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Subashika Govindan

PhD in Neuroscience


Developmental neurobiologist with 10 years research experience. Possess skills to execute projects independently, resourceful in designing new projects, proficient in scientific writing & communication. Experience in studying biological questions using in-vitro, in-vivo and in-silico tools. Looking forward to develop in-silico models to study cell state/ fate using  RNA sequencing data and epigenomics. 

Work History

JUNE 2012FEB 2016

Ph.D Scholar

Prof.Denis Jabaudon Lab, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland.
Jul 2010Apr 2012

Junior Research Fellow

Prof.Shyamala Mani Lab, Centre for Neuroscience,Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.
Aug 2009Jul 2010

Intergrated PhD Student

National Brain Research centre, Gurgaon, India
Apr 2009Jun 2009

Technical Executive

BiointeQ Bioscience Private Ltd, Chennai, India
Jun 2008Mar 2009

Project Fellow

Biotechnology division, M.S.S.R.F,Chennai, India.



Ph.D in Neuroscience

University of Geneve, Geneva, Switzerland

Masters Level Neuroscience Course

National Brain Research Centre,Gurgaon, India
 2004 2008

B.Tech Biotechnology

Bharathidasan Institute of technology, Bharathidasan university, Trichy, India.


  • Establishing model system to studying developmental neurological an multi-organ disorders. Establishing primary neuronal cultures, whole brain culture, slice cultures and organ cultures to study genetic disorders by gain & loss of function experiments. Colloboration with Academy Research Fellow Reetta Hintala, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland. Jun 2016 - til date. 
  • Lhx2 and its role in cortical development. Identifying Lhx2 dependent cortical development mechanisms. Colloboration with Prof.Shubha Tole, TIFR, Mumbai. Dec 2015 - til date. 
  • Dissecting neuronal differentiation through real-time singe cell transcriptomic approach. Independantly developed a real-time flourescent birthdating technique called "FlashTag". Utilised deep sequencing, single cell biology and performed functional gene analysis and loss or gain of gene function experiments. Prof. Denis Jabaudon Labarotary, Unige, Switzerland. Jun 2012 - Feb 2016.
  • Asymmetric cell division of granule neuron progenitors in the external granule layer of the mouse cerebellum. Performed histology, live imaging and primary cultures of mouse cerebellum.Prof. Shyamala Mani Laboratory, IISc, India. July 2010 to Apr 2012
  • Identifying different areas in brain responsible for reading hindi and english with neutralization on phonemics and semantics. Indpendantly designed cognitive tasks and analysed FMRI DATA man subjects. Prof.Nandini Singh Laboratory, NBRC, India.Feb 2010 - Apr 2010
  • Effect of DC electric field on organotypic cultures of retina for regeneration. Independantly designed project and innovated customized electric chamber to apply electric pulses on organotypic cultures of degenerating retina for regeneration. Performed histology. Prof.Narendra k Dhingra Laboratory, NBRC, India. Aug 2009 - Nov 2009.
  • Identification of oil biosynthetic genes in Jatropha curcas by expressed sequence tag analysis and functional genomics. Performed sanger sequencing of seed stage specific cDNA library pereparation and performed in-silico gene function analysis. Supervisor: C  Dr.H.M.Shankararama subramanium, M.S.S.R.F, India. Dec 2007 - Mar 2009

Oral & Poster Presentations

  • Becoming a new neuron in the cerebral cortex. GovindanS, Telley L. Jabaudon D. Presenting author. CIG Symposium "From a single cell to a complex organism" 2016, Lausanne, Switzerland, Oral presentation
  • Real-time transcriptomics of newborn neurons in the developing neocortex. GovindanS, Telley L. Jabaudon D. Presenting author. ISDN 2016, Juan les Pain, France. Poster presentation.
  • Becoming a neuron in the necortex. Govindan S, Telley S. Jabaudon D. Presenting author. SFN 2015, Chicago, USA. Poster presentation.
  • Becoming a neuron in the necortex. Govindan S, Ludovic Telley. Jabaudon D. Presenting author. LNAM 2015. Les-Diablerets, Switzerland. Oral and Poster presentation.
  • Becoming a neuron in the necortex. Govindan S, Ludovic Telley. Jabaudon D. Presenting author. EMBO workshop on Cortical development in health and disease 2015, Rehovot,Israel. Poster presentation
  • Dissecting cellular diversity during corticogenesis. Govindan S, Ludovic Telley. Jabaudon D. Presenting author. Phd Retreat Program, 2014, Villars sur ollon, Switzerland. Oral presentation & Poster presentation.
  • Dissecting cellular diversity during corticogenesis. Govindan S, Jabaudon D. S. IGE3 2nd annual meeting, 2013, Geneve, Switzerland, Oral presentation as IGE3 student award award winner.
  • Molecular controls over the development of Sensory and Motor Thalamocortical connectivity. Pouchelon G, Govindan S, Lorenczy B, Jabaduon D. Presenting author -   Govindan S. Annual SSN meeting 2012, Geneva, Switzerland. Poster presentation.
  • Expression of sonichedgehog during cell proliferation in the human cerebellum. P. Haldipur, S. Govindan, S. Iyengar, C. Sarkar, P. Gressens, S. Mani. Presenting author - Govindan S. ISDN 2012, Mumbai, India.

Awards & Grants

  • IGE3 Student Awards, December 2013 along with 2-year scholarship from IGE3, Geneve, Switzerland.
  • Jean Falk Vairant funding, June 2012 from Lemanic Neuroscience School, Lausanne Switzerland.


Molecular Biology Techniques: DNA, RNA and protein Purification, PCR, Sanger sequencing, western blotting, Real time PCR, molecular cloning.

Cell culture Techniques:Primary neuronal cultures, cerebellar cultures, organotypic slice cultures, microdissection, whole brain cultures, ex-utero electroporation, microcontact printing for cell culture, FAC - sorting, experience in cell preperation for C1-Fluidigm chip, cell cycle analysis and time lapse imaging.

Histology Techniques: Cryosectioning, vibratome sectioning, microtome sectioning, Immunohistochemisty (DAB and Fluorescence), fluorescence, confocal and light sheet imaging, perfusion, DiI implantation in fixed brains

In vivo Techniques:In utero thalamic and cortical electroporation, Flash Tag, stereotactic injections, transplantation of cells in-vivo, c-row barrel deprivation, untrasound guided injection of mice pups, animal handling, retrograde labelling using DiI and CTB.

Informatics:  Illustrator, Photoshop, Prism, Basics coding skills in Matlab,  R, C, C++ and Unix.

Bioinformatics: RNA sequencing analysis (single cell and bulk), Gene enrichment analysis (SCDE), cell clustering and lineage analysis(Pagoda, Waterfall and Monocle package), Gene ontology enrichment analysis. Trained in ChiP seq analysis.  

Training and WORKSHOPS

 "RNA-sequencing:From quality control to pathway analysis". 15-16 february 2016, BERN. Organised by Swiss institute of Bioinformatics.

 "Chip-seq data analysis: from quality check to motif discovery and more. An introduction to the tools and databases of the EPD team". 4-8 april 2016, Lausanne. Organised by Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.

Bioinformatics of long read sequencing - getting ready for the third generation. 5 July 2016, Bern. Organised by Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.

"De novo Transcriptome assembly - Trinity". 10-11 september 2016, BERN.Organised by Swiss institute of Bioinformatics.

"Single cell sequencing". 12-14th september 2016, BERN. Organised by Swiss institute of Bioinformatics. 


Spoken: English, Tamil, Hindi, finished A1 level in french.

Written: English, Tamil and Hindi.

Other information

Permit: Swiss B permit allowed to work. 

Nationality: Indian

Date of Birth: 21-09-1986


  • Prof.Denis Jabaudon,
    Department Of Basic Neuroscience,
    CMU,University Of Geneve, Geneve 1211
  • Prof.Alexandre Dayer,
    Department Of Basic Neuroscience,
    CMU,University Of Geneve, Geneve 1211