful manner, establishing baseline for competencies and demonstrating measured and planned Maturity Growth.
  • Rapid deployment of   FlexMode ITSM framework  using Action Research Methodology that uses a Lean Approach in an Iterative manner allowing practitioners to learn by doing.
  • Design, development, implementation and sustenance of Enterprise Architecture driven, Management Frameworks based on ISO 20000, ITIL, ISO 27000, COBIT & EFQM
  • Assessment of organisations to identify Improvement opurtunities and identifying Rapid deployment methodologies.
  • Third Party Program Management Services for Implementation of Application Services with experience in multiple tool set including BMC, Tivoli, Service Center, and other Service Management Suites.
Nov 2011Present

Trusted People Development Partner

Tata Motors Limited

Support the IT Service Management Improvement and Consolidation Strategy by participating in the TML CIO's initiative to recast the CIO organisation Structure to establish an effective Internal IT Service Management System.

Build on the foundations laid and improvements made since 2008 and build competencies in the CIO Organisation Executive and operational  management to take up Service Management Roles and relationship management with the Business and Service Providing Community.

Increase awareness levels on using Enterprise Architecture Techniques to create a Service Oriented Architecture which uses common sense to create an TML specific Service Management System based on the FlexMode SOA Transformation Framework

To create awareness of the knowledge available in repositories such as ITIL and CObit and understand the Intent of the requirements of International Standards such as ISO 9000, ISO 20000, ISO 27000, ISO 38500 and other applicable Technical Reports released by the ISO.

To create the framework for defining the Remedy Foundation Data by applying lessons learnt over the last three years.

Build Competencies required to Design and implement Systems for adoption across all service providers working through state of the art Contact Centers for supporting customers.

To create capabilities to visualise, design and implement End to End monitoring and tracking of all Service Component assets including infrastructure, software and Support costs.

Sep 2010Aug 2011

Consultant ITSM Transformation Initiative

Tesco Hindustan Services Center Ltd

Embed Continual Improvement in the DNA of IT Services provided by Tesco HSC using an Architecture Driven Approach for ITSM Transformation by,

  • The Discovery Phase
    • Use the implementation from the previous contract to establish formal Service Improvement program and realise the values from transforming existing Technology focus to a Service Oriented architecture  using the ITSM principles. 
      • Create a Data Mining Console using Microstrategy to mine the data generated by the Metastorm driven, Service Desk, BPM engine
      • Use the Kotter's Organisational Change and Development Framework to devise a strategy to engage all Service Delivery Units and create a 100 day plan for deployment.
      • Market the plan to the IT Service Director for acquiring required executive sponsorship and commitment
      • Establish Project Governance as per the principles outlined in PRINCE 2, including a HPD (Head Program Delivery) Steering Committee Chaired by the IT Director, SPOC for each HPD Area, Project Tracking Team and Training Programs and Launch the project.
  • The Create Transparency Phase
    • Teach Operational staff, the mindset difference between collaborating in delivering a Business Service Enabler as opposed to merely delivering a technology from inside a Silo.
      • Overcome traditional resistance to change by subliming the requirements of the ISO 20000 International standard but convincing the practioner's of the benefits of transforming to ITSM principles.
      • Select Pilot services from each HPD area and engage the SPOC's to create and end to end Service Map for the selected service.
      • Use the Data Mining tool to "Visually" track the life-cycle of incidents for the Service on an End to End basis.
      • Identify the Top 3 Incident Generators from the pictures and create Pareto Diagrams for understanding the resolution patterns, the Symptom Patterns, and other relevant details.
  • The Analysis Phase Findings
    • Analyse the pictures, extract and read relevant tickets for the Top 3 Incident Generators and arrive at practical actions to be taken for improving IT Services.
      • Need to improve collaboration between Contact Center Teams and IT application and Infrastructure Support Groups.
      • Need to eliminate premature closing of tickets and duplicate ticket raised to manage IT staff KPI.
      • Need to assign ownership for closing a ticket
      • Need for an architectural framework for Classification of Incidents and Categorization of Closing Codes
      • Need for establishing a common service definition which will aid the convergence process and be suitable for use during the transition to the to be phase
      • Need to provide management with service visibility during the transition phase driven by a milestone based, time limited program.
  • Fixing Underlying Causes
    • Use Zachman's Enterprise Architecture Framework elements to create an architectural IT Service Management Framework meeting the requirements of the ISO 20000 International Standard for ITSM.
      • Architect a common business oriented ITSM Framework by aligning IT organisations to the Tesco Retail Supply Chain Business.
      • Engage the Support Community to apply the framework and recreate foundation data for Incident and Service Request Classification, Routing, Prioritisation, Resolution Categorisation and Life Cycle tracking.
      • Ensure that all sections of the community, both at HSC and in countries like the UK, US, Thailand, Eastern Europe, etc., agree to a common framework and single set of classifications globally
      • Make necessary changes to the Tool
      • Review and eliminate non value adding stages in the Ticket Life Cycle
      • Change the Review mechanisms used by Executive management to look at improvement opportunities and set measurable objectives for improvement
  • Establishing Sustainability
    • Embedding Continual Improvement in the DNA of Tesco ITSM
      • Create a program for establishing Systematic Service Improvement in all the HPD areas
      • Setup templates for periodic governance reporting
      • Provide requirements for changes to the Data Mining Tool which are required to gather more value from the standard architecture and to make more apparent the Service Oriented ITSM Management architecture.
      • Prepare Training Material and train the trainers and establish an ITSM Practioner and Expert Certification mechanisms.
Oct 2009Aug 2010

Consultant & Head - People Stream, IT Transformation Project

Tesco Ltd, Hindustan Services Center

Noteworthy Milestones

  • Articulate the strategy for the IT Transformation Project and Lead the people interventions required for adoption of ITSM Principles and the processes deployed through the E-Service Desk Tool (ICCM)
  • Work with the Process and Tools Streams to ensure that requirements of the strategy are embedded into both and to act as a bridge between the Support Organisation and the project streams
  • Establishing the concept of continual improvement and associated processes required for transforming from reactive to proactive
  • Designing an organisation structure (support model L1/2/3 + Change + Problem) to best meet the requirements of the project
  • Defining and aligning KPIs for all parts of the support model
  • Defining and aligning objectives for all roles within the support model
  • Establishing a transformation program to deliver the 3 objectives above (inc leadership training for support leads)
  • Identifying core training needs to deliver the objectives and deliver a plan to address
  • Lead newsletters / employee communication/ training for the program
Jun 2009Oct 2009

Consultant to the IT Process Group

Jaguar Land Rover Company, Ltd, UK

Noteworthy Milestones

  • A Developed the Strategy for the Transitioning and Transformation of IT Service Management from the Ford Managed IT Group and the establishment of IT Service Management by an Internal IT group wholly managed by JLR.
  • A Designed the Road Map for first transitioning the ITSM tools and architecture to a new service oriented framework based on my proprietary FlexMode Framework for effecting ITSM Transformation.
  • A Articulated and communicated the phased objectives for the Project, wrote the SOW and worked with the Service Provider TTL in establishing the project Team for the implementation of the Strategy and the configuration of BMC Remedy ITSM Suite.
  • A Developed the Road Map and the Architecture for configuration of Remedy to establish a Service Oriented Management Architecture
  • A Developed and delivered the people communication to all the support group and gathered commitment and set up the vision starting with a Self Assessment Based on the ITSMF Self Assessment tool.
  • A Transferred the Framework components and methodology to the project team for implementation
Jul 2007Jul 2009

Consultant to the CIO for IT Transformation

Tata Motors Ltd, Pune, India

Noteworthy Milestones

  • A Rendered advice as independent consultant to the CIO, articulated the IT transformation strategy, using ITIL and ISO 20000 as guidelines for improving alignment between IT service providers and business managers to reduce IT related risks and prepare the IT organisation to meet challenges emanating from global business growth ambitions.
  • A Assessed the existing practices and IT Service maturity levels, innovated the strategy and program managed the IT Transformation program to achieve visible and measurable improvement in the ability of the CIO's office to effectively manage the outsourced Service Providers while saving costs in a measurable and verifiable manner.
  • A Generated measurable real cost savings that paid back for the project by re-engineering and rationalizing End User IT Asset Management practices and consolidating multiple help desks into a single ITIL based Service Desk acting as the Single Point of Contact for all IT services.
  • A Successfully handled operations as external consultant without operational authority and worked with the two service providers (IBM & Tata Technologies) and the CIO group to establish a service oriented management framework that integrated the various technical pillars into a single service thread; visible and managed through the application of the BMC suite of applications used as an ERP.
  • A Instrumental in getting the organisation to focus on Services instead of technology, innovated and established the concept of Service Channels for managing Service Assembly lines. This concept allowed the organisation to identify and resolve issues related to a given service and established the foundation for the transformation from Technology to Service focus.
  • A Designed and implemented the management framework using BMC Remedy applying many innovations to introduce a logical architecture for the support groups and established SOX Compliant change management for SAP and custom built applications.
  • A Created the Business and Technical service catalogues and integrated the same for tracking and managing service levels provided by multiple service providers and configured the same into Remedy. Established End User Self Help by publishing the Remedy Web console, managed the development of Video based communication and personally authored all end user communication, including Mail Responses, notifications, IVR Script, Release Announcements, etc. on behalf of the CIO.
  • A Closely coordinated with CIO Service Level managers to rationalize SLA and establish Service Provider Underpinning contracts. Designed, configured and established Remedy based Incident Management process for managing service restoration. Consolidated more than 20 help desks across the country into a single Virtual Service Desk, applying ITIL concepts for a Single Point of Contact for all IT services.
  • A Dramatic reduction in the effort required to demonstrate compliance to SOX requirements was achieved by the SAP, WEB and Custom Built Software groups, in their small change management process. The process development was driven by managers, SAP consultants & software engineers; who realised benefits of automated SDLC configured through Task Groups in Remedy.
  • A Designed the configuration management processes and Re-Engineered the End User IT Asset Management. Designed and implemented a project to change the Host Name, of more than 11000 computers, as per a standard Mask across 80 sites, Automated the creation and maintenance of Asset Registers that provided details required for managing Vendor Owned assets deployed for a monthly fee and refreshed on a four year cycle. Established capability to provide cost centre based costing.
  • A Designed the automated Infrastructure event Monitoring and management processes and project managed the Tivoli-BMC interfacing and created base lines of Business Service management Architecture in the CMDB using Automated Discovery.
  • A Designed the Metrics based Review processes and provided the Measurement Methodologies, templates, graphical expressions for extracting the same from Remedy.
  • A Instrumental role in establishing mechanisms to transform from reactive management to proactive management of IT services.
Oct 2005Jun 2007

Co - Chair IT Improvement Comittee & Senior Advisory

ING Vysya Bank Ltd

Noteworthy Milestones

  • A Significantly involved in establishing IT transformation program to address customer satisfaction issues; inherited during the acquisition. Based on escalations at the executive management levels & chartered to conduct an independent assessment of the state of affairs in the ITG, identify improvement areas and proposed practical interventions.
  • A Developed a strategy to use the ISO 20000 international standard as a framework for making the cultural change a reality; marketed the strategy to the COO - CIO of ING international and was requested to establish a program for IT transformation.
  • A Actively involved in establishing IT Transformation program strategy, its impact on business ambitions, designed and delivered the communication and ensured involvement of all stake holders in the bank and the Outsourced service provider in the change management program; by organizing open house sessions at the bank and the Service Provider locations.
  • A Communicated and established the need for creating a CIO organisation that can exert management control over outsourced service providers. Worked with the Chairman of the IT improvement committee to hire a professional CIO and IT Service Manager and create an IT Service Management organisation that can meet the needs of a modern IT driven banking enterprise.
  • A Initiated & re-named the IT group (ITG) as IT Service Management Group (ITSMG) and created the organisational infrastructure required for a modern bank to establish IT governance and assert strategic control over IT services which were hitherto provided by the service provider.
  • A Defined the organisational structure to enable a service oriented management framework and created integrated sub project teams combining the customer & service provider personnel & interacted between them to define the processes required by the standard.
  • A Played the role of Subject Matter expert for ITIL and ISO 20000 and conducted training programs for all the processes to enable the staff both technical and administrative to understand the sprit and the requirements of the standard. Guided the IT Security group of the bank to establish the IT security framework and worked with them to create the IT Security Policy and scripts for test of design and test of effectiveness.
  • A Architected the BMC Incident and Problem Management implementation, project managed the migration to V 7 and established the configuration and related processes.
Jun 2005Jun 2007

Group Manager Quality

iGATE Global Solutions Ltd

Noteworthy Milestones

  • A Stellar role in leading the project operations & quality of service delivery for the Enterprise software Services Group managing SAP, People Soft and Oracle solutions, ING Vysya Bank Engagement and the Internal IT support groups.
  • A Owned the SOX compliance project , worked with the Internal People Soft and Infrastructure teams to create and deploy process required for SOX ITGC compliance.
  • A Created processes for internal assessment, including crafting of test scripts and methodology for TOD and TOE.
  • A Developed SOX internal assessment team and conducted internal assessment whose results were used by external assessors with a successful outcome with no significant observations.
  • A Managed the certification of the BPO unit against the ISO 9000: 2000 quality management standard.
  • A Trained the BPO quality staff in the deployment of standard, improved quality processes in the BPO, Trained the BPO staff and internal audit group and led the team to successful certification.
  • A Instrumental in introducing the benefits of Agile Programming methodology and created the first pilots that used SCRUM processes for developing software in the organisation. Was a successful evangelist for Quality in the software development teams and motivated the involvement of senior management in continual improvement activities.
  • A Initiated the program to define an application maintenance process as the Development Process in use could not meet all requirements and mentored the Quality group in changing the mindset of project managers to accept and use processes.
  • A Worked with the HR team to establish processes required for compliance for CMMI certification.
  • A Represented the organisation in Customer Meetings and Due Diligence sessions and successfully sold the quality group to various large customers.
May 2003Jun 2003

Senior Manager Quality

Mascon Global Communication
  • Headed the Quality Management Function of this Telecom Software Service Provider.
  • Established the Continual Improvement Task Force, Established Formal Quality Management Practices and Completed the Certification of this organisation under ISO 9000 International Standard.
  • Worked with the management on design and development of Outsourcing Framework for Software Services.
  • Managed the Internal Tools Group and developed various applications for managing Effort and Competency aspects of Software Projects.
Jan 2000Apr 2003

Director & Chief Architect

Wisdom E Tech Pvt. Ltd
  • Chief Architect for an Product for the Managment of Apparel Manufacture and Export Industry
  • Devised the Product Strategy, Managed the Architecture, Pre Sales and Product Development
  • Created an end to end product for management of Apparel Manufacturing and Export including Merchandising, Purchase Management, Process Management, Manufacturing, Export Documentation, Financial Accounting and Payroll Management
Jan 1984Dec 1986

Marine Engineer

South India Shipping Corporation

Sailed as a Marine Engineer in the Bulk Carriers of the company


Johan De Wit

“ I worked with Sukumar to restructure the IT processes by using the ISO 20000 framework and to improve the usage of Remedy as a supporting tool. He has been very instrumental in finding and explaining the right standard for our organisation and also due to his drive, enthusiastic nature he managed to get many people involved and to follow the path he designed. The ISO 20000 program was managed by him. Today we are reaping the benefits of all these efforts. I enjoyed working with him and wish him all the best."

Dabnor Graeme

“Suku has a great breadth of ITIL and IT process knowledge, and a wealth of practical experience. He is able to draw on these resources to guide and advise a project team - clearly building a picture of the "to-be" and the route to get there. His excellent communication skills enable him to take the team with him and all in all Suku has proved a most valuable resource.” May 17, 2010

Manish Gupta

“Sukumar worked with us on Remedy implementation in the organisation.

He has been extremely methodical and he possesses a great blend of conceptualisation and execution.

He is a very well rounded person with good business understanding and is a delight to work with.

Wish him all the success.” September 28, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Manish GUPTA, hired Sukumar as a IT Consultant for Tata Motors in 2007, and hired Sukumar more than once

Naresh Raj Gururaj

“Sukumar is top notch consultant who has a unique ability to understand the needs of any organization he consults for before he provides an apt suggestion.

He is a futuristic thinker and is able to come up with simple solutions for complex issues.

He is a never say die person and I have seen him being rock solid in some serious situations at ING bank where i worked under him.

His communication and presentation ability is unmatched of any thing i have seen and he can hold an audience spell bound for any length of time.

His rich knowledge in the IT industry from the early 80's gives him an unique edge when he consults.

It was truly a privilege to work with a man of his caliber.

” November 6, 2008

Naresh Raj Gururaj, Manager Quality (IT Dellivery), iGATE Global Solutions

Andy Fleming

“Sukumar is an expert in IT Service Management. He has helped us define what we need to do to integrate people, processes, technology and partners into provide a best in class IT Services function within an advanced engineering company.” October 9, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Andy Fleming, hired Sukumar as a IT Consultant in 2009

Madhu Rangegowda

“Sukumar is a versatile manager, with in-depth knowledge in Quality systems and a champion in driving continual improvement initiatives.

Has vast wealth of knowledge working in different industries and is capable is adapting to any industry easily.

He is a go-getter, aggressive and practical without losing sight of the strategic objectives.

” March 26, 2008

Madhu Rangegowda, Associate Vice President, Mascon Global Limited

Venkatagiri Puthagai

“An original person who is at his best at the most difficult point of time. A person with his feet firmly on the ground and head in the sky and an unforgetable person. A treat working with him as it is an enriching experience.” August 30, 2007

VenkataGiri Puthigai, Divisional Head - Delivery, iGATE Global Solutions Ltd, managed Sukumar indirectly at ING Vysya Bank

Asmita Ghate

“Sukumar helped Tata Motors in establishing ITSM framework by implementing Remedy.

He has in depth knowledge about the subject and is highly focussed on the end result. His key contribution was to lay down and implement the key processes for incident and change management for infrastructure as well as application handling.

He handled the project becoming part of the TML core team with remarkable integrity. All the best to you...” 

June 22, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Asmita Ghate

Probir Mitra

“I would like to recommend Sukumar Daniel - the chief architect for our ITSM/Remedy program. Apart from his high caliber technical skills, he has great drive and teamwork abilities. He also has a very amiable personality behind a juggernaught temperament on project execution.”


Jan 1982Oct 1982

Part A Ceritificate

Mercantile Marine Department

Post Graduate qualification required to sail as a Marine Engineer

Jun 1976Nov 1981


Malviya National Institute of Technology





ISO 9000 Lead Assessor

International Register of Certified Assessors

ISO 9000:2000 Auditor Transiton Course

International Register of Certified Assessors

EFQM - TQM Model Self Assessment Course

European Foundation For Quality Management

ITIL Foundation Certificate

British Computer Society
Jul 2011Present

ISO 20000 Practioner


ISO 27000 Information Security Lead Assessor