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Objective: To obtain a position that will allow me to utilize my skills and has potential for growth.


Aug 2011May 2015

High Shool Diploma

John Hersey High School

Took various business classes including Entrepreneurship, Professional Communications and Business Management, and took a foreign language for two years. Was involved in extra curricular activities that included Environmental club, Dress a Girl and Ski and Snowboarding club.

Work experience

Apr 2015Jun 2015

Door knocker 

Weed Man Lawn Care

Go door-to-door and ask if we're allowed to give them a free lawn care quote. If they say yes, we get their name, phone number and signature  and let them know that we will be calling them with-in 48-72 hours with that free quote.  We have to be quick on our feet, respectful, friendly and very trustworthy.


I think outside the box and use my imagination when it comes to presenting new ideas. Always trying to hook peoples attention by having a uniqueness to the idea and using creativity.
Problem Solving
Can work through a problem by thinking about it logically, many different ways of handling the situation and what the best possible outcome could be.
Organizational Skills
Good at handling major and minor details, coordinating tasks, managing time effectively, and meeting deadlines.

Nursery Worker

  • Took care 6-8 children at a time ages 1-7 for my church.
  • Cleaned and cared for them  
  • Kept them active and entertained by playing sports and other various activities.
  • Planned lessons and arts and crafts activities to teach them every Sunday   


Yates Rubio