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In my free time, I am often found with my nose in a book. I enjoy traveling to new places and find great joy in finding the funny and ordinary things that make this country unique. I have been known to travel miles out of my way for a scenic overlook or to walk a half mile out into a cornfield to see where they buried Stonewall Jacksonʼs arm. I have made a great many good and lasting friends who I consider family and enjoy spending time with them. I love to cook and am a bit of a foodie. On weekends I enjoy finding special, fantastic restaurants and having a great meal. I love music, knitting (which I am still learning), swimming and the beach. I am a bit of a Disney fanatic and my “happiest place on earth” is touring Walt Disney World. I have committed much of my free time to organizing webinars, working on the Nannypalooza conference, and generally trying to improve the nanny profession. With no real standards in the industry, I feel we often find ill qualified caregivers unsupervised with children. I hope to change this through my website and conference.


I am seeking a long term, live out position. I am looking for a M-F schedule and longer days are not a problem. I would like to work for a family with at least one infant/toddler. My perfect family would be fairly casual, with a need for a full charge, hands on, proactive nanny. I work best in an environment where there is good communication between nanny and family. I am adept at using a nanny journal, email,texting or face to face meetings to make this happen. A good fit for me would be a family with a good sense of humor and a spirited home life. I enjoy the challenge of working with larger families, so a couple looking to have many children would be great. I am happy to do any child related tasks, including but not limited to; childʼs laundry, room organization, purchasing, play room pick up and kitchen clean up after childʼs meals. I am not looking to take on extensive household management, cleaning or family laundry. I am an avid cook and enjoy cooking for the whole family. I like to do the grocery shopping as well. Iʼm happy to do some errands when they can be fit into the childʼs schedule. I am allergic to cats, so a cat free home is necessary. Iʼm open to working with a family who works from home if clear boundaries can be established and the situation is ideal for both parties. I am very flexible and accommodating of what a family needs. I am friendly and open and look for families that are similar.


Personal Background

I grew up in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio with my parents and my younger brother, Steve. My mom and dad were very loving, dedicated parents and we had great fun in our close knit suburban neighborhood. Although they divorced when I was 16, it was very amicable and both parents made sure that my brother and I knew we were their ultimate concern. After graduating from high school, I attended Bowling Green State University. I wasnʼt entirely sure what I wanted to do with my life, but knew it would involve working with children. After 5 years and more majors than I can count, I left college and lived on my own, teaching preschool. While I was very happy, it still wasnʼt a perfect fit for me. After a move to be closer to my aging grandmother, I started being a nanny for a family with 4 boys who had lost their previous nanny unexpectedly. FINALLY, I found my true calling! It was like I had found the last piece of a giant puzzle- a job that really challenged me and at the same time utilized many of my natural skills. I was rather isolated in Cincinnati as a nanny, so I ventured to the East Coast. Here I found a nanny community and really blossomed. I have been lucky to work for some spectacular families and really feel as though I have made a difference in their lives.


Jennifer M

"....In terms of childcare, I can't imagine having anyone better than Sue. She understoond from the start our family ethos (no screen time, heavy emphasis on intellectual curiosity and the simple joys in life) and our picky eater situation, which was extreme on both the parent and the child side. 

....Sue always had ideas which enhanced our children's learning and lives. Sue researched books ad naseum for my daughter to ignite her budding love of learning. She figured out our second child is a tactile learner and bought manipulative blocks for him to help him learn math. When our 3rd child came along she learned sign language and then taught him in order to enhance his brain development. She made his baby food out of all organic ingredients to maximize his health. Sue could talk my anxious child down from a ledge, reach my sometimes hard to read child and get anyone out of an irritable mood. There was nothing SUe wouldn't have done for my children- including setting good boundaries and having appropriate consequences for bad behavior, which at times can also can be very inconvenient. And those abilities weren't only our to her professionalism, they are also organic; that is who Sue is. ..."

Lora Brawley

“As a nanny care consultant and caregiver trainer, I’ve seen Sue in her role as an industry leader, a childcare expert as well as a hand-on caregiver and I can tell you she’s the real deal. She has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of child development but more importantly, she has a rare ability to translate that information into the real world in ways that really matter. She thinks on her feet, she’s able to effortlessly adapt her approach to fit the immediate and individual needs of a child and she does it all with an enviable ease and an unwavering positive attitude. Her childcare skills are stellar but we all know that skills alone aren’t enough. It’s the heart that really matters. And once you meet Sue, you’ll know she’s all heart. Her childcare approach is driven by her fierce love for and commitment to the kids she cares for. Lots of nannies say this work is their calling but with Sue, it’s actually true. She’s great at many things but she’s exceptional at this. If you’ve had a nanny before, you know the job isn’t all about the kids. Working with a family in their home comes with its own set of unique challenges for both the caregiver and the parents. Here again, Sue shines. Her laid back yet professional approach helps her succeed in pretty much any household environment. Her common sense smarts, flexibility and pitch-in attitude make her an employee you can trust not only to take great care of your kids but to handle whatever else comes up. And her interpersonal and communication skills allow her to develop and maintain long-term, positive relationships with her employers. Personally, Sue’s the kind of person people just like being around. She’s smart, funny and has an infectious enthusiasm for life. But she’s not fluff. Underneath the fun there’s a deep well of honesty, integrity, kindness and fairness. Quite simply, Sue would be a tremendous asset to any family she chooses to work with. There are very few nannies I’d give that unconditional recommendation to. However after knowing and working with her for over 15 years, I know Sue truly is one of a kind. The family that hires her will be lucky indeed.”

Kathy Webb

“I am so pleased to be asked to recommend Sue Downey. I have known Sue professionally for about 10 years. Sue is a professional nanny, working with young children and enabling their parents to pursue their professional careers secure in the knowledge that their children are loved, encouraged, and most importantly safe. While this alone is a huge accomplishment, the Sue I know is so much more... She is a mentor who never says no to any opportunity to help another nanny, especially in areas of professional development. Sue is a leader, working tirelessly over the years to provide professional development programs for nannies not only in her community, but in communities nationwide. Sue is creative - some of the videos she has created to promote NannyPalooza are not just funny, but memorable. Sue is loyal - she sticks with and wraps up every job or project she commits to - and a few that she didn't commit to! I am positive Sue's employment references will speak for themselves. As a colleague, I am so happy to be able to call Sue a friend.” 

Kendra C

"Sue has a wonderful, energetic and loving personality. It is obvious to see how much she enjoys children and she understand and takes her role as a child care provider very seriously. Sue has had such a positive impact on the children's lives. She has taught them to respect other people's feelings, how to make good decisions, how to think positively about a situation, how to behave properly, and most importantly she has taught them how to feel good about themselves. Sue's positive outlook on life will be missed by our family. She will be an asset to any family fortunate enough to employ her."


Childcare Experience    I began babysitting at a young age and continued on through college, often watching children for the University staff for weekends and weeks through the summers. I was a camp counselor for several summers, working with kids from ages 8 thru young teens. I helped to plan activities and worship for the campers as well as supervising them. After leaving college, I found that I enjoyed working with younger children when I began teaching at a day care. I moved up from being an assistant in the infant room, to heading up the 18 month to 2 1/2 class. In this capacity, I not only provided custodial care for 6 children at a time, but also did lesson plans and provided developmentally challenging activities for the class. I began my career as a nanny soon after this, with a family of 4 boys ranging in ages from 7 weeks thru 6 years. I also had the chance to volunteer and eventually work as a substitute teacher at a Montessori school when one of my charges attended the school. This was a particularly fantastic experience as I have long been an advocate of the Montessori philosophy that the hands are the teacher of the child.

Why am I a nanny?      love being a nanny! I love to play, read, learn and wonder- which means I am right at home in the life of a child. I am great at finding the lesson in the ordinary and the fun in the work. I find that having the one on one interactions and developing a relationship with a child gives me a great deal of satisfaction. As a nanny no two days are alike, one day making homemade baby food and the next teaching a kid to ride a bike. I feel strongly that the work I do is supremely important and necessary not just to the kids I love so much, but also to the parents and family as a whole. It is great to be a part of the team that provides support and love to a child in the most important early years. I can see the impact I make daily in large and small ways.

Childcare Philosophy

Work experience

The W family started with only 2 children aged 4 and almost 2. John, the youngest, was born almost 2 years into my time with this wonderful family. Both Mom and Dad work long hours in the financial industry. The children have attended private preschool and elementary.

Highlights of Position

  • Supported and created solutions for a very challenging 4 year old 
  • Assisted in potty training both of the boys
  • Provided educationally rich activities for all children 
  • Researched and collaborated on pre school choices 
  • Used infant sign language with John 
  • Made homemade baby food 
  • Worked to expand picky eaterʼs diet 
  • Led organized playgroup with numerous educational activities 
  • Provided fun and enriching outings for children 
  • Encouraged a highly anxious child and worked with him to find techniques to help 
  • Supported breastfeeding mother 
  • Coordinated remodel of home 
  • Travelled with family

Basic Responsibilities 

Full nanny care for 3 childrenCooking for family and grocery shopping Errands for family Coordinated household and vehicle repairs and maintenance Laundry for family Assisted in supervising housekeeper Seasonally changed childrenʼs wardrobe Cooked for dinner parties and other events

I am leaving this family to pursue a job with more focus on child care with younger children.

Sep 2001Present

Nanny/Family Assistant

W Family

Nanny/ Household Manager

C Family

This family is an active, busy family that grew to include Dima, whom they adopted from Russia at age 10, at the end of my tenure. Chris owns his own company and Kendra works for a steel company in their finance department. When I originally started the position, the children were aged 6, 4, 4, and 13 months. I returned to work for the family again after working in a position in Princeton, NJ and we had two more wonderful years together.

Highlights of Position

  • Potty trained youngest child
  • Developed numerous educational activities for children
  • Led organized playgroup of about 10 children
  • Volunteered at childrenʼs elementary school
  • Collaborated on choosing summer camps and pre-schools
  • Supported kids with some learning difficulties
  • Travelled with family
  • Helped to host 2 children from Russia for one summer (aged 10 and 12)
  • Learned some Russian language and cultural information to support this
  • Researched and found appropriate early learning classes for youngest child

Basic Responsibilities

Full nanny care for all children

Transportation and coordination of activities for very scheduled children

Coordinated household repairs and errands !Assisted children with school projects and homework

Provided educational outings when appropriate

Light housekeeping

Cooking for family and grocery shopping

Laundry for family

Seasonally changed childrenʼs wardrobe

I initially left this position as the familyʼs needs had changed. I remained close to the family and I returned to them to try the job with more of a household management focus but found this was not for me. I left the second time when Kendra resigned her position to be with their newly adopted son.



A Family

The A family lived just outside Princeton, NJ. Gaby commuted an hour each way 3 days a week, but tele-commuted the other 2 days. Peter worked in the financial industry. The children were aged 8,6,3, and 8 months when I started with them.

Highlights of Position

  • Assisted in teaching water phobic children to swim
  • Researched and scheduled summer camps
  • Created theme nights for family dinners such as “cowboy night” and “pajama night”
  • Planned and taught arts and crafts !Worked with boys to find solutions for sibling rivalry issues
  • Provided educational activities for infant
  • Created halloween costumes

Basic Responsibilities

Full nanny care for all 4 children

Cooked and grocery shopped for family

Bulk foods shopping

Organized and completed errands

Childrenʼs laundry

Transporting children to activities

I left this position as I found that the job was not exactly what the family had promised.



M Family

At time of employment, the boys were aged 6, 4, 2 and 7 weeks. The boys attended Montessori preschool and private Catholic elementary school. Mom was an emergency room physician with a very flexible schedule, Dad was in sales.

Highlights of Position

  • Transported boys to school
  • Managed schedule of activities and helped with homework
  • Coordinated and oversaw play dates with numerous children from neighborhood
  • Supported Montessori teachings and helped transition boys to regular classroom
  • Created stimulating activities and outings
  • Supported Momʼs role as parent volunteer on swim team

Basic Responsibilities

Provided full nanny care for all 4 boys

Cooking for family

Laundry for family

Shopping and errands for family

Seasonally changed childrenʼs wardrobe

This position ended as I felt the need to spread my wings and move to the East Coast.


Aug 1986May 1991

Bowling Green State Universtity


Nanny Educator
Last year I founded, a resource and education website for nannies. It was born from the annual conference I founded and organize each year. Nannypalooza was created to offer high quality, low cost training to all nannies. We offer workshops on everything from negotiating a contract to infant sign language, from the importance of play to early sleep teaching. I have created a community of dedicated professionals who believe in nanny training and know that every child deserves the best. Organizing the conference has helped me develop my skills in event planning, time management, budgeting and much more. I also have developed an extensive set of wonderful resources who have presented at the conference and I now can count on to answer questions at any time! 
I love to cook, plan meals and do the shopping. I have worked with gluten intolerance, infants just beginning to eat, very picky eaters as well as real foodies! I feel that it is important when possible for the children to eat with parents and am very happy to prepare family meals that all can enjoy. 


CPR/First Aid

Red Cross

Certified Nanny

International Nanny Association