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Stuart Walker

Global Account Manager


I am a passionate, ambitious young professional with over 10  years experience of working in people and customer focused roles specifically in the Call centre & Customer Service/Sales areas. I have gained a range of experience on leading and supporting an operation, both directly and indirectly through supporting my line manager work to the strategy of the client and business vision. I developed my foundation in people management skills from my role as a retail supervisor and quickly understood the benefit of engaging with people to drive maximum results. This built up the drive to succeed in any role I undertook and gave me a passion to embrace the people aspect of my roles, whether it be through liaising with them or influencing people through leading a team. My love for sales flourished whilst working as a Sales Executive for Arnold Clark, and actively being involved in influencing sales and managing key stakeholders to maximize revenue, this has grown with time to the point where I am determined to succeed and have those around me succeed. A key factor of my success as a people manager is down to my ability to identify and relate to different types of people, learning styles and experiences whilst keeping an open mind. 

In 2013 I took the opportunity to support and establish our growing business in our India contact center as we moved into the Digital world.I currently lead the entire India operations across 3 clients giving me exposure to a variety of different verticals including Pay TV, Telco & Airline. This includes working across a variety of digital customer journeys including Webchat, Social Media, Email & back-office support. 

I have experience with multiple platforms including Liveperson, Genesys, Salesforce, Lithium, Kana, e-res & various CRM platforms. 

After concluding my time in India I moved back to the UK to take on the role of Global Account Manager, moving out of Operations and into Account and strategic management. Directly supporting and working with specific clients that have a Global presence across Webhelp.

Work experience

Global Account Manager

Aug 2018Present

In August 2018 I moved back to the UK and moved into a Global Account Manager role, the role in itself has overall responsibility for the accounts that I look after, specifically across; Commercial and Client Engagement. I currently support accounts from various countries including the UK, South Africa, France, Germany, Portugal, Poland & Netherlands. 

Key Responsibilities

Overall responsibility within Webhelp for ensuring the success of the strategic business relationship with specific Global clients. 

Responsible for the overall operating strategy and ensuring that financial and performance goals are met and optimized.

I act as point of escalation and client champion within Webhelp, working closely with the Webhelp in-country operations and central functions

Own and manage the Exec level client relationship within Webhelp for ensuring the success of the strategic business relationship with respective clients. 

I ensure the appropriate account governance and manage the client relationship in accordance to the mutually agreed standards

Responsible for the overall operating strategy of our clients and ensure that financial and performance goals are met and optimized.

I own the global P+L for the accounts that I look after.

Leads pricing/commercial negotiations

I drive best practices across WH delivery sites, share learning and promote collaboration

Responsible to develop and maximize the potential for business growth and drives innovation

Head of India Operations

Webhelp UK
Sep 2016 Aug 2018

In September I accepted the role to take over as Head of Operations in India. Running 3 campaigns and supporting over 300 FTE inclusive of Agents, Quality, Facilities, Transport, Operations Managers & Team Managers. Similar to my tole below my main targets are set around Revenue, Margin, People & Customer, primarily in the digital space for 3 large blue chip clients in their digital strategies. 

Revenue & Margin

  • Direct responsibility for yearly budgets and re-forecast budgets. 
  • Delivered yearly revenues in India of over 2.5m an increase of 26% year on year. 
  • Gross Margin delivery above 1.1m with a month on month positive EBITDA. 
  • Scrutinize any non billable time and maintain a bill to paid ratio of above 85%
  • Work closely with planning teams to deliver budgets in relation to SPOC, Holidays & Occupational sick pay. 


  • Delivered an employee engagement level of above 80% for the year 2016 up 3% from the previous year. 
  • Embed the "UK way of working" into India to deliver real actionable employee engagement level through various methods such as people watch, engagement ambassadors & board of advisers. 
  • Attrition levels for the 2016 year were below 8% & on target in 2017 to be be at 7.8%.
  • Won People Leader of the year at annual awards. 


  • Work closely with both Internal and external stakeholders. 
  • Internally being at director level and externally working closely with Outsource managers and Directors of Sales and Service level. 
  • Delivered record breaking NPS scores in 2017 across Webchat in the Pay TV market. 
  • Launched an Airline campaign for a major UK airliner on an initial 25FTE pilot now extended and supporting Welfare and compensation claims for customers across 7 languages. 

Digital Customer Experience Manager

Webhelp UK
Nov 2013Present

I am currently working offshore for Webhelp UK as a Digital Customer Experience Manager supporting and establishing our growing business within India and the Business process outsourcing market for blue chip UK companies. I currently lead and support teams with clients such as Sky & EE. I currently lead a team of over 200FTE and have supported with embedding best practice techniques across the site across a variety of key areas such as employee engagement, Customer Satisfaction & commercials. I have experience working with platforms such as live Person, Salesforce, Genesys & Lithium. I currently support across both a Sales environment and a Service environment.

Employee Engagement:

  • Annualized attrition levels below 10%.
  • 79% promoters across the last site Engagement Survey – Scoring 9 or above for recommending employer to a friend or family member.
  • Testimonials from clients around the dynamic approach taken to drive engagement on site.

Customer Satisfaction:

  • Customer Satisfaction within Webhelp and our clients are measured through a variety of metrics such as NPS, C-Sat & Detractor Levels.
  • Within the Triple play Market (TV, Broadband & Phone) our NPS scores are 11 points above the UK average sitting at 45 against 34 & within the Telco Market we trend very similar at 45 against 32
  • A unique measurement we like to look at is the amount of detractors as a business we get and supply strategic solutions to our clients around this, through innovative investment in real time strategies for feedback/Coaching we have driven core Detractor rates down from 19% to below 10%.
  • Within this is client engagement which is crucial and by offering a unique model of on-shore support to support an off-shore Digital center we are able to drive client engagement and growth. Through this model I have supported the growth of Webchat within India from an initial 25FTE to over 200FTE.


  • Deliver revenue in India of over 1,000,000GBP and scrutinize any un-billable time.
  • Deliver a Bill to Paid ratio of above 85%
  • Deliver maximum margin levels. 
  • Planning and Delivery is another key metric and ensuring we are consistently delivering to our client commitments such as staffing levels during peak hours, introduced and supported with the implementation of a performance based staffing model and more recently Interval delivery to ensure we are online when customers need us. 

Key Performance Metrics:

  • Experience across a wide variety of metrics inclusive of both client set targets along with behavioural company values.
  • Measurements inclusive of but not limited to Conversion, FCR, Sales Per Hour, Chats per hour, NPS, Interval Delivery/productivity & commercial set company targets.
  • Consistently achieved all areas with most recent Half Yearly rating coming in at highly effective.

Operations Manager

Webhelp UK
Jun 2013Nov 2013

I began my career as a Customer adviser and then progressed on to the Deputy team manager role, during this time I gained my experience in leadership, coaching & communication. Following this I was successful in my application for Permanent team manager where I began to improve my knowledge by developing innovative ideas that would improve my own skill-set, coaching and leadership skills. I was then Successful in the role as Deputy operations manager where I started to expand on the experience I currently held, this gave me exposure to managing a higher FTE in excess of 150. 

Team Manager

Webhelp UK
April 2012June 2013

Working closely with my team members to develop strategies to reach Goals. Provide on the job training where appropriate. Have Strong Communication skills allowing me to deliver key and accurate messages. Listen to regular feedback from my team working in tandem with the wider operational area to create a unified approach. Monitor team members participation to ensure the training/coaching they are being provided is being put into use and identify any additional training required. Manage the flow of day to day operations & keep my team up to date with relevant reporting. 


Digital Customer Journeys

Encompassing Webchat, Social Media, Written & Back office. 

Call Centers & Outsourcing

Having spent the majority of my career within Call Centers supporting across Voice and Digital channels one of my strongest skills lies in this area. 

People engagement

Delivering initiatives to drive people engagement and reduce overall Attrition/NPS scores. 

Recognized as people manager of the year within Webhelp for 2016. 

Commercial Awareness

Fully versed in Invoicing processes and identifying any shortfalls causing any impact to Margin/Bill to Paid

Working closely with ever changing Shrinkage levels to meet client demands. 

Implementing several incentive and bonus structures working to an overall payout allowance level of 10 - 12%. Consistently achieved. 


Having gone through Institute of Leadership and Management Level 2 & 3 I am fully versed in a variety of methodologies such as SMART Objective setting and the Grow Model. 

Recognized as Shining Star of the month on 6 occasions during 2015 & as people manager of the year in 2016.  

Working closely with stakeholders internally and externally of the business and having strong relationships in all of my interactions.  


Institute of Leadership and Management Level 1 & 2

Momentum Leadership Training Level 2

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Please take the time to find out more about me via me Linkedin profile 

My profile includes recent projects delivered and a more in depth profile on my current role as well as my achievements.