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Work experience

Aug 2007Present

Web Developer

Hush-Hush Entertainment

Main responsibilities are design, development, integration and maintenance of Web-sites, portals and accompanying back- and front end tools.

May 2009Aug 2009

Software Engineer II (Intern)

Cisco Systems

Implemented Web Agent Prototype as a part of NOVA - next generation Cisco IOS, which allows interaction of a low level router code with a higher level meta data model; and added Web UI interface to the router meta-data modeling system.



Templating Engines and Frameworks
Smarty, Zend Framework, FreeMarker
Web Servers
Web servers that I am currently maintaining and deploying onto include Tomcat(JBoss), Apache HTTP, lighttpd, TurboGears
My favorite IDE for all the development I do.
Use for front-end development. Slight familiarity with frameworks like JQuery, Prototype and YUI.
A new language that I am still acquiring. Got intrigued by an excellent interconnection abilities with C/C++ using ctypes. First time used it during an internship at Cisco Systems while integrating router code with TurgoGears.
Mainly use for front-end development and interfacing with JAVA and C++ back-end  engines
Use daily at school as well as work
XP, Vista, R2 2003
My preferred distribution is openSuSE.  But also familiar with CentOS (RedHat)


Software engineer position, utilizing solid training and experience in software development, data management, and Web-based programming.

Awards and Honors

Viterbi School of Engineering DEAN'S LIST in Fall 2006, Spring 2007


Linux, open-source software.

Graduate Coursework

CSCI531 - Applied Cryptography - Studied and implemented classical and modern cryptographic schemes CSCI558 - Internetwork and Distributed Systems - Hands-on experiments in Computer Networking field which include simulations and study of route oscillations in BGP, implementation of some real ISP techniques, such as a Blackhole, a Sinkhole and Traceback CSCI564 - Brain Theory and Artificial Intelligence CSCI551 - Computer Communications - studies theoretical background in Networking and as the final project had to implement a mini peer-to-peer file sharing system CSCI555 - Advanced Operating Systems

CSCI599 - Social Networking - explored the possibilitie of using SSD flash memory as a caching alternative to RAM and hard disk in database systems CSCI570 - Analysis of Algorithms CSCI402 - Operating Systems - studied and implemented main components (file system, networking, virtual memory, etc) in NACHOS - an educational OS


Michael Crowley

I had professor Crowley for a lot of my courses as an undergraduate and later on as a graduate student.

Sunil Gharat

While at Cisco as an Intern, Sunil was my direct manager who I was reporting to on the weekly basis.

Karim Fateem

While at Cisco as an Intern, Kareem was my mentor and a developer on the same team.

Eric Tjemsland

Current Manager as well as the Senior Web Developer who I am closely working with.