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May 2014

B.A. in Youth Ministry and Bible

Moody Bible Institute

A double major Bachelor of Arts includes courses on Bible, Theology, Counseling, Youth Ministry, Human Development, and Leadership.

Work History


Volunteer Youth Leader

Greensburg Alliance Church

Make disciples

  • Build relationships with the students currently within the youth group
  • Utilize opportunities to challenge students in their faith


  • Seek opportunities to learn from the present youth pastor at GAC
  • Ask good questions that reveals how the youth pastor handles matters

Intern and Volunteer HS Leader

Western Springs Baptist Church


  • Established and maintained relationships with students inside and outside the walls of the church building
  • Visible influence on the students I discipled

Team-oriented leadership

  • Prayer before every gathering
  • Chaperoned and facilitated events
  • Planned an event focused on outreach and establish connections with the unsaved and our church
    • Results: Increased the weekly attendance
    • Friendships formed with unchurch

Pastor and Teach

  • Mentorship role: Large group gatherings (+40), small group settings (7-10), and one-on-one coaching
  • Provided my own material for teaching large group opportunities example here
    • Original scripturally-based material
    • Thorough research and inductive biblical study
    • Engaging lectures and participatory teaching with many illustrations
    • Significant focus on application
    • Relevant teaching for student

Street Evangelist

South Asian Friendship Center

Group Prayer

    • Prayer begins and ends each day of ministry

Team-oriented ministry

    • Evangelize in groups of 2-3
    • Engage passersby in conversation

Literature Ministry

    • Distributed tracts and literature in eight different languages
    • Local Muslim, Jewish, and other Middle Eastern residences

Missions Team Leader

Teen Mania Ministries' Global Expeditions

Co-leader international mission trip (1 month)

    • New mission field to Scotland for Teen Mania’s Global Expeditions
    • Group of twenty-five students from all across the States
    • Planned activities as leadership team daily
      • Met with national contacts, my leaders, and all co-leaders
      • Learned and taught drama and theatre as a method of gospel presentation
      • Coordinated mission teams during construction and service work days

Make Disciples

    • Gospel presented to the audience after each drama performance daily
    • Organized and taught discipleship classes to team under my leadership regularly
    • Built relationships with youth at local skate parks for evangelism

Leadership Recruiter

Teen Mania Ministries

Mission Trip Leadership Recruitment

    • Contacted requesting pastors, youth pastors, and adult volunteers with more information regarding leadership opportunities for our mission trips
    • Phone and email use

Parachurch Representative

    • Global Expeditions rep at youth rallies (5,000-10,000 attendance)
    • Give information and recruit leaders for summer mission trips


    • Simultaneous phone and computer use
    • Operated computer programs for data entry and records
    • Clerical duties
      • Filing, data entry, handling credit card information, handling domestic and international itinerary information, and arranging housing and rides for the clients

Training, Skills, and Activities

Team oriented leadership - Local church intern - National and international mission trips - Leadership positions (various) - Leadership training (various) - Theatre and musical theatre - physical training - DIY - Handyman

Text section

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