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What makes me excited about marketing is incorporating my interests and passions into my strategies and concepts.  I am active in community by volunteering with Junior Achievements.  I visit a local high school on Fridays to discuss business concepts and skills with the students. 

I am an active sports and outdoor enthusiast, participating in everything from camping to mountain biking to surfing and skating.  I believe that my hobbies allow me to think critically about how to improve upon my marketing concepts.  Plus, who doesn't like spending their time on the beach.

I am a sucker for anything business oriented.  I believe the business world is a living thing that grows and evolves on it's own.  It is important for me to be plugged into this community through blogs, articles, memberships and open dialog with my peers and mentors.  I want to learn as much from those around me as possible.


I am a well-rounded and detail oriented marketing professional, with experience in event planning, data research, and communication.  My life is exciting and I bring that to my marketing.

Work experience

Jan 2011Present

Marketing Coordinator

3E Company

As Marketing Coordinator for 3E Company I have had the wonderful opportunity to participate in, learn, and develop multiple avenues of the marketing process.  My primary responsibilities are lead distribution and maintaining a healthy relationship between marketing and sales.  We receive industry lists, hot and cold leads, partnership opportunities and various other market data on regular basis.  It is my job to maintain this information in our database and use it to develop a better understanding of the market 3E is engaging.

Aside from having an active role in our CRM processes, I am also involved in tradeshow planning and development, marketing campaigns, online marketing through web seminars and am currently implementing a mobile marketing initiative.

Having recently released a mobile version of 3E's primary service, 3E Online, I saw this as an opportunity to incorporate mobile marketing into our strategy.  A primary feature of 3E Online Mobile is the use of bar code scanners.  By acknowledging that our mobile users will be using bar code scanners, I have incorporated the use of QR codes to attract new customers and to get current ones using our mobile site. 

May 2010Sep 2010

Marketing Intern


Responsibilities include sales calls, market/industry research, and promotion of company through direct contact with end user via tradeshows, launch parties, and guerilla marketing.Conducted market research of 100 customers to better understand industry and consumer trends.Responsible for creating viral videos for BambooSk8 to create awareness of the company and to educate the customer about environmental benefits.


Bonnie Chan

Jama Cadle

Work Examples


Aug 2012Present


San Diego State University

Starting in August, 2012 I will begin studies to receive my MBA with an emphasis in Marketing.


Customer Relationship Management
Using SalesLogix I am able to store and share information we gather on our customers.  This allows for me as a marketer to have current information on our clients and potential users.  By keeping accurate information, 3E is able to develop beneficial relationships with our customers that goes beyond simply selling them a service.  We are able to turn these customers into references for future customers, case study examples, partnerships etc. 
Microsoft Office Suite
The Microsoft Office Suite is a tool I use on a daily basis.  Excel, Access, Word and Power Point are all vital to my success
Tradeshow Coordination
When it comes to planning, organizing and facilitating tradeshows I am extremely experienced. Having my first experience in event planning while in college, I immediately took the job.  I was responsible for coordinating a large music festival two years running, held during our Homecoming weekend.   Upon graduation I landed a marketing internship at the company BambooSk8 which manufacturers skateboards.  During my time there we had a new deck product launch and threw a release party for the deck.  Similar to the music festival, we had to coordinate the logistics and follow-up of a large scale event held in San Diego, CA.   Currently I am a Marketing Coordinator for 3E Company where I have the opportunity to coordinate multiple tradeshows throughout the year.  In 2011 3E participated in 45 National Tradeshows, 6 International shows and 4 User Group events.  As part of the team, I was responsible for coordinating the logistics of our displays from one vent to the next, working with event attendees to insure they had the proper collateral and supplies for an effective show, and working with the event themselves in order to obtain booth space, speaking opportunities  and facilitate the proper payment in order to attend.
Social Media Marketing
As a marketer, I can no longer rely on the strength of my voice to separate me from them.  I must interact with the masses through multiple avenues and engage end users in a way that excites them and benefits me.  The use of social media platforms allows for just that.  Tools such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the addition of Instagram to the Android market, create communities in which corporations can have direct, meaningful interaction with people in real time.  By using social media I can target specific groups of people to generate the greatest ROI.   I am extremely experience the use of multiple Social Media platforms and am consistently staying up-to-date on the latest advances in this industry.  By staying familiar and looking for new ways to reach my customers I am able to use social platforms to market effectively and efficiently to a large group of users.   Currently, I am implementing a Mobile Marketing Initiative at 3E Company.  Having just developed a mobile version of our service I saw an opportunity to use mobile marketing strategies to our benefit.  We are using scannable QR codes to reach current and potential customers through mobile devices.