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System administrator with 4+ years of experience managing server infrastructures and Desktop computers with different types of operation systems  (Linux, Windows). Effectively plan, install, configure and optimize the IT infrastructure to consistently achieve high availability and performance.

Proven ability to create and deliver solutions tied to business growth, organizational development and systems/network optimization. Skilled problem identifier and troubleshooter comfortable managing systems, projects and teams in a range of IT environments.

Work History 4+ Years

May 2014Present

System Administrator

Euroceil Systems Pvt Ltd, Chennai.

I am responsible for IT management in our company.

 My regular works are,

  • Monitoring Employees Activities and computer activities using Spice works.
  • Monitoring Backup operations.
  • Support our Employees for IT related issues. I am using Spice works ticketing System for IT help desk.
  • Configuring Firewall and analyze network traffics.(Fortigate Firewall).
  • Maintaining windows server.
  • Undertaking routine preventative measures and implementing, maintaining and monitoring network, security, particularly if the network connects to the internet.
  • CRM & ERP Training and support.
  • Introducing IT innovations to solve Companies Real time issues. 
Jun 2013May 2014

Network Administrator

JBright Computers Chennai.

I am responsible for installing, maintaining and supporting computer communication networks for our client's organizations.

My regular works are,

  • Installing, supporting and maintaining new server hardware and software infrastructure.
  • Managing email, anti-spam and virus protection.
  • Setting up user accounts, permissions and passwords.
  • Monitoring network usage.
  • Ensuring the most cost-effective and efficient use of servers.
  • Suggesting and providing IT solutions to business and management problems.
  • Ensuring that all IT equipment complies with industry standards.
  • Analyzing and resolving faults, ranging from a major system crash to a forgotten password.
  • Undertaking routine preventative measures and implementing, maintaining and monitoring network security, particularly if the network connects to the internet. Supervising other staff, such as help-desk technicians.
  • Working closely with other departments/organizations and collaborating with other IT staff;
  • planning and Monitoring the use of the website by employees.

Jun 2009May 2010

Customer Support Engineer

Saravana Computer, Chennai.

My regular works are,

  • Installing hardware and software systems.
  • Maintaining or repairing equipment.
  • Troubleshooting a variety of computer issues.
  • Setting up computer security measures.
  • Configuring computer networks.
  • Offering technical support on-site or via phone or email.



B.E Computer Science                                   CGPA 7.32        


Diploma In Computer Science                          74.04% 

Ayya Nadar Polytechnic College



Installing and maintenance all kind of operating systems Such as Windows and Linux distributions). currently i am working with windows xp, windows 7,windows 10 and windows server 2008. 


Maintaining CRM & ERP. Our Current CRM & ERP is Growsmartsmb.


I am using spice works inventory application for monitoring all the computers ,printers, and routers within the network. And I am using this for providing budget for current year.

  1. Prepare network diagram and list of Requirements before implementation.
  2. Arrange and Monitor the cabling Team when installation of Cables.
  3. Purchase and install Routers and Switch.
  4. Testing using LAN tester and finally Arrange computers in proper places. 
Virus protection
  1. Scheduling Virus scan on all computers.
  2. Installing and upgrading Anti virus.
  3. Sending Virus affected files to Anti virus LAB for getting solutions. 
Helpdesk Support 

Helpdesk is used for get the complaints from all the end users and solve it one by one using priority of the problem.


I am using windows server 2008 to connect all computers in the network with single domain. This server is used as central data center for our office.

Software Development

I am improving my skills in Developing softwares that solves our companies  work flow. and Recently Developed tool to maintain our web inquiries. Using Bootstrap3 and Data table for UI and PHP for Back-end process. And From this solution, I founded my development skill in myself and Now I am even ready to solve companies issue using the software tools. Using this project, I have learned HTML, CSS, JS,Jquery,PHP and Mysql.

Raspberry PI

I have experienced working with Raspberry Projects. This will help the company to built computer with low budget. Using this raspberry, We will provide the computer access for who are all not eligible to get computer provided by company with low budget. Using this we can built computer with Rs. 10,000/-. This computer is capable to install all linux distros and windows 10 LOT operating system.

Software Projects

User Accounts for Websites

This application will help to manage users of the website and They can even interact with website admin for communication. Bootstrap,Jquery and PHP

Custom C panels

This Application will helps to Hosting Providers to give their customers to manage email accounts. This was done using the CPANEL API integration.

Web Inquiry Management

This application will help to manage all the web inquiries and Tracking the web inquiry tracking with in the company process starting from Leads to Invoices. This will help to submit the return of investment for marketing Team. This was done using bootstrap,jquery and PHP.

Chat Room

This application will help our company employees communication medium. This was done by bootstrap and PHP. Currently I am trying to improve the login using employee's gmail or facebook applications. And Trying to use Web socket for transferring the messages (Inspired from Whatsapp).