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Suddiyas Nawaz

Electrical Power Engineer



B.Sc Electrical Power Engineering

University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar

Electrical Engineering Basics: Electricity & Magnetism,  Power Electronics,  Basic Electrical Engineering, Engineering Drawing, Workshop Technology, Engineering Mechanics, Circuit Analysis-I, Circuit Analysis-II, Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation, Electronics-I, Electronics-II 

Power Subjects: Hydraulics,  Power Generation, Thermodynamics , High Voltage Engineering, Power System Analysis, Electrical Machines, Control Systems, Power Transmission & Distribution, Power Protection System

Computer Subjects: Computer Fundamentals, Data Communications, Computer Programming, Digital Logic Design, Computer Networks, Microprocessor & Computer Architecture

Engineering Mathematics Subjects: Linear Algebra, Calculus, Differential Equations, Complex Variables, Probability & Random Variables, Numerical Analysis

Humanities Subjects: Professional Ethics, Technical Report Writing, Engineering Management, Engineering Economics, Communication & Presentation Skills  



Graduate Assistant

Ghulam Ishq Khan Institute, Topi

As part of my full scholarship in Ghulam Ishq Khan Institute, Topi, I also assist respective faculty member in different tasks such as helping students in taking manual attendance, uploading attendance on university's attendance portal on daily basis, assuring provision of study materials to all students, coordinating with students through emails and resolving different technical/non-technical issues.


Freelance Content Writer/Data Operator/Presentation Developer

Fiverr, Upwork

As a freelancer, I offer my services in variety of fields such as content writing, data entry, data analysis and management, and presentation development. I consider my clients as most precious asset and try to deliver promised work with accuracy and well before deadlines.


Marketing Intern

GOFY Private Limited, Lahore

During two months duration, I along with team of other interns, worked for promotion, advertising and marketing of GOFY's newest food product. This marketing internship utilized my skills and exposed me to various activities in content writing, Facebook marketing, and event planning and management. I was successful in developing GOFY website from scratch and replaced GOFY's old website with a new, innovative, user-friendly website.


Electrical Power Engineering Intern

Tarbela Power Station

Courses Taught: Spider SCADA System, Operation of Electrical power systems, Switch yard Process, Protection & Instrumentation, Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance 

Overview: During two months duration, I worked in various fields related to Power Generation and Transmission. I learned about SCADA System, Protection and Instrumentation System, Operations of various devices, Electrical and Mechanical maintenance and Switch yard section.

Projects completed

  • Solar Panel Battery Charger as Project for Electric Circuit-II course. 
    Since I was the only person involved in this project, So I had to do each and every work, ranging from bringing materials for this project to designing circuit diagram and then developing it.
  • Robotic Arm as a Project for Microprocessor & Computer Architecture Course.
    My main responsibilities included designing a schematic diagram for robotic arm and writing assembly language program for microprocessor.
  • Wireless Power Transfer at distance of 5 meters as Final Year Project.
    For this project, tasks assigned to me were hardware implementation of wireless power transfer modules. I was given the responsibility to develop hardware modules and test them/troubleshoot them(in case of any failure).



Head of Technical Writing

UET Sports Society

Head of Technical Writing for 1 year 1 month.My responsibilities included collaboration with different people in written form. I persuaded different people to come forward and invest in ideas of my society through my writing. I also arranged sponsor for one of our events, enabling me to try my skills in field of sponsorship as well.


Documentation Officer

Media Club UET Peshawar

Documentation Officer for 4 months. In Media Club, UET Peshawar, we were asked to come up with innovative scripts regarding exploration & establishment of science & technology in UET Peshawar. I wrote some articles regarding final year projects of many students.


Director of Marketing

Computer Society

Director of Marketing for 1 year 9 months. As Director of Marketing, I was supposed to convince respective sponsors to collaborate with us and provide opportunities for society. I also designed the basic text scheme for official website of Computer Society.


Activity Coordinator

IEEE UET Peshawar

Activity Coordinator for 10 months. My job was to arrange certain technical aspects in society such as managing information section during various events, managing registrations for any event, taking care of decoration of event and organizing all aspects before event.


Documentation Head

Being Human International UET Peshawar

Documentation Head for 3 years 1 month. My main responsibilities included composing applications for various purposes, writing letters to higher authorities and preparing reports regarding various events.




As monthly blogger with Rah-e-Qamar, my job is to write different blog articles related to electrical engineering's correspondence with space exploration program. In this regards, I have already written and published three article and am working on my next article at the moment.


Microsoft Office

Experience: 5 years or less

C++ programming

Experience: 5 years or less

C programming

Experience: 1 year or less

Assembly language programming

Experience: 2 year or less


Experience: 1 year or less

Proteus Professional

Experience: 1 year or less

Electronic Workbench

Experience: 6 months or less


Experience: 3 months or less


Experience: 1.5 year or less


Experience: 1 year or less