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Work experience

Mar 2014Jul 2015

Director of Operations

Thermal Product Solutions, New Columbia, PA
  • $17M Revenue in Q2 2014, biggest Quarter in History of TPS
  • Balanced Operations for 100% growth in Gruenberg Product Line($5M to $10M) Expanded plant capacity through strategic outsourcing of cabinets, raw as possible and make vs buy initiatives
  • Implemented capacity planning tool to facilitate job scheduling, resource allocation and over time decisions
  • Balanced Operations to meet 30% average lead time reduction across all standard products
  • Implemented quick ship programs reducing lead time on select products from 20 days to 5 days
  • Created warranty ownership on rolling top ten trends related to operations Justified
  • 3 year ROI and replaced old punch machine with$ 500 K CO2 Laser
Jun 2012Feb 2014

Director of Engineering

SPX Thermal Product Solutions, New Columbia, PA
  • Key functions include Applications Engineering, Sustaining Engineering and New Product Development.
  • Balanced engineering organizational structure to create focus and maximize productivity.
  • Implemented Dashboard for tracking performance metrics and created ownership at the grass root level.
  • Implemented RFQ Life Cycle Report to track Quote Turnaround Times
  • Implemented SolidWorks EPDM system to securely store and index design data for fast retrieval & version control.
  • Led System Level Kaizen Events on 2 Key Product Lines
  • Managed 7 product launches, 2 Patents in 2013.
Nov 2011Jun 2012

Quality Manager

SPX Thermal Product Solutions, New Columbia, PA
  • Engaged supervisors in weekly 360 meetings, root cause analysis and problem solving.
  • Created a user friendly Web based Quality System by integrating 5 ineffective independent databases.
Feb 2010Nov 2011

Continuous Improvement Manager

SPX Thermal Product Solutions, New Columbia, PA
  • Developed a Real Time Performance Monitoring System for tracking timelines and margins on custom products.
  • Led a product rationalization team, rationalized 120 models to 80 and aligned pricing with the competition resulting in$ 500K YOY margin impact.
  • Supported purchasing to improve the data integrity in our business system through lead time policy, lead time maintenance, min max policy and date accuracy.
  • Created a Web based RFQ System for quoting custom products, the dashboard provides real time visibility on the status of all RFQ's and Quotes.
  • Reduced Quote Lead Times from 4 days to 4 minutes on select standard products through Instant Quote process.
  • Revitalized Goal Deployment process and tailored it for our business. Implemented pull systems in Fab Shop with a CAP of 4 orders in between each process.
  • Trained over 150 people on Lean Foundations(5S, 8 Wastes) & Tools like Value Stream Mapping, Kanbans, Load Leveling, Line balancing, set up reduction etc.
  • Directed a cross functional E&O team and disposed $ 1M inventory in 2010.
Apr 2008Feb 2010

Continuous Improvement Manager

SPX Kayex, Rochester, NY
  • Transformed operations to meet 110% increase in sales growth for fiscal year 2008 ($80M Revenue).
  • Increased production capacity of the facility by 140% by restructuring the plant layout.
  • Established Modular Build system, ECR system & Quality system.
  • Improved WIP turns by 159% by implementing pull systems and modular kitting process, the batting order production control process sequenced the orders and aligned all support functions.
  • Streamlined spare parts shipment process for a 24 hour turnaround time, created reports to manage orders and track on time delivery.
  • Introduced Inventory Forecasting Process by integrating OTTO software with AS 400 system, the software allowed us to analyze “what-if” scenarios.
Aug 2006Apr 2008

Continuous Improvement Engineer

SPX Thermal Product Solutions, New Columbia, PA
  • Improved plant wide production control resulting in on-time delivery improvement from 67% to 98% over a period of 2 years.
  • Achieved 40% productivity improvements by synchronizing support functions, enhancing visual production control, balancing the assembly lines and regulating the work flow.
  • Reduced lead times by 50% and achieved 200K YOY savings by consolidating electrical slide trays from 86 part numbers to 1.
Jan 2005May 2006

Research Assistant/lean Facilitator

University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
  • Restructuring Plywood Manufacturing Operations Project for Columbia Forest Products, VA.
  • Internal Logistics and Conveyance Simplification Project & AGV Capacity Calculation between IP Install and IP Assembly Project for Toyota Motor Manufacturing, KY.
  • Facilitated lean training for Tyco Health Care, Yorktown Industries, Columbia Forest Products, Danville Community College, Boeing, Ingersoll Rand, Komatsu, Sara Lee etc.
Jun 2000Jun 2004

Production Manager

Essem International Company, Laemchabang, Thailand
  • Production Manager Responsible for managing the day to day operations which includes blank cutting, nickel plating, ultrasonic cleaning and tip manufacturing.
  • Increased the plant capacity by adding 10 cycles to existing 6 cycle plant. Improved throughput by 100% by modifying 6 single cycle machines into double cycle.
  • Reduced overall machine changeover and setup times by 50%.
  • Involved in Launching 30 new products which demands intricate tool designs and accurate machine setup.




University of Kentucky


Anna University


Sep 2009Jan 2010

SPX Lean Lead Facilitator Certification

Aug 2004Jun 2006

Lean Systems / Six Sigma Certification

University of Kentucky


  • SPX Innovation Training
  • Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) Advanced Leadership Training
  • Leadership Training at Pennsylvania College of Technology
  • Development Dimensions International (DDI) Certification