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Work experience

Dec 2008Jan 2009

Executive IT Consultant

Tyco ADT

Leading the Information Technology portion of a security and loss prevention project with Tyco and one of the largest retailers in the US.

Jul 2006Aug 2008

Director PMO, IT Security/Compliance

Directed the IT organization for a 11 billion dollar global retailer in the functional areas: Project and Resource Management, Project Portfolio Management, Project Estimation, IT Contract and Asset Management, Software Audits and Outsourcing Governance, IT Security for Global Identify Management and integration with ERP and Legacy Applications, IT Security Encryption and Key Management, Security Architecture, Security Monitoring and Assessments, IT Compliance for SOX, PCI, Internal and Vendor Audits, Security Investigations and Litigation Data Discovery. Operational budget in excess of $5M. Capital project portfolio $25M. Led a team of both full time employees and contractors in excess of 30.

·Created the Project Management Office for IT Infrastructure that included hiring a Sr. Manager and building team of 2 to 10 professionals.

·Enhanced the organization’s ability to plan, report, estimate new projects and resources within a 50-90% confidence level.

·Led the team in providing PMO best practices, processes and methodologies that ensure that projects are managed to provide on time, budget and scope.

·Created the Vendor and Asset Management function that provides service and expertise in the areas of Outsourcing Governance that includes metrics and penalties and Vendor Scorecard.

·Provided the monthly forecast of maintenance agreements and reduced the maintenance budget by $800,000 in 2007; $900,000 in 2008.

·Reduced the year over year IT SOX gaps by 19% in annual saving over $200k in external auditor costs.

·Attained PCI certification for Office Depot in 2007 for the 1st time and again granted in 2008.

·Avoided Visa and bank penalties in excess of $1.8M.

·Implemented a process for data retention for litigation requests and discovery.

·Executed auto-provisioning and de-provisioning for employee and contractors reducing the manual work of IT Security Engineers by 10%.

·Applied Oracle Roles based provisioning for Oracle E-biz suite of applications.

·Conducted a Global company-wide physical, logical, network and application security assessment using 3rd party vendor that saved the organization from a potential breach which would have cost over $100M.

Apr 2000Jul 2006

Sr. Director Information Engineering

Gap, Inc

Provided IT support and services for all aspects of the business that included financials, human resources, legal, product design, inventory, sourcing, distribution and store operations for Gap, Inc., a 16 billion dollar global specialty retailer. Directed a 65 plus team members in distributed locations.Responsible for operational budget in excess of $5m and capital budgets of $10m.

·Participated in the planning and architecture phases of new supply chain and business intelligence systems that enhanced the business’s ability to price, allocate and manage the merchandise pipeline.

·Member of the Leadership team that implemented new online customer facing website and order management system for Gap Direct business partners.

·Participated as a key partner in the implementation of a new ERP financials, Oracle Retail Systems, PeopleSoft HR domestic/international business partners.

·Developed and implemented outsourcing staffing strategy for department which allows employees to cross train and work on key initiatives for IT.

·Created financial total cost of ownership models for technology solutions that enhances the organization’s ability to determine future cash outlays.

·Retired/consolidated IT assets to lower the cost of IT services; for 2005 achieved savings of $1.02M.

·Implemented a key sourcing strategy for outsourcing non-mission critical work to enable lower cost of ownership for project and production support which resulted in annual savings in excess of $200,000.

·Defined the software and hardware architecture for Information Technology strategic initiatives.

·Partnered with Application Business Capability team to implement Oracle Financials for Domestic and International deployment.

·Negotiated various vendor contracts for key technologies in excess of $35M.

·Developed and implemented College Recruiting and IT Sponsorship programs saving; $250,000 on labor costs.

·Developed and implemented Service Level Agreement and Project Audit processes for IT organization.

·Developed and implemented Customer Satisfaction and Project Feedback metrics, which has served as model for the IT organization.

·Enhanced the stability and reliability of production systems by reducing the occurrences of outages by 60%.

·Partnered with Information Technology Security to implement a Data Privacy and Classification Policies.

·Developed and implemented models for estimating resources for large multi-year projects resulting in increased accuracy for project planning, forecasting and labor management.

Dec 1997Apr 2000

Director Information Resource Mgt


Led a diverse organization of 60 plus employees and consultants for a multi-billion dollar utility company that provided the generation, distribution and delivery of power to consumers in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi.

·Developed Product Service Pricing for the Information Technology organization.

·Created processes and standards that included Information Technology escalation and problem management. Created and implemented standard processes for technical tool selection and warehousing methodology.

·Key Leadership team member in the Architecture Steer Board making decisions on new technologies and applications saving the company millions in development costs.

·Project Management Portfolio Director membership reviewing all new projects, determining if cost benefits and project funding was sufficient to proceed to next project phase.

·Reduced operational technology outages for technical infrastructure by 50%.

·Participated in and implemented the outsourcing strategy, vendor selection, metrics and contracts for outsourcing Information Technology, which resulted in $500,000 savings annually.

Apr 1997Dec 1997

Director IT


Functioned as a senior management team member for the largest railroad transportation corporation in the Southeast. Led a team of 60+ technical experts with an operational budget of over $4M.

·Developed operating business plan and budget for the department.

·Actively participated in the development of Program Office Guidebook for Project Management.

·Delivered a Data Mart solution for the Sales and Marketing organization on time and within budget.

·Set the direction for the team to stabilize processes and implement standards for Data Marts and decision support solutions.

Implemented processes and standards for information extraction/data scrubbing for Warehouse/Data Mart applications

Mar 1984Apr 1997

Director Data and Database

John Alden Life

Director of Database Administration(1983 - 1997)

Manager of Database Administration(1988 - 1993)

Project Leader (1986 - 1988)

Systems Specialist (1985 - 1986)

Provided IT support and services for all aspects of the life and health business that included claims reporting, database support for all financials, human resources, legal, claims and billing, explanation of benefits, marketing, sales systems for John Alden, a multi-million dollar insurer. Directed a 40 plus team members.Responsible for operational budget in excess of $3M and capital budgets of $5m.

·Created the standards and procedures for operational budget and internal capital project administration and reporting.

·Worked with CIO to negotiate contracts for technology tools that resulted in savings of $35,000 per year.

·Led Cross Functional teams to evaluate new technologies and their impact on the business units that resulted in $30,000 savings on project.

·Created and implemented the first Database Administration and Data Administration function. Started the first SAS programming team to support business units working with Teradata.


Various Certifications

IT Leadership Certification Santa Clara University

CISA certification May 2009

Winning in the Marketplace, Wharton School of Business

Creating Shareholder Value, Wharton School of Business

Aligning IT with Business Strategies

Leadership for Directors

InsideOut Coaching Program

Situational Leadership

CISA Certification


CISA exam passed and application in progress for Certified Information Security Auditor

Feb 1998Aug 2000


Feb 1990Aug 1992



ERP Technical Infrastructure
Executive Leadership, Strategy
Project and Program Portfolio Mgt
Vendor and Asset Mgt
IT Security
IT Compliance


Information Technology Executive with global, diversified background in oil, healthcare, transportation, utilities and retail. Proven record of enabling the corporation to obtain company goals and objectives.Expansive knowledge of all areas of IT. Strengths include the ability to develop and implement new processes that add value and improve quality, effectiveness and efficiencies. Vast experience in IT Infrastructure, Compliance, Project Portfolio Management, Procurement, Outsourcing, Vendor Governance. Builder of Bench Strength, Organizations and Processes.



Interior Design

Historical reading



  1. Passion for People, Organizations and Process within Information Technology
  1. People – love to mentor and develop other, help reach their potential within an organization
  2. Examples of people development – took Lead Technologist who had moved into management and within 6 years not only were those Sr. Managers successful they were promoted to Directors while reporting to me.
  3. Internships and college recruiting – One of my favorite programs was to look at new talent within the organization and outside via recruiting.
  4. Example: started the college recruiting with Gap, 85% retention rate. At Entergy participated in the college recruiting for IT and gave new college grads a start within IT

Example: Sue recruited me to Gap Inc. It has been the most challenging and rewarding work I’ve ever done. It has made me more of what I was all along; it changed my life. While it may be difficult to describe, it is not difficult to feel, a deep gratitude for the tremendous growth opportunity Sue provided me on behalf of Gap Inc. I highly recommend Sue for spotting and developing human resources in IT.” March 13, 2006

Rick Melick ([email protected]), Lead Systems Engineer, Gap Inc.worked with Suzanne at Gap, Inc

  1. Organizations and Process
  1. I am a builder of Organizations and Process specifically around all areas of Infrastructure in Information Technology
  2. Example: I have started my new organizations in my career. First a John Alden Insurance Company. Database Administration , Data Administration, Data Warehousing, SAS team. All new technologies were brought in and the teams were built to support the company in their need for information to run the business.
  3. Example : At CSX I focused on “fixing” and creating processes, teams and technologies that were not working. I reduced the amount of outages in the Database arena by 20%. Stabilized business intelligence project for marketing and operations by looking at the technology, process and people. Team morale at the time was not good so we focused on our plans and projects for the current and following year and created objectives and measures so we could track our progress.
  4. Example Entergy: Focused on support and growing the talent of the following functional areas: Database Administration, Data Administration, Data Warehousing and Data Mining. New team creation for Data Administration that consisted of Data Analysts and Business Analysts who focused on the business requirements and projects that involved business intelligence. Focused on Peoplesoft HR and Oracle Financials and Budget support for the various application groups to ensure that administration of the databases and mid-tier applications were supported.
  5. Example Entergy : As part of the Architectural Review Board and Project Review board looked at both new technologies, frameworks across the IT Enterprise to ensure that all NEW technologies worked together. Director on the project review boardweekly reviewed the projects and approved funding to move on to the next gate in the project process (Requirements, Design, Coding/Testing, Performance Testing, and Implementation).
  6. At Entergy; worked with the CIO and VP on the outsourcing contract, penalties, service levels, communications, costs and people transition to SAIC.
  7. Example : Gap partnered with HR to create the IT internship/college recruiting program.
  8. Example: Within 1 week of starting at the Gap took over the database administration for both the distribution centers (warehouse systems) and the E-com database support. Was able to provide a Center of excellence for Database Administration. Later was given the Data Administration support team and improved customer experience and deliverables provided by that team.
  9. Example: At Gap created the team that supported the security and database administration for the Oracle E-biz project and defined the support roles and deliverables.
  10. Example : Office Depot – created the Project Management Office for the Infrastructure area. Took over a 2 man team and created the Compliance team that today supports all of Global IT for SOX, PCI and Internal Audit requests. Reduce the SOX gaps from 35% in 2006, to 19% in 2007, to 15% in 2008.
  11. Example : Office Depot -Took over the Information Security team and reduced the manual provisioning of ids by 20% in year 1. Improved the customer experience thru measurement of service levels and defining the various services both project and support that the team offered.
  12. Example : Office Depot – Created the functional area Vendor and Asset Management , hired and staffed team to focus on IT contacts software and hardware. Worked to IT to define the criteria, total cost of ownership, governance and contract template for outsourcing level 1 and 2 works.
  1. Passion for Technology and Securing Corporate Assets.
    1. Example : Led the IT organization in the areas of Application Security assessments and vulnerabilities. Added new processes and technologies to ensure that during the application testing phase the code is reviewed for security.
    2. Directed the Global IT Project to review, assess and remediate Security issues in the following areas: Application, Network, Physical and Social Engineering.
    3. Create the Global Information Security Programs that furthered enhanced the security posture of Office Depot.

Sue is a visionary leader who is strong in developing people and processes. She is experienced at building and leading winning teams, creating and managing new processes, and accomplishing great business results. Her work is taking a global IT organization to the next level. Sue is very experienced and knowledable in multiple areas of IT management. She's a great leader and is passionate about career development and training. It is both challenging and rewarding to be working on Sue's team.” August 11, 2008

Shannon Wu-Lebron, Sr. IT Manager, Office Depotreported to Suzanne at Office Depot

“Suzanne finds a way to get things done even when challenged with very difficult situations. Suzanne has taken on many difficult projects that had extremely limited funds or time frames and always managed to find a workable solution. She was instrumental in creating an Incident Response Team, driving SOX compliance and building the PMO office at Office Depot. If you want a results driven person to join your organization Suzanne is the person you want on your team.” August 6, 2008

John Napper, Director Global Ecommerce and Distributed Computing, Office Depotworked with Suzanne at Office Depot

“Suzanne is an extremely driven, charismatic, motivated professional. Suzanne drives results, delivers on her commitments to her internal business partners and is a pleasure to work with.” August 5, 2008

Michelle Eisenring, Information Security Compliance Manager, Office Depotworked with Suzanne at Office Depot

“Suzanne is an exemplary leader who sees’s the “big picture” and drives sustainable cultural change. She is completely focused on corporate success and exceeding strategic goals. While extremely action oriented, she accomplishes assignments through persuasion and inspiration of her superiors, peers and subordinates. She was exceedingly successful at energizing & reinforcing team collaboration. Suzanne is a key enabler for success” August 5, 2008

David Wallis, Senior Database Administrator, John Alden Financial Servicesreported to Suzanne at Office Depot

“I've known Sue Baker for 5+ years now. I consider her to be very knowledgeable, analytical, very professional and a great leader in the area of Database Management. She's also enjoyable to work with --- a great catch for any company.” March 24, 2006


Mar 2009Present