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A human resources professional with over fifteen years professional experience in technical augmentation. Experienced with supporting corporate enterprises, mid-size to start-up corporations and secured government projects. Believe in order to attract technical talent, recruiting needs to involve both "farming" and "hunting" and a constant advocate of networking. Contribution to staffing websites and human resources organizations demonstrates commitment to morals and ethics in an industry often perceived as unprincipled and unscrupulous. This Staffing Manager is looking to distance himself from being considered an “agency” recruiter – and has a long-term career plan that includes developing and leading a recruiting team for attracting technical talent that will help an organization meet its business goals and aspirations.

Work experience

Feb 2009Present


Project Open Hand
Volunteering on Saturday shift - in Project Open Hand's grocery store. Project Open Hand - along with the San Francsico Food Bank - do AMAZING work cooking and delivering food to 1,000s of clients throughout the Bay Area. The grocery department provides groceries mostly from contributions and the SF Food Bank. It is a wonderful organization and I really appreciate what time I can find in my busy schedule to volunteer there. Very humbling but I've also met some wonderful people (both employees as well as the many other volunteers there.) Something like 80-90% of the workforce needed to do what Project Open Hand does - is provided by volunteers. Isn't that just wonderful ?? During these difficult economic times, volunteering is a wonderful way to "give back" and help out in your community. Do hope that anyone who reads this posting will also entertain getting involved and volunteering in their local community. Thanks for reading!
Jan 2006Present

President and Lead Strategist

Strategi LLC - Polk Corridor Small Business Alliance and Cooperative
Implementing a "for-profit / non-profit" business strategy and small business cooperative using social networking, opensource and unified communication to connect small businesses in the Polk Corridor area – and provide elearning opportunities to educate local Polk Corridor residents currently on city/state support services – providing call center opportunities via home-based offices. Working with the San Francisco Mayor's Economic and Workforce Enterprise group, Department of Labor, the Lower Polk Neighbor (LPN) group, and local non-profit organizations that currently support home-based clients as well as strategic partners (Semco and TechRef, eLearningZoom, LiveOps, JobScore, TalentHire and others) to implement call-center architecture and unified communication infrastructure. Currently investigating angel and start-up funding prospects.
Jan 1999Present

President - Staffing Manager - Sr. Technical Recruiter

Strategi LLC
15 years professional technical staffing and human resources generalist experience, specializing human recourses strategies for software and webservices start-ups in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Business services include implementing applicant tracking systems; product and employer branding strategies; passive candidate generation; strategic alliances and social networking. Additional services include payroll and human recourses administrative outsourcing; and agency vendor management and ATS resources for managing direct-hire, contractor and consultant resume submittals via staffing agencies and recruiting exchanges. These introductions exposed job requirements for senior technical talent to hundreds of experienced technical sourcers worldwide. • Host Eclipse Group on LinkedIn • Contributor to technology and human resource online communities • Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) member • NCHRA Member • Host and promote several monthly social networking events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. • Completed accelerated SPHR Certification Program via NCHRA (March/April 2009)
Sep 2006Dec 2008

Sr. Technical Recruiter / Staffing Manager

Replay Solutions, Inc.
SDLC/QA software tool start-up company funded by Hummer Winblad, Partech Intl, Sigma Partners & UV Partners. Replay technology allows you to precisely and immediately reproduce an exact sequence of program instructions. • Solely responsible for recruiting and passive candidate generation for foundation management and technical talent positions (JAVA, JVM, low-level C/C++, Assembly, Eclipse, Agile, Windows/Linux Internals, Kernel, etc) • Produced 8 senior technical talent placements including engineering director within a budget under $100k in 2007. • Implemented "every applicant is a prospective customer" strategy into staffing and recruiting effort (employer branding.) • Implemented JobScore as internal Applicant Tracking System and handed established account and vendor relationship to internal recruiter. • Introduced agency vendor management and ATS resources for managing direct-hire, contractor and consultant resume submittals via staffing agencies and recruiting exchanges. These introductions exposed job requirements for senior technical talent to hundreds of experienced technical sourcers worldwide. • Utilized networking venues and technology events (EclipseCon, JavaOne, GDC, Web 2.0, Opensource Business Conference OSBC) to build professional network and employee prospects. Encouraged management to accompany and participate in these events. • Responsible for organizing, planning and marketing a hugely successful social networking event at EclipseCon that involved San Francisco based artists. • Leveraged business relationship Eclipse relationship to create and moderate an Eclipse networking group on LinkedIn. • Responsible for organizing, planning and marketing a successful Open House. Position involved working closely with Office Manager regarding equipment planning, catering, budget decisions/management, promoting to technical talent
Aug 2008Oct 2008

Advisory Board Member -and Wiki Social Host launched with a goal of creating a more fun and hip job search tool than other "stuffy" job boards and recruiting solutions. "Wiki Socials" are an opportunity for Employers and Job Seekers to come together on a bi-monthly basis and discuss different topics related to Employment and Recruiting. Since the socials are truly be Wiki-themed, the topics of discussion will come from YOU. We hold the Wiki Socials in different venues across the Bay area and on different dates and times to try and accommodate people with different schedules. There is no cost to attend a Wiki, but please come prepared with your questions/ideas to share! (and maybe even a resume or job description printout !) Submit a topic for an upcoming social, e-mail idea to: [email protected]
Jul 2008Sep 2008

Member of Advisory Board

JobIRN, previously known as JobIRN is a new Silicon-Valley based startup offering high quality, revolutionary solution to US recruiting market. We are proud of our business vision as well as technology. JobIRN provides real time chat with company insiders and recruiters. JobIRN uses Web 2.0 technologies and is designed to assist applicants, recruiters and internal referrers to manage social networks and connections. JobIRN provide live video interview; instant messaging; manage internal referral programs; leverage insider contacts to find your ideal career move. Provide live customer service chat to assist with any problems during registration or while using the site. Contact Bruce Ge ([email protected]) if you are a potential investor (VC), recruiter, or entrepreneur who likes to seek common interests in this exciting startup webservices business.
Jan 2008May 2008

Editor - Bi-Monthly Newsletter

Thomas Executive Resources
Responsible for producing a two bi-monthly newletter (one directed to current, past and prospective consultants - as well as current and prospective clients and business partners. Use Constant Contact to produce the four monly newsletters - each with slight differences in order to produce employee branding, referral and business referral channels and produce both human resources and recruiting strategies. Responsible for incorporating recruiting strategies and human resource practices into the newsletters and into the organization's overall business future.
Jan 2008Mar 2008

Networking Event Organizer/Planner

Replay Solutions, Strategi LLC & EclipseCon
As part of my recruiting strategy for Replay Solutions, Inc. - coordinated and hosted a networking event during the EclipseCon Expo at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Networking Event Hyatt Regency - Santa Clara Convention When: Wednesday, March 19, 5:30 PM Eclipse Foundation ( After critical success in the gaming industry Replay Solutions has done it again, this time for Java development. Our Eclipse plug-in enables software engineers to record, replay, & fix the most difficult bugs in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional methods. Learn how to accelerate your time to market with Replay Solutions, & celebrate the unveiling of our enterprise product line with us! Artists: FENG JIN Metal Sculptures JARETT FAJARDO Visual Development & Conceptual Design Manli Chao Replay Solutions: EclipseCon Booth # 314
Sep 2007Nov 2007

Webinar: To Video or Not To Video: Social & Legal Considerations of Video Interviews & Video Resumes

Strategi LLC, InterviewStudio & the EEOC
Proposed webinar to Colleen Aylward, CEO of InterviewStudio when we met at Onrec Expo. Suggested that we hit this topic head on once and for all. EEOC Office of Legal Counsel's Carol Miaskoff, Summit Law's John Chun, and InterviewStudio's CEO Colleen Aylward will present and discuss the controversial issues surrounding the current craze of video resumes and video interviews being used in the professional recruitment and talent acquisition market today. Participants will be given legal and regulatory tips and guidelines regarding these issues, and be left with food for thought around Best Practices for using video in candidate screening, interviewing, and even employment branding. JOHN CHUN is a partner at Summit Law Group CAROL R. MIASKOFF is Assistant Legal Counsel for Coordination at the U.S. EEOC COLLEEN AYLWARD created Moderator: DANIEL PARILLO, Bay Area Technology Recruiters Group (built from the ERE.
Sep 2007Sep 2007

Host / Networking Guru

Bay Area Technology Recruiters Group Networking Event (Onrec Expo & NCHRA HR West Conference)
Host of the Bay Area Technology Recruiters Group Networking Event. Grassroots marketing and promoting of a networking event that coinsided with the Onrec Expo ( and the NCHRA HR West conferences. Host the event at Space Gallery ( * Utilized to track responses; received 18% response ratio (787 evited; 150+ RSVP'd); built ROI indicators into response system * Attendance was ~200 people; 4 hour event * Marketed the event to recruiting/staffing and human resources professionals as well as hiring management and techincal talent * Soliciated and coordinated corporate sponsorship from JobFox, TALENThire and others * Worked with owner of Space Gallery and members of their staff regarding facilities management and party planning. * Music was performed by Gypsy ( Pictures Available via Robert Neel:[email protected]/
Jan 2005Sep 2007

EEOC Debator

The Great Discrimination Debate - the EEOC Speaks Out
Creator and debater for an EEOC webinar called "The Great Discrimination Debate - the EEOC Speaks Out!" - Trying to bring ethical and moral standards to an often-unscrupulous industry, worked with a group of recruiting and staffing professionals to bring the voice of the Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to 700+ webinar attendees and audience at the Bank of America Corporate Auditorium. Developed marketing strategies, corporate sponsorship and alliances with the American Staffing Association (ASA), National Association of Personnel Staffing (NAPS),, Accolo, Virtual Edge, The Fordyce Letter and others.
Jun 2006Aug 2006

Sr. Technical Recruiter & Sourcer

Williams-Sonoma, Inc. (Magley & Assoc)
Specializing in sourcing, qualifying and submitting passive candidates and prospective employees that can not be found via current Internet resources. Without DICE, Monster or major Internet-based employment site, currently leveraging networking techniques, business relationship and established reputation - and the calaber of the client (Williams-Sonoma, Inc.) to present "technical talent" the prospect of an ideal employment position that with an established and stable organization - fulfilling the needs of the client - but also providing a natural progress for the candidates' career.
Mar 2006May 2006

Sr. Technical Recruiter

Amerit Consulting
Amerit is a Federal Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business SDVOSB and California Certified DVBE based in Lafayette, CA. with clients nationwide. Responsible for the evaluation and administration of the Northrop Grumman account via existing relationship with Volt and Amerit, solely concentrating on technical staffing requirements. Utilized IQ Navigator to submit and administrate candidate submittal for positions nationwide, without any formal training on application. Comparing leagues of competition (compared to a one-man shop), quality of the job requisitions, bill/pay rates-to-market rate, response time from submittal, the decision was made to no longer pursue the account.




NCHRA - Northern California HR Association


MBA degree completed March 9th.


Completed Bachelors Degree - February, 2007 Continuing on for the Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) - Emphasis on Human Resources