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IT designer.

Interactive presentation, Digital design, 3D modelling, texturing, UV mapping, animation, visualization, FX.

The best motivation is an interest, enthusiasm. CG - my passion! In the IT world the flexibility is very important. Technology is changing rapidly, so modern designer should be able to respond and adapt. I try be aware of the latest trends and innovations in computer graphics industry.  My best quality is constantly aspiration to new knowledge and the further development of my professional skills.

 I graduated as an engineer. When I see a thing with an interesting shape, I'm trying to imagine how it will look like in 3D. I use various methods of creating 3D models (poly / spline / NURBS modeling).  Since childhood I liked to solve puzzles. Now it helps me to solve IT problems. I have a great set of tools to solve with various IT problems. I have great interest in advertising. I can offer many solutions for Interactive Multimedia & Digital Design.

The computer graphics only the tool with which help it is possible to transfer this or that image to express idea. With development of computer graphics the creative of the designer depends only on height of flight of its creative thought. Now to show a difficult, effective image or process it is unessential to represent it schematically, and it is possible to show in all details.

Each branch dictates the conditions but if skilfully to realise new creative idea - any stereotypes will fail. The masterpiece is not created by rules, and more often on the contrary. Create something interesting and memorable is a real challenge. But without a striving to the ideal of whether it is worth something to do?!

Work experience

Jun 2008Sep 2010

CG studio


3D artist, project manager.


Portfolio (3D models)


HTML5 is the latest version of HTML and XHTML. The HTML standard defines a single language that can be written in HTML and XML. It attempts to solve issues found in previous iterations of HTML and addresses the needs of Web Applications, an area previously not adequately covered by HTML.
Adobe Flash
Unity 3D Engine
UNITY Game Development Tool perfectly approaches for games and presentations on the Internet. Very much  functional and a progressive 3D engine.
MS Office
Adobe After Effects
This program perfectly approaches for videoeffects creation.
Autodesk Maya
The best program for character modelling, skinning and animation.
Adobe Photoshop
The best program for editing of raster images.
NextLimit RealFlow
The best program for simulation of behaviour of a liquid.
Autodesk 3ds Max
The 3ds Max is my favourite program. By means of plug-ins its functionality much more increases. I watch all news and improvements for 3ds Max.