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Work experience

Feb 2012Present

Front desk assistant

Family Dental Care

I work as a front desk assistant part-time in the afternoon where welcoming everyone who walks into the clinic and answering the phone were the main objectives when I was hired, though the longer I have worked there, the more has been added to my plate as an employee. My job now is to make the other employees' such as the hygienists and dental assistants jobs easier by fulfilling tasks that they would be required to do if I were not there to do them legally and ethically. My job ensures their ability to be more personal with patients because they are not busy doing side jobs. I do a fair share of filing and scanning documents, updating patient information, creating the new patient's folders, cleaning hygiene rooms, ordering, unpacking, and restocking supplies, restocking dispensers, keeping the entire office tidy and clean in general, confirming and making patient appointments,  seating patients when they come in, keeping up with patient insurance to a small extent, and running whatever errands are required of me whether it is going to the bank or dropping off a package at the post office. There is almost always something for me to do because there are always odd jobs that need to be done, therefore I am constantly learning new things, and I fully enjoy it.

Mar 2011Feb 2012


Jose's Body Shop

This was my first actual job. I worked inside the office of the shop answering the phone and welcoming whomever might walk into the office. I did odd jobs such as faxing documents whenever needed or filing documents. 



Jones County Junior College

I am currently in school working on getting my prerequisites for nursing school.


I enjoy meeting new people, reading intriguing books, playing the piano and violin, succeeding, and staying busy most of the time.


My name is Emily Armour. I am 18 years old and am a Sophmore at Jones County Junior College. I was home schooled my entire childhood and high school career along with my 11 siblings. I am as involved as I can be at my church, where I play the violin in the orchestra on Sunday mornings when they have the orchestra. I am motivated and work to achieve what is set before me to do, with excitement for learning new things. If there are things I see need to be done, and I am both physically and ethically  able to accomplish them, I will. I am always considering professionalism when on the job and take much pride in a well done project.


I am a current member of Phi Theta Kappa since my freshman year at JCJC. I received a half-scholarship for two semesters and have been awarded other scholarships including the Ralph Simmons scholarship and a scholarship from my home church after I had applied for them.


Jul 2012Present


Ernest Hollingsworth